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7 Tips to Prevent Wedding Day Stress




Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. There are many different things to think about, such as choosing your venue or picking out your bridal party. But when the day finally comes, the last thing you want to feel is the weight of anxiety.

Here are 7 tips to help prevent wedding day stress.

  • Choosing the Wedding Ring

Picking an engagement ring doesn’t have to be on the shoulders of one person. Frank Darling has try-at-home kits to compare various styles, stones, and settings. That way, your partner can help pick exactly what they want, so you can get it just right.

  • Be Realistic with Your Budget

Finances are one of the biggest stressors for couples. It can very well lead to added stress which can cause arguments.

It’s important to be realistic with your budget from the very beginning. Set up a spreadsheet and allocate funds before signing contracts with any vendors.

Most couples will have someone who wants to overspend while the other person will want to be more conservative. This is where you have to work on communication throughout the planning process.

  • Read Your Vows

You might want to make your wedding day special by reciting your own vows. Instead of saying them from memory, read them from a written or typed letter.

Having to memorize your vows and recite them in front of a crowd might not seem intimidating. But once the day arrives, you may be more anxious than you expected, causing you to forget lines or stumble over yourself. Avoid any unnecessary stress by reading them to your partner.

  • Know Things Will Go Wrong

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. As much as you want to plan the perfect day, there will inevitably be something that goes wrong.

While you may have even had a plan B in case it rained or certain people didn’t show up, allowing yourself to go with the flow will play to your benefit on your wedding day.

  • Keep It Simple

It may be easy to want to be overly elaborate with things like your first dance or the dinner menu. But unless you’ve hired someone to take care of every little detail, it might be better to keep things simple.

You won’t be able to please everyone when it comes to catering, for instance. People will have dietary restrictions or preferences. To make it easier, it’s a good rule of thumb to have a meat, fish, and vegan option.

To avoid a stressful wedding day, don’t create a crazy menu. Not only will it become more expensive, but it’ll also be too complicated when serving the meals.

  • Stop Comparing on Social Media

Most brides turn to Pinterest for inspiration. While it’s a great start, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Social media showcases these idealistic and sometimes unrealistic portrayals of weddings. If our weddings don’t live up to those photographic standards, we become disappointed.

  • Expect Your Family to Be Your Family

Just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean your family will suddenly behave differently. 

Expecting that they won’t be snarky or beg for attention will only leave you more frustrated on your wedding day. People are going to be exactly who they are, regardless of the setting. 

Those who have been married before will want to push their opinions onto you. Take it with stride and remember, this day is all about what you and your partner want, not everyone else.


Weddings will more than likely come with their fair share of stress. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll respond to it.

Michelle has been a part of the journey ever since Bigtime Daily started. As a strong learner and passionate writer, she contributes her editing skills for the news agency. She also jots down intellectual pieces from categories such as science and health.

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