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WOW24-7 is Offering Inbound Customer Care Service to any Business




WOW24-7 is streamlining inbound customer care service of any business. It has a flexible and functional call center with trained agents that are resolving issues of several businesses. WOW24-7 is offering a fast and furious mode of services. Strengthening relationship with customers has now become easy because its services reduce operational costs to naturally boost revenue.

WOW24-7 believes that selling products associated with your customer’s original purchase is an amazing idea to grow the business and it has a set of wise tactics to go through such ideas. Its agents are helping clients after realizing their needs and this results them in making an additional purchase of the products. WOW24-7 continues on the way to generate more upsells for its customers’ business. A great number of businesses are outsourcing customer services to WOW24-7 to increase their customer care support.

Now the company is also providing e-mails helpdesk to the businesses that are swamped by incoming emails from their clients. Its email service is saving time and fulfilling every request made by clients in a professional manner. WOW-24-7’s email helpdesk is also assisting the businesses to effectively respond to the daily issues of the clients.

Apart from voice calls and e-mails helpdesk, WOW24-7 is also helping businesses with good live chat support. Its live chat support is creating big leads for several companies by working all hours of the night and on weekends. WOW24-7 has multilingual agents who are managing clients of any language and region.

The idea of Bigtime Daily landed this engineer cum journalist from a multi-national company to the digital avenue. Matthew brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the platform, he also contributes his expertise in business niche.

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The Content Shop offers variety of services for Creative Businesses




The content shop was launched as one integrated online portal for creative business.

Graphic Design, Copywriting, Professional Translation, Digital Media, and Social Media Content Creation. All these services are delivered to customers in a short time, respecting customer’s time-frame, quality standards, and communication objectives.

A unique concept, Strong Network, and New Business Model

This portal has been built based on eCommerce business model. The customers can browse the creative service easily, write their requested business brief, upload any related files, and then place orders with flexible payment method at a competitive price. As if buying items from or you can buy your creative jobs from

The Content Shop has a strong network of creative Art Directors, Copywriters, and Digital Media Professionals who have worked or currently working in International Agencies and looking forward to having new success stories with new clients. They are passionate to expand their business ties with different markets and clients. Hence, they spend their free time in achieving special projects. As a result of having those talents, the customers of The Content Shop will get High-Quality Content that meets their communication objectives effectively.

Bridging the gap between need and demand

Mr. Abdul Baset Al Monajed, The founder of The Content Shop, has declared: When I sit with some friends, partners, or customers in our market. They always complain about finding professional talents. That’s why I combined all the required creative service by professional skills in one portal, getting the advantage of my reliable connections and long term ties in the GCC region market.

Mr. Al Monajed has disclosed: our main objective is to offer a fair price by our preset rate card that allows all our customer to be charged equally regardless of the size of companies or customers. We evaluate requested jobs based on person-hours, not the size of the company or customer.

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