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Armory Den Cleaning Guide – Solvent Trap Firearm Cleaning




Firearms can be messy. Solvents and fluids used to clean firearms can mess up the muzzle end of the barrel and make them less functional. That is why it is always advisable to use titanium solvent traps to help clean your firearm barrel and reduce the accumulation of solvents and cleaning fluids. If you own a firearm, it is evident you’ll need a solvent trap for effective cleaning.

More solvent traps will only help you clean if you know how to use them effectively and understand how it works. Let’s find out more about it below.

How Solvent Traps Work – The Cleaning Guide

While many different designs of solvent traps you can choose from, they all work towards achieving the same role; capturing solvents and cleaning fluids from the muzzle end of the barrel. Most solvent traps require a threaded barrel to work effectively.

When buying the ideal solvent trap like titanium solvent traps, you need to check if the dealer sells the additional parts. Some of the best titanium solvent trap parts are available at Armory Den; dealers in top firearm cleaning kits.

Your solvent trap will come with one end that’s threaded, which makes it easier to attach to the threaded end of your rifle or pistol barrel. Inside the unit, the solvent traps are designed to hold and capture debris generated when cleaning the firearm barrel. The liquid is let to pass via a hole to the next level.

Cleaning with a Booster 

The best way to clean your barrel is to use a booster on your solvent trap to allow your firearm to easily chargeback for quick addition of cleaning solution into the ejection port area. The booster is one of the parts of the solvent trap you should check if your dealer sells as it comes in handy in cleaning the firearm seamlessly.

To add the booster to the solvent trap, you’ll have to unthread the solvent trap from the firearm then take off the threading mount from the opening of the threaded part of the barrel. After that, screw on the booster to the threaded part of the barrel and put the solvent back on the firearm. The firearm will freely chargeback and forth to allow for easy addition of cleaning solutions when cleaning.

Using the Storage Cups

Once the booster is perfectly fitted, you’ll need to bring on the storage cup to help separate different solvents during cleaning. Drop the storage cup into the solvent trap and fix the solvent trap back onto the firearm. Make sure you pick a storage cup that perfectly fits into the solvent trap and offers an excellent finish.

The storage cup should only hold a few solvents and debris before replacing it with another one in the same way you added the first one and continuing the process.

Cleaning your firearm isn’t a daunting task if you have the right solvent trap and solvent trap parts for your firearm. You can always shop from trusted firearm dealers selling cleaning solutions and world-class solvent traps for better results. With the simple cleaning process above, you can always trust that your firearm barrel will be clean and less troublesome.

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Change Your Life Spells – Life Changing Spells That Work




If you are looking to enhance your life through the art of spell casting, then there is a correct way to do it. Casting a spell yourself can work, however the majority of the time people do not get results. The best way to go is to have a professional coven perform the casting to ensure the best results. When you have a group of experienced witches and warlocks casting a spell on your behalf, the results tend to be strong because everyone is putting their energy into the universe with intentions to produce a specific outcome. This outcome can be a variety of different things such as bringing two people back together again, increasing finances, bring luck and positive energy into your life and protect you from negative energy.

Changing your life in 2023 can begin with having a professional spell cast to bring the change you desire to fruition. Who is the best spell caster to perform a life changing spell? has a coven of 18 experienced members that assist in the casting of every spell. Some spells take a few nights to cast. How long does it take to get results from a spell? The time frame varies from person to person but this specific coven says that it takes 3 days to 90 days to get results. What happens if you are unhappy with the results after 90 days? They offer a promise guarantee that if you are unhappy with the results of your spell after 90 days then they will recast it and add extra energy into your spell work to make it stronger. 

Case Results

We tested the results of the spells cast by the members of warlock magic spells. The first person we interviewed told us about her story. “My fiancé of 5 years reconnected with his ex-girlfriend from high school after running into her at his work. They had an affair for a short period of time before he told me that his feelings were changing. He said that he still loved her and needed to see where this goes. I was devastated because we were planning a wedding and he just gave up! We didn’t have any major problems prior to him running into his ex and she just ruined everything! I reached out to Daniel from warlock magic spells and had a return and bind spell cast. He told me that it would speed up their relationship where it would fizzle out fast and the problems that they had in the past that broke them up would resurface. Well…a month later I got a text from my boyfriend telling me everything that I wanted to hear. He said that he made the biggest mistake of his life and wanted to work things out with me. He said that he will never have wondering eyes again and will do anything to make our relationship work. He literally begged for my forgiveness! I was relieved. We had a lot of work to do on building trust again but we got through it and came out on top! We are back on track to get married and after couples counseling, we were able to sort out some trust issues. I know it was because of the spell that I was able to get him back so fast. I think if I didn’t have this spell cast it could have taken years before they broke up and then I probably would’ve moved on. I’m grateful that I stumbled across an article about spell casting because it changed my life and the outcome of my relationship!”

Another person we interviewed that had a life changing spell cast was one who had financial issues. He was on the brink of financial ruin when he decided to do a lottery spell. “I lost my job as the VP of a logistics company. Due to covid, our business went down significantly. I had a lot of savings, but it got depleted over time. Since the logistics industry was hit hard with the pandemic, I had a hard time finding work. 6 months later I started to fall behind on my mortgage. I took a gamble on a scratch off lottery spell. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on spell casting but my cousin won a lot of money shortly after he had a money spell cast so I figured I would try it. I had warlock magic spells cast a lottery spell directed towards scratch off lottery games. I hit a first place prize of $10,000 shorty after that! It definitely helped me pay some bills and get back on my feet until I found another job.”

The conclusion we have drawn is that change your life spells do work!

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