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A Clear Vision Makes The Arduous Journey Easier And Less Stressful – Says Rahul Saggu




The path to success in business and life is filled with so many hurdles and trials. We are faced with situations that test us, wanting us to prove ourselves in the battle of life.

When these hurdles come at us, do we give up or stay strong? How do we continue moving even when there is no strength to keep moving? Do we change course or stay on course?

Rahul Saggu is the COO of ModernDay Cannabis, equipped with years of experience in mortgage and commercial lending. Rahul lost his father when he was 24, and forced to go through most of his adulthood with his father. Rahul says that whenever tough situations hit him, he asks himself, ‘what would my father have done in this situation?”

Young entrepreneurs are faced with tough situations that make them question the validity of their business ideas. The statistics show  – quite unflatteringly – that many businesses end a few years after they are started.

‘While the statistics don’t look encouraging, there are lessons young entrepreneurs can learn from these failures: Have a clear vision with the right team around you; it helps make the journey less tiring,” Rahul advises.

Does it mean that those businesses that failed were visionless? 

No, they were not visionless. Maybe some were, but others had a vision. However, the problem was that many of these businesses lost sight of the vision of the business and lost steam along the way. The idea wasn’t solid, the team wasn’t good enough, financial projections were not looking good etc. There are a myriad of reasons why businesses fail. 

However, to stay afloat in the ever-competitive business world, Rahul feels that entrepreneurs need to keep the vision before them and be able to solve a big problem. A company’s vision is more than the ‘vision statement’; it is why an entrepreneur started the business. A vision encompasses the company’s core values and ethos.

Because of the hurdles that will come to every business, every successful venture must have a vision board. A vision board is a board where the enterprise’s visions are clearly stated and defined—the vision board highlights where the company seeks to get to in the future.  

Regularly checking the vision board strengthens an entrepreneur to keep pushing amidst high and rough storms. The vision is the internal motivation that continues to buoy the entrepreneur.

Rahul says that his father’s lessons on hard work were interlaced with thoughts and visions on staying with the vision. Rahul works out everyday and is always looking to expand his businesses and get into new ventures that align with his vision/goals.

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Stan Bharti: Prospecting for Potential




Canadian businessman Stan Bharti has built a career in discovering, funding, and cultivating projects in the sectors of mining, agriculture, energy, finance, and technology. He is well known in the industry for his ability to acquire finance, restructure, and succeed with emerging high-potential startups and struggling companies alike. A professional engineer in both North America and Europe, Mr. Bharti has a blend of industry-specific technical expertise and a general aptitude for management, operations, and finance. Through this integrated approach, Mr. Bharti has reached great strides in his over 30 years in the industry, being a recognized financier in Canada responsible for listing over 50 companies in various stock markets all over the world. This breadth of experience has contributed even further to Mr. Bharti’s continuing success, who has invested and raised over US$10 billion in the last ten years.

Since 1995, Mr. Bharti has applied his unique managing and financing approach to Forbes & Manhattan Inc., an international merchant bank and finance house where he serves as founder and executive chairman. Initially based in Toronto, the company has grown to establish offices in London, New York, Moscow, and Los Angeles in order to handle its wide variety of projects from all over the world. Thus far, the company has had projects on six continents, with its current focus being the Americas, Africa, Europe, and countries of the former Soviet Union.

Today, Forbes & Manhattan is renowned for its ability to rapidly bring projects to success and currently handles over 20 companies in the sectors of natural resources, infrastructure, energy, and technology. A significant contributor to this success is Mr. Bharti’s adoption of his unique integrated technical approach to the company philosophy. To this end, the company employs over 1,000 professional staff, including the world’s finest engineers, geologists, software developers, investment bankers, and financiers. Through this highly varied and diverse international team, Mr. Bharti ensures that F&M is always equipped with the necessary technical expertise to handle all aspects of financing and management for their equally wide variety of clients.

Mr. Bharti not only works to cultivate the sustained success of his client companies but also that of the world at large. Social responsibility is a core element of Mr. Bharti’s personal and corporate philosophy. Mr. Bharti goes beyond just funding the world’s high-potential companies to achieve this goal, being a major contributor to charities around the globe. Since 2010, The Bharti Charitable Foundation has ensured that F&M gives back to its communities. Through this foundation, Mr. Bharti has financed advocacies that aim to maintain nature and wildlife and help children in some of the world’s poorest developing countries.

While Mr. Bharti has had over 30 years of experience in finding and cultivating potential in emerging companies, he has also used such talents in a different manner. In 2012, Mr. Bharti collaborated with Laurentian University of Greater Sudbury, Canada, to establish the Bharti School of Engineering. Through this school, Mr. Bharti hopes to help aspiring youth become engineers who will write their own success stories with the pen of sustainability and social responsibility.

Beyond this, Mr. Bharti continues his professional and charitable efforts through his membership in several charitable and business boards in North America and the United Kingdom, and he is also a member of the global leadership community Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Mainly spending time between Los Angeles and Toronto, Mr. Bharti has also learned to speak fluent Russian and conversational Finnish and Spanish due to his history of international work.

In June of 2018, Mr. Bharti was even awarded the status of Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan to Canada as recognition for his work in providing business opportunities in Kazakhstan.

On top of the heavy workload of managing his firm and his charity, Mr. Bharti works hard to ensure that he keeps a balance in spending time with his family, who also help him manage his foundation. You can find out more about Stan Bharti by visiting the website of his company, Forbes & Manhattan Inc., as well as that of his charity, the Bharti Charitable Foundation.

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