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WP Engine Acquires Flywheel to Move to $1 Billion Valuation




Almost 34% of global websites are using WordPress, and one of the key companies, WP engine, is helping to handle the creation and management of some sites hosted by WordPress. WP Engine is a tech leader in the same business, and has acquired Flywheel, which is one of its small competitor. The deal amount has not been disclosed yet but the WP Engine’s CEO and Chairperson, Heather Burner said in an interview that the company is raising a small amount from its existing investors to finance the deal. There are many investors of WP Engine, including Silver Lake, which had added $250 million last year into the company’s finance.

Burner has refused to talk about WP Engine‘s valuation, but she told that the current annual recurring revenue of WP Engine is $132 million and Flywheel is at $18 million. Both the companies will work together to make $200 million ARR by 2020. That means the company will cross $1 billion mark of valuation.

WP Engine plays a powerhouse role in websites’ ecosystem and has numerous numbers of reviews, as it is the early mover in this business. WordPress started supporting it in 2011, and together they are now working on 120,000 brands and agencies in 150 countries. Word Engine mainly focuses on mid-market and large businesses, while Flywheel focused on smaller businesses. There would be more profit from the acquisition because both the companies are natural complements of each other.

WP Engine has made many acquisitions like this earlier as well and it has become a consolidator in the field. The company’s growth efforts will lead it to set a few more acquisitions in the future. Partners of WP Engine after WordPress and Flywheel are Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare, Google, HubSpot, and New Relic.

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Clay Advisors Reviews Claims To Help Those With Poor Money Habits




Woman stabbed, killed after rolling down car window to give money

A Clay Advisors Review by personal loan review website, Best 2020 Reviews, shows the possible negative and positive outcomes by doing business with Personal Loans companies you don’t know very well.  Companies like Clay Advisors have been flooding the market with Personal Loans offers claiming to be able to assist those with poor money habits. But can they really do it?

Sometimes, consumers end up making mistakes that haunt them for a very long time. This is due to a number of poor money habits that can drown us into a debt trap. However, there are a few habits we can avoid to keep financial distress at bay.

1. Paying Automatic Bills

If you can setup automatic bill payments, it saves you from late payment surcharge. However, at times, you don’t have any idea about how much money you have in your account. As a result, you face overdraft charges or penalties in response to returned payments.

Experts believe that setting up an automatic payment schedule is a bad idea. By relying on such a schedule, you often fail to check if you have any money left in your account to pay the bills.

Rather than configuring automatic payments, one of the wiser money habits is to set up alerts through which you can pay these bills on time.

2. Failing to Create an Emergency Fund

Unforeseen expenses are always around the corner. You may lose your job in a sudden turn of events or your car might break down unexpectedly during a trip. Without an emergency fund, you have nowhere to go. It offers you much-needed assistance when the going gets tough.

If you and your partner both work jobs, try to save enough money in your account so that you can so that you can survive for three months without a job. Save for six months if you are the sole earner in your home. Even if you find it hard to save, try to accumulate enough money to pay for groceries or repairs.

3. Struggling with Budgeting

Failing to make a budget is one of those money habits that can lead you into a financial crisis. Budgeting allows you to pay off a debt or reduce it to a significant extent. In this way, you can save money for emergency. Other than keeping you safe in times of need, budgeting provides you with an effective roadmap that allows you to address your financial objectives. By setting a spending target and sticking to it, you can budget better.

4. Deciding Against a Retirement Strategy

Surviving without funds in old age can be harder than you imagine. Young people often decide against retirement savings because they believe that it is too “far away.” However, what they don’t realize is that this extended period can generate them excellent compound interest on their retirement plans.

Some people incorrectly assume that they will not need a lot of money in their retirement. This is an incorrect assessment because the cost of living always rises with time. Moreover, retirement is a phase during which people will want to pursue their passion and hobbies like traveling. Hence, they are going to need money. To save up for your retirement, you can either go for a 401(k) plan or open an individual account.

5. Not Getting Insurance

What will you do if an untimely disaster damages your personal possessions and you don’t have car insurance?

Insurance is something where you need to strike a balance and ensure that you are neither investing too much nor spending too little. Ideally, you should cover your primary assets, especially your health. In this way, you can stop a natural disaster form taking the form of a personal financial disaster. Apart from health, get insurance for your vehicle and property where the coverage is enough to pay for catastrophic care in the event of illness or accident.

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