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A few tips for creating shareable content on social media




JinnKid is one such young content creator who explains what people can do to make the content on social media more shareable

The more we look around ourselves, the more we will find success stories that have been created from the ground up. It is great to learn about all those people who gave it their all in creating a career of their choice on their own terms, remaining in trend and in sync with the changing times of the world. The pandemic changed many things for many people and businesses; however, it also saw the growth of the digital media world. This led to the emergence of many new talents and skilled professionals who leveraged the online mediums to the fullest and optimized its resources to create a unique career for themselves as content creators.

Content creation today, has become a full-blown career for some, across the globe. If on one end, businesses were shut, on the other end, new business and career opportunities started emerging with the increase in the growth of the digital space and the many social media platforms. The digital world is known to give exceptional career opportunities to people, where it can even help them become overnight stars. So many today wish to create a career in the same and hence, it is essential to today discuss a few tips through which, people can create shareable content on social media.

Below are a few tips given by Ali, aka JinnKid, who has garnered millions of followers across multiple social media platforms through his unique content creation.

  • Go for high-quality content: This may sound as the most obvious point, but it is definitely the most important as well in the list. One must always know and understand that to reach the target audience; there are no shortcuts; it is either great and high-quality content or not at all. Followers can only get more attracted and engaged in a content that seems different and of highest-standards. Hence, content creators must focus the most on this.
  • Think about the audience: In case of JinnKid, he has always kept his audience in mind and has created content with pop culture references, like films, characters, video games that have highly attracted the younger audiences. He says that content creators must always first think about the audience they are targeting. They must know whether what they are creating is what the audience wants to see and share further.
  • Use great video content: More than any posts and write-ups on social media, people are now getting highly impressed and attracted by the videos that content creators make. It is becoming the dominant form of online content as it has a big potential to reach more people and compel them to even share the same with others. For e.g., JinnKid’s maximum success has been a result of him creating outstanding video content, based on topics that are relevant today and what’s popular.

To create a strong connection with the audiences today, a content creator needs to think from their point of view and create a community who enjoy watching their content.

Rosario is from New York and has worked with leading companies like Microsoft as a copy-writer in the past. Now he spends his time writing for readers of

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Warehouse Jobs Booming Due to Online Sales




Amidst a surge in e-commerce sales, warehouse operators, such as FedEx and Amazon, are scrambling to hire workers across the United States. As the labor market has yet to fully recover from the effects of the pandemic, this could prove to be a saving grace for many who have struggled to find work in recent months. Overall employment is still down in the U.S; almost 11 million are still seeking employment since the beginning of quarantine. However, employment in the warehousing and storage sector is actually higher than pre-Coronavirus levels. As the holiday season approaches, these numbers will only continue to go up; a positive signal of the rebounding U.S economy.

Job Availability

Brick-and-mortar retailers have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, having to furlough or release hundreds of thousands of workers since early March. And with the economic downturn, there were not too many job positions opening up. Now, warehouse businesses that order, pack, and ship products are in a hiring frenzy as online sales are projected to reach $196 billion in the period from November to January. Online and physical stores alike experience increased activity during the holiday season, but with consumers avoiding brick-and-mortar locations because of the virus, more and more shoppers are relying on Amazon, FedEx, and UPS to deliver their products.

Typically, there is a temporary hiring phase for these businesses during the holidays to keep up with demand. However, many experts believe the massive shift towards online purchasing will be somewhat permanent. Already, many of the major players in the shipping and storage industry are planning for an avalanche of orders this holiday season, so more and more temporary hires are converting to full-time  positions. UPS has added over 100,000-holiday  workers on top of the tens of thousands it hired earlier in the year. Amazon plans on hiring more than 100,000 seasonal workers in addition to 1,000 new warehouses across the country. Also FedEx is seeking 75,000 temporary employees, a 27% increase from its 2019 seasonal hiring.

Proactive Hiring

To prepare for the expected holiday boom, e-commerce businesses have begun an early hiring process. Up through August alone, there were almost six times as many job postings for seasonal positions on the job platform Wonolo. Coincidently, wages have also jumped nearly 16% to $14.18 an hour. Trucking companies are also expected to look for early hires before the holiday season. Many truck drivers have left their jobs due to the virus and retirement, and the transportation industry has struggled to fill the demand for drivers. The average starting wage for drivers at UPS is expected to go up to $30 an hour, but as the market becomes more competitive, that wage may increase even more.

The pandemic still has a grip on brick-and-mortar stores. What used to be quick and easy trips to the store are now complicated and stressful as masks are required and consumers are wary of contracting the virus. With the excess demand shifted to e-commerce, storage and shipping companies need all the extra help they can get to fulfill orders before the holidays are over. Although overall employment is still way below pre-virus levels, many Americans are finally finding employment again.

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