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A Massage Gun Gives Similar Effects as of Deep Tissue Therapy, Sans The Pain




Getting a massage is the most relaxing experience. People even call it a life changing experience. Massage therapists knead the aching muscles to ease the pain on any part of the body. The effects can be felt immediately with one feeling lighter and stress free instantly.

The gym goers or body builders especially can vouch for body massages. They can carry out the strenuous body work without worrying about the aches. Massage sessions are given as gifts to people.

This complete experience can be felt anytime now and anywhere with percussive therapy. It is a trending therapy giving unbelievable results. The therapy offers the same benefit as of a traditional massage at less expense and there is no hassle of appointing a therapist to do the work. One has to simply use the handheld devices called massage guns.

Muscle recovery is aided by this high density device. The massage guns are designed for all to use but are more popular among the professional athletes and trainers as it gives them quick relief from sore muscles. For sports recovery, percussive therapy is one of the latest discoveries, with Healsage Pro being #1 Massage Gun Australia that is gaining immense popularity.

Accelerated bursts of pressure are given to the tissues of the body using the massage gun so that the muscle knots causing the back and shoulder pain are released. It is said that the pressure reaches even the deeper layers of muscles where the foam roller or human hands cannot reach.

Percussive therapy unlike the traditional massage desensitizes the area around the aching muscle till the pulses penetrate into the targeted area. The unbearable pain is reduced which happens when the therapist puts too much pressure. The deep tissue massage happens without the pain.

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Weight Management Strategies to Help You Stay in Shape




When measuring your body mass index (BMI), your weight and height must go hand-in-hand. If your BMI is 35 and over, you are considered overweight or obese. If it falls below that range, you are going in the right direction. However, most people only get worried about their weight when it poses a health risk. Seeing a specialist for weight management in Lady Lake is a surefire way of evading health risks and improving your quality of life. Here are some of the strategies the Integrated Family Medical Center team applies to help you achieve your weight goals.

  1. Weight management specialists advocate for physical activity to reduce individuals’ weight

Engaging in physical exercises is one of the best weight management strategies that most specialists champion for. However, not everyone is cut for intense physical activities, but that is not an excuse to be dormant. Weight management can tailor a suitable physical program depending on your current medical condition, the intensity of the previous activity, and individual preferences. If you are unfit for intense exercises, your doctor may find something else for you to do.

  1. They instill good behavioral and lifestyle habits for weight management purposes

The primary goal of behavioral and lifestyle modification as far as weight management is concerned is to help individuals understand the relationship between their decisions and the consequences of their actions. If you take processed foods regularly, your body will likely be affected by high-calorie intake. Behavioral and lifestyle adjustments are treatments that aim at helping you adopt healthy eating. Once you stick to a healthy pattern of eating, you will not have trouble gaining weight. The treatment program also involves exercise programs, nutrition education, and social support.

  1. Weight management champions for a healthy diet

When joining a weight management program, you are given weight loss and weight maintenance options to improve your quality of life. Apart from physical activities, your doctor also incorporates dietary restrictions. For example, your doctor may ask you to reduce your protein, fat, and starch portions to see if your body responds to the dietary restriction. Remember, the primary goal of nutritional restrictions is not to starve your body of essential nutrients. Instead, it proves that your diet plays a significant role in determining your rate of weight loss.

  1. Weight management and support services go hand-in-hand

If you are struggling with losing or maintaining your weight, know that you are not alone. Many people do not know where to seek support systems. The success of a weight management program also depends on emotional support. If your doctor concludes that your weight gain is due to mental concerns, they can link you to a mental wellness specialist to help you cope with your problem.

See a weight management specialist to address your weight problem

Weight gain presents health risks that may put your life in great danger. The earlier you seek weight management services, the better your chances will be when reducing or maintaining your weight. To learn more about weight management strategies, call your specialist today.

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