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BC Bancourt recruits Arthur Edwards and Marc Seylan as replacements after Kaanu’s injury




Arthur Edwards, American winger, and Marc Seylan, well-known Franco-Swiss point guard at the BCB, to play with the Jura basketball club after injury blow to Kaanu Olaniyi 

Kaanu Olaniyi’s season ended rather abruptly due to a ligament tear in one of his knees. Being an important part of the BCB squad and with the team already dealing with relatively inadequate manpower, the team entered the market to scout for a replacement for one of their major players. This led to the acquisition of American winger, Arthur Edwards, and popular Franco-Swiss point guard, Marc Seylan, who is making a return to the team.

One of Kaanu’s breakthroughs came in 2017 when he was selected alongside other talented Swiss Basketball players as part of the first competition window for the pre-qualifications for the EuroBasket 2021. The young Kaanu, who was plying his trade with Union Neuchâtel Basket, played with other notable names such as Arnaud Cotture, Jonathan Dubas, Paul Gravet, Randon Grueninger, Natan Jurkovitz, and Jonathan Kazadi. Other members of the team are Roberto Kovac, Juraj Kozic, Marko Mladjan, Marco Portannese, Lucas Pythoud, Robert Zinn, and Brian Savoy.

The American Arthur Edwards (27, 1m98) arrives in the Jura from the Rilski Sportist Samakov in Bulgaria. Arthur is known for his versatility as he can play as a wingman as well as evolve indoors. He trained at various American universities (Northwest Florida, New Mexico, and Alabama) from 2012 to 2016 and then played in the G League, a minor American league.

The other replacement, Marc Seylan is making a comeback to the team after a passage in the Jura during the 2017/2018 season. The 27-year-old Franco-Swiss averaged 11.5 minutes with Pully Lausanne. Marc Seylan has also trained in Switzerland, joining the United States between 2012 and 2017. He signed with the BCB for the next two seasons.

Coach by the charismatic Vladimir Ruzicic, BC Bancourt remains a major figure in the Swiss Basketball League and the arrivals will help the team in achieving their goal for the season and beyond.

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Truitt Battin, The Soccer Star Making a Positive Impact




Actors. Singers. Teachers. Doctors. Detectives. Authors. Businessmen. Cricketers. Footballers.

From the surface, having a stellar career and making an unparalleled reputation in the respective fields seems like a very easy job. But there is so much more than just glitz and glam for making a mark in an industry. Regardless of the field, to be known for doing something great, a whole lot of dedication and hard work is required.

There was a time when “making a career” in any field was very limited, but fortunately, today, the options to step in a field, professionally, are infinite. And it is all thanks to the trailblazers the world has blessed us with.

These are the people we follow, look up to, and get our inspirations from. Why? It’s simple and very clear, they are the ones making a positive impact, not on just one person, but hundreds and thousands of individuals across the world. And when it comes to soccer’s beloved star, Truitt Battin, the story is no different. With the dream to be a footballer from when he was just six years old, Battin has taken the idea of being an inspiration to people up a notch.

“My parents liked the name, as well as he [was] a good Christian guy, so that’s how I got my name.”

Funnily enough, Battin’s name came from an inspiration itself! His parents couldn’t decide what to name him until they came upon an article on Chick-fil-A founder, S. Truett Cathy. Who knew that he would one day become a muse, too, one who would be known throughout the world for spreading positivity!

Battin wasn’t just interested in playing soccer from when he was a kid. He knew that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Soccer was more than just a game to Battin, and he wanted to be a part of it forever.

Battin grew up with the burning passion for being a great soccer star, and he was aware that he had the skills to be one. But he was also aware of the requisites and hassles that the game would demand of him. And that is when he began working his way to the top.

His first step was to polish the skills he owned, improve them and learn more. Not only did he put in endless hours to fulfill the demands, but he also began following a strict training schedule. This is probably one of the many things that distinguishes him from other players. Battin realized from a very early age that the game wasn’t just about the flashes and shimmers. Instead, it took a lot of courage and steadfastness to be a prominent figure in the soccer world, and because of that, he is known for his speed, vision on the field, and being able to cut in and out left and right with the ball and being able to shoot at any time.

Battin leaped at his career as an attacking threat and performed exceptionally well in all the games that he played. He was just 11 when he was offered to play for Red Star Belgrade! Several other clubs were also interested in hiring Battin as a player, but FIFA rules made switching quite challenging.

Every summer, Battin is invited to Europe to play pro for Red Star, FK Partizan, and some other teams. He continually plays there to work on his skills on and off the ball. He has also been invited to play and train at FIFA headquarters in Serbia with some of the best soccer players from around the world.

As of today, Battin plays professional soccer in Croatia. Prior to that, he was a player in Switzerland for FC Sion and in Serbia for Red Star and FK Partizan. Battin is currently one of the seven USA pro-FIFA soccer players playing in Europe.

But the field isn’t the only place where Battin has become a prominent sensation. The young star is also consistently being highlighted as an online influence who is sharing his everyday life experiences in an attempt to share positivity and happiness throughout the globe.

Battin knows that people look up to celebrity stars for encouragement and support, which is why, through sharing his experiences, he aims at motivating his fans. Through his social media accounts, Battin is constantly trying to bring hope in this dark world!

Truitt Battin is not just a stellar soccer player, but an inspiration and a ray of hope, for all those who are looking for a little push to take their careers forward and make their marks!

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