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Women Are Now Motivating for Weight Loss and Obesity on Instagram TV




Losing weight is definitely not an easy task. Many people struggle when they begin the journey to shed those extra kilos. In this digital era, there are many options when it comes to losing weight. One very reliable ally to turn to is Instagram. It may sound strange as social media is often criticized for spreading negativity, but according to new studies, it has been shown that many people who are on a mission to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle have found Instagram very motivating and helpful.

There are many people who have successfully lost many pounds with the help of women who motivate for weight loss and obesity on Instagram TV. Various Instagram followers have on many instances reported that the social media platform has not just motivated them but also helped them track their progress and interact with the online fitness community. Here are a few ways how women motivate for weight loss and obesity on Instagram TV.

Share fitness journey

Many women use the social media platform specifically Instagram TV to share their stories such as their fitness journey or success stories. Weight loss accounts on Instagram are unlike other typical accounts. Women through these accounts have shared their fitness journeys that motivate thousands of overweight and obese people out there. They tell their honest thoughts regarding body image and self-esteem which are very relatable. At times they make some intimate kind of confessions that can prove as a push for those who are struggling.

Hold followers accountable

Many weight loss accounts hold their Instagram followers accountable when it comes to losing weight. They not just hold them accountable but also push them through their hard times. A very interesting idea that women provide through Instagram TV is that people who are on their weight loss journey can make a photographic log to track their eating patterns. This is like journaling but is more fun than the typical one.

Provide interesting and different food choices

One of the greatest struggles during weight loss is that people usually get bored with making the same choices over and over again. A way through which women keep these people motivated is by providing different yet interesting food choices. They do not just give the names but in most cases provide as well as elaborate the recipe as well. This way one does not get bored and feel demotivated.

Share the inspiring progress of others

Playing the comparison game can be very tricky. If not done the right way, it can lead to a negative impact. Using this technique in the right way helps people turn inspiration into their own personal motivation. They feel encouraged to reach the milestones that once they felt difficult to achieve.

Create a community of people on the same journey

Women on Instagram TV have successfully created various communities consisting of people on the same journey. Being surrounded by people with the same goals acts as a great source of motivation thus helping to lose those extra pounds without much struggle and mental stress.

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FDA Recommends using Physical Sunscreen over Chemical




Dermatologists and Food and drug Administration continue to advise Americans to apply sunscreen. Generally only one in 5 Americans develops cancer. But applying sunscreen reduces the risk. And sunscreen also reduces premature aging, wrinkles and sun spots.

Even though all of us pay little attention to the harm sun does us, we apply sunscreen. And sunscreen, or a sunbed cream (zonnebankcreme) is one of the staple cosmetics everyone uses. So, the FDA proposed a regulation that manufacturers have to provide more data about the safety of certain sunscreen ingredients. And they also requested the details of how much absorbing capacity do these chemicals have, and how they have any effects on the body.

There are two types of sunscreen. One is the physical sunscreen. It sits on the skin and reflects the UV rays. And it contains chemicals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. People with sensitive skin must use physical sunscreen. And these sunscreens leave a white residue on skin like applied by cricket players on field. Physical sunscreens are more natural than the next type- Chemical sunscreen.

The chemical sunscreens absorb the UV rays from sun rather than reflecting it. And they have ingredients like Oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, octinoxate. These sunscreens do not leave a white residue and are more cosmetically elegant.

The FDA claims that Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the safest ingredients for skin. Which means that physical sunscreen is safer. But that does not mean chemical sunscreens are hazardous. It only means that the FDA does not have more information on their level of safety.

If the ingredients on your sunscreen pack concerns you, then check for titanium dioxide and zinc. But if there are other ingredients then you can use a physical sunscreen. You can also use physical barriers like an umbrella, a long sleeve shirt, and a hat. You can use shades for your eyes too. The sun is most powerful in the time frame of 10 am to 2 pm.

It is always better to consult a dermatologist for sunscreen for your skin.

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