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3 Pro Tips to Surefire Success, as per Samantha Saglibene




Persistence is one of the most crucial skills to strive for in an ever-growing digital world today. Tenacious willpower to drive ourselves towards a long-term goal rather than running after short-term distractions makes all the difference.

“There are many challenges, hardships, and wonderful possibilities in life. Most require persistence; some are momentary,” states Samantha Saglibene, whose journey as a rising social media influencer, travel-fashion blogger, and marketing expert reflects the firm conviction of the values she acquired in her career. She is an entrepreneur who is known for her firm and obstinate continuance despite all the difficulties and hardships she endured. Samantha Saglibene’s successful journey today revolves around three critical life lessons that have nurtured and clothed her as a digital marketing expert.

  • There are No Shortcuts

Many businesses offer their clients the impression that they can simply click a button and generate a million dollars for them overnight. These marketers invest a lot of time searching for shortcuts, that hidden source of magic traffic, or the fabled formula for achieving page one search rankings. You should be willing to put in the necessary effort to create or work for a reliable business rather than searching for an easy win that most likely doesn’t exist. This entails committing to developing a high-quality service offering, assembling a professional team, and accomplishing excellent results.

  • Technology Evolves, but People and Principles Do Not

Technology has improved significantly over the past decade, resulting in the introduction of numerous new tools, tracking capabilities, and advertising channels. However, humans’ fundamental needs, wants, and desires have not changed. These define our actions and how we engage with marketing and advertising media. The ability to comprehend human behavior and response will put you ahead of your competitors, who frequently concentrate on technical strategies. When you combine cutting-edge technological advancements with tested marketing strategies, you have a winning formula.

  • Prioritize the Golden Mantra: Work Smart, Not Hard

Working more hours won’t necessarily lead to success in any industry, including digital marketing. The goal is to complete the work, which doesn’t always have to be done by one person. Today, businesses are built on well-defined, tried-and-true systems and operations. These procedures simplify your life, provide consistency in your job, and increase productivity for you or your team. Processes that have been tried and true are essential to a person’s or business’s growth.

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Sara Zaimi Vies for Miss NJ Crown




The Miss NJ competition seeks a leader, a role model who inspires with both brains and heart. Enter Sara Zaimi, a trailblazing pharmacist with a Doctorate (PharmD) whose passion for women’s health and community empowerment burns brightly.

A brush with mortality at a young age – chest pain and a concerning blood test – ignited a fire in Sara. Witnessing the unwavering spirit of women battling cancer in the oncology ward solidified her desire to make a difference. It was her mother’s unwavering support, the way she held her hand through fear and doubt, that propelled Sara to answer that call. Overcoming self-doubt and depression, she embarked on a remarkable academic journey, graduating with her PharmD at the prestigious Rutgers University at the early age of 23, placing her among the top 10% of her class.

As a first-generation Algerian American, she’s a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance. Her academic achievements, including valedictorian honors and consistent Dean’s List placements, stand as a testament. This translates further into her successful business, where she champions women’s health awareness. Her impact extends far beyond the pharmacy walls. Sara dedicates her time to NJ Sisterhood, empowering young women and inner-city communities. Her fluency in Spanish further highlights her commitment to inclusivity and understanding.

Driven by personal experience and empathy, Sara aims to leverage the Miss NJ platform to tackle critical women’s health issues. From early detection of breast cancer to advocating for increased resources, she seeks to empower women to take charge of their health. Her work with NJ Sisterhood complements this mission, focusing on projects that empower women and address their specific needs. Her advocacy includes promoting 3D areola tattooing for breast cancer survivors, a powerful example of how science and art can converge in the healing process.

Sara’s strength lies in the synergy of her diverse experiences. Her business acumen and her work with NJ Sisterhood position her to champion women’s health and community well-being on a grander stage. She envisions using the Miss NJ platform to create tangible change, increasing resources for those affected by breast cancer and other women’s health issues.

The demands of a successful business, active volunteer work with NJ Sisterhood, and the rigorous training for the Miss NJ competition require exceptional time management skills. Sara thrives under pressure, meticulously juggling her commitments without compromising on quality.

Her multifaceted personality, unwavering commitment to women’s health, and passion for community empowerment make her a strong contender for Miss NJ. She embodies the true spirit of the competition: a woman who is not just beautiful, but a force for good, inspiring young women to reach for their dreams and embrace their unique talents.

Follow Sara’s journey and learn more about her mission on Instagram: @pharminked_laser and @njsisterhood. Let’s cheer her on as she vies for the Miss NJ crown!

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