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5 Ways to Manage your Customer Complaints Procedure




Complaints are a rural part of life that we can rarely ignore completely. People are not always going to be happy with your service and there are always going to be picky individuals who search desperately for something to pick fault with at every turn. It’s not whether you get complaints or not that defines how successful a business is; it’s how you deal with customer complaints.

So, we’ve put together a few top tips to help you organise all complaints with a level head. Because just one bad review can cause a chain reaction these days that will have a significant impact on your business if you’re not ready to do a little damage control.

Keep calm – You have every right to be defensive over your business and your brand but this defensiveness, if it’s allowed to reveal itself, can have negative consequences. With every complaint, ensure that you remain calm and listen to what they are saying in as detached a fashion as possible.  It helps to put yourself in their situation and see the problem from their perspective, even though we realise this might be difficult to do!

Acknowledge the problem – It’s likely that the customer problem might seem petty or simply wrong to you but it’s important that you make them feel you’re taking them seriously. By allowing them to vent their frustrations and get their problems off their chest you’ll not only allow them a certain amount of catharsis but you’ll let them feel like they’re being heard.  Never tell the customer they are wrong, even when they are!

Offer solutions – The only way you’re going to solve customer complaints is if you’re able to offer legitimate solutions. Having a list of common problems and common solutions to hand at all times will certainly help but you also have to learn to be flexible and be able to think outside the box. Not every complaint is going to conform to the same template, after all.

Have a procedure in place – An efficient customer complaints procedure is one of the first processes you should put in place and is a process that all employees should be made aware of. Information often gets lost in translation over the phone, so we’d recommend investing in a Response Tap call tracking solution which will allow you to determine customer intent  and direct them to the right department without missing a trick.

Keep it informal – If possible, try to keep things as informal as possible and avoid things escalating to a formal complaint. If you need to hand out refunds, vouchers and/or apologies then so be it as this is often far more cost-effective than going through the formal complaints process.

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What to Consider Before Buying a Compact Tractor for Your Country Property




While some people dream of buying a home in a city or suburb, others dream of purchasing a home on a rural lot with acreage, a drilled well, and fruit trees. 

Rural living isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there are some advantages to packing up and moving to the country. The air is cleaner, wildlife is abundant, and the population density is low. But leaving the conveniences of the cities or suburbs for a rural homestead means you’ll have a lot more on your daily to-do list than you ever thought possible.

One piece of equipment you’ll want is a tractor. A compact or sub-compact tractor will meet the needs of most landowners. Whether for mowing the lawn, tilling the garden, moving logs, or doing other things, a tractor can be a godsend when you relocate to the country.

Consider your use cases for a tractor to get the right one. While budgeting is vital, opt for quality over saving a few bucks. The right equipment will serve you and yours well for many years. Remember to buy from a tractor dealer selling top brands to get the product and service you need.

When looking for the right tractor for your homestead, here are some things to consider.


Horsepower is one of the things to consider before buying a tractor. When you visit a tractor dealership, tell the salesperson your use cases for a tractor. They’ll be able to recommend the horsepower range you need for a suitable compact or sub-compact tractor. Horsepower can go from the 20s to the 50s for a compact tractor or in the mid-20s for a sub-compact tractor. It doesn’t hurt to get more horsepower than you need now to meet potential future needs. 

You’ll also want to look at power take-off (PTO) horsepower. PTO horsepower describes the amount of power available to operate the tractor’s implements and attachments, while the engine horsepower describes the power the engine produces. You’ll want enough PTO horsepower to operate a tiller, snowblower, log splitter, or other attachments and implements.

Consider Implements and Attachments

While tractors are helpful, attachments and implements can make them more useful. Box blades, loaders, pellet forks, backhoes, plows, snowblowers, and rototillers are worth considering. 

Without the correct implements and attachments, country living can be a chore. Before buying a tractor, ensure it can operate the attachments and implements.

Consider the Size of the Property and Terrain

Consider the size of your property and the landscape conditions before buying a tractor. For instance, if you need to mow 10 acres, get a tractor with enough horsepower to keep up with your mowing needs. Getting the right compact or sub-compact tractor will allow you to use the implements and attachments required on your land.

Consider the Tires

Another consideration is the type of tires you put on your tractor. You’ll want appropriate tires whether you have a hilly, rocky, or flat terrain. The salespeople at whatever tractor dealership you patronize will be able to get you the right tires for your land. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter, you might want to invest in multiple sets of tires.

Living in the country is an adventure unto itself. But chances are you won’t look back after taking the leap and leaving the city or the suburb behind. You shouldn’t, however, overlook the importance of getting the right equipment for your homestead. You won’t regret getting a tractor. But you should know what to look for in a tractor to get the right one for your rural property.

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