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3 Financial Gift Ideas That Will Benefit Your Child Now And Later




Watching your kids grow is one of the most exciting parts of parenthood. They will hit various milestones, such as going to their first dance and graduating from high school. You will probably have high hopes for their futures, but you’ll also realize that challenges await them as well.

Many of those challenges could be of a financial nature. When they’re in their late teens or early twenties, it’s hard to tell whether your kids will be looking at the pros and cons of consolidating credit card debt or raking in the earnings from a world-changing invention or entrepreneurial pursuit. 

Assuming your child is not independently wealthy very early on in life, there are some financial gifts you might consider giving them that could help them a great deal. Let’s look at three of those right now.

1. Roth IRA Contributions

A Roth IRA is a retirement account that some companies will set up for their workers. The designation “Roth” means that the account’s owner pays taxes on the contributions before they contribute, instead of during the account’s distribution when the owner reaches retirement age. 

If your adult child gets a job where their employer offers them a Roth IRA, it would benefit them to take it. A company will often match funds that your child puts into the account up to a certain point.

However, you can also contribute to that IRA, if you’re in a financial position to do so. Like your child’s employer, you might agree to match their contributions. That’s one way you can help your child prepare for their eventual retirement.

2. Stock

You might also consider buying stock for your child. If you start doing this for them at a young age, it’s a way you can teach them about the market’s potential risks and rewards. You could buy a stock for them in which they have a personal interest, such as Nintendo or Disney. 

Stocks can be pretty pricey, so you might buy your child a portion of a stock instead of a whole one. Maybe when their birthday rolls around, you might offer them either the choice of a new toy or a percentage of a stock. Make sure you explain to them the inherent risks and potential rewards. 

3. A Piggy Bank

Teaching your child about saving is something you can start doing when they’re very young. You might give them an allowance along with a money jar or piggy bank where they can keep their savings. 

If they want something that’s on the more expensive side, you can explain to them that if they save up for a few weeks, they should be able to afford it. They can put this teaching to good use in later years if they want a video game system, a high-end TV, or something else for their college dorm or first apartment.

Financial Gifts Can Help Your Child

It can be hard to help your child reach maturity if you fail to teach them some financial basics. Giving them stock for their birthday or a holiday is one way to begin teaching them about the market, which they will probably want to invest in when they start a portfolio at some point. 

Giving them a piggy bank is something you can do when they are very young, so they’ll start learning about the benefits of saving for a larger purchase. When they’re a little older, you can help contribute to their Roth IRA. 

Remember that a child will watch what you do, and if you demonstrate financial responsibility, it’s likely your young one will follow in your footsteps one day.

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Top 6 Investments for Your Child’s Future




If you’re looking to give your child a head start in life, there’s no better way than investing in their future with some wise choices. From saving for a college education to teaching them the importance of financial literacy, there are plenty of ways to help them gain the skills they need for successful adulthood. Here are six great investments you can make now that will provide dividends in the future:

Financial Literacy 

Financial literacy is a critical skill that will remain valuable for life, and you should start teaching your child as early as possible. Not only can this help them understand basic concepts such as budgeting, saving, and responsible spending habits, but it can also increase their confidence when dealing with their finances. Encourage your children to save a portion of the money they receive, and show them how to make smart investments, such as opening up a savings account.

Positive Role Models 

The people your kids look up greatly influence their lives, especially during their formative years. That’s why it’s crucial to be a good role model and surround them with positive role models who embody values such as honesty, hard work, and integrity which your children can learn from or aspire to emulate. This includes friends, family members, teachers, and mentors. Exposing your children to such people can help them broaden their horizons and see the world differently.

A Good Education 

Investing in your child’s educational journey from elementary school to college will open doors to careers and opportunities they may not have had before. To save your child from the debt  that comes with post-secondary education in Canada, start early and put into an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan). This is a special type of investment account specifically designed to save for college expenses. It is essential to understand the structure and features of the plan and how it works to maximize your savings.

Quality Family Time

Set aside family time and special activities such as cooking, playing board games, or taking nature walks. This allows your children to bond with each other and explore the world around them. Investing in quality family time will provide endless opportunities for growth, learning, and development, setting your children up for a bright future. Spending time with your little ones will also create lasting memories that will stay with them forever. It will also teach them valuable skills such as communication and conflict resolution. 

Life Insurance 

Investing in life insurance ensures your child’s future financial security. Not only will it protect them in case something unexpected happens, but it can also be used as an investment tool if you opt for the right policy. With the right plan, you can maximize the money your child will receive by providing them with a secure financial future should anything happen to you or your partner.

Mental Health Support 

Life isn’t always easy; sometimes, your kids need extra help navigating life’s journey’s ups and downs. Mental health support takes many forms, from therapy sessions with psychologists or psychiatrists to mindfulness techniques like meditation. Supporting children during difficult times allows them to process emotions more effectively so they are better prepared for adulthood when life throws curveballs. With the rise of mental health issues in today’s society, it is vital to invest in your child’s mental health and ensure they have the right support system.

These are just a few top investments you can make for your child’s future. Whatever strategies you choose, remember that each has its benefits, from immediate gratification to long-term financial security. Investing in your child’s future will give them the skills and resources they need to live a successful, fulfilling life.

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