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BC Bancourt recruits Arthur Edwards and Marc Seylan as replacements after Kaanu’s injury




Arthur Edwards, American winger, and Marc Seylan, well-known Franco-Swiss point guard at the BCB, to play with the Jura basketball club after injury blow to Kaanu Olaniyi 

Kaanu Olaniyi’s season ended rather abruptly due to a ligament tear in one of his knees. Being an important part of the BCB squad and with the team already dealing with relatively inadequate manpower, the team entered the market to scout for a replacement for one of their major players. This led to the acquisition of American winger, Arthur Edwards, and popular Franco-Swiss point guard, Marc Seylan, who is making a return to the team.

One of Kaanu’s breakthroughs came in 2017 when he was selected alongside other talented Swiss Basketball players as part of the first competition window for the pre-qualifications for the EuroBasket 2021. The young Kaanu, who was plying his trade with Union Neuchâtel Basket, played with other notable names such as Arnaud Cotture, Jonathan Dubas, Paul Gravet, Randon Grueninger, Natan Jurkovitz, and Jonathan Kazadi. Other members of the team are Roberto Kovac, Juraj Kozic, Marko Mladjan, Marco Portannese, Lucas Pythoud, Robert Zinn, and Brian Savoy.

The American Arthur Edwards (27, 1m98) arrives in the Jura from the Rilski Sportist Samakov in Bulgaria. Arthur is known for his versatility as he can play as a wingman as well as evolve indoors. He trained at various American universities (Northwest Florida, New Mexico, and Alabama) from 2012 to 2016 and then played in the G League, a minor American league.

The other replacement, Marc Seylan is making a comeback to the team after a passage in the Jura during the 2017/2018 season. The 27-year-old Franco-Swiss averaged 11.5 minutes with Pully Lausanne. Marc Seylan has also trained in Switzerland, joining the United States between 2012 and 2017. He signed with the BCB for the next two seasons.

Coach by the charismatic Vladimir Ruzicic, BC Bancourt remains a major figure in the Swiss Basketball League and the arrivals will help the team in achieving their goal for the season and beyond.

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What is Adventure Sports Travel Insurance and Who Needs It?




It isn’t a surprise that odd things happen, especially during travel. And, when you’re engaging in adventure sports or activities, you invite a lot of risks in your life. This is where you need to invest in adventure sports travel insurance. Why? It gives you a little backup when situations go out of control.

Life’s unexpected events occur when we least expect them. No matter whether you’re a travel freak or an athlete, you’ll never wish to cancel a trip or call off adventurous sports participation. A travel insurance plan will cover you from all sides, saving your hospital charges and medical expenditure in a foreign country.

What is adventure sports travel insurance?

Adventure sports travel insurance saves you from extensive hospital bills when you are far away from your homeland. These sports travel insurance plans cover accidents, sickness, travel assistance, accidental deaths, and repatriation of remains, medical emergencies and evacuation, lost luggage, dental care, prescriptions, hospitalization, doctor visits, urgent care, and even COVID-19.

However, there’re multiple policies- all of them are designed to protect you financially in a foreign land when things go awry.

Which sports are covered in sports travel insurance?

Various hazardous sports are played all over the world. Archery, swimming, golf, tennis, cross country, volleyball, track, cheerleading, fencing, karate, gymnastics, hockey, basketball, polo, soccer, ballet, rowing, polo, rugby, equestrian, and lacrosse are some of the sports that are included in sports insurance plans.

Besides, some insurers also offer coverage to extreme sports and high-risk activities like, paragliding, ice climbing, bungee jumping, parachuting, mountaineering, caving, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, running with the bulls, wind surfing, zip lining, hot air ballooning and skydiving- all of them ensuring medical protection.

Who needs sports insurance?

Sports can be either passion or a profession for you. Adventure sports insurance plans are generally purchased by sports fanatics, athletes, runners, players, and even adrenaline junkies. Getting severely injured while playing will not only ruin your future game or trip but will also cost you an arm a leg to get treated.

Sports medical coverage becomes exceptionally crucial when you are traveling outside your country or taking part in perilous activities. Be particular when choosing an insurance plan because not all may fit your needs. Most comprehensive travel plans can cover everything that you need. It’s recommended to talk to your insurer before making a final call.

Any perks?

A lot! Sports health insurance policies cover all activities, from basketball, tennis and golf to river rafting, mountain climbing. No matter which sports you are into, the comprehensive programs can guard you entirely.

Another benefit of getting insured is the protection of luggage and documents. Traveling from one country to another involves various risks, and loss of baggage is one of them. On purchasing medical coverage, you can rest be assured that your belongings are safe.

Additionally, you receive an extended medical benefit that includes doctor fees, hospital charges, prescription drugs and COVID-19 support. Apart from shielding you from a sports injury, the plans safeguard you from other illnesses and unfortunate events.

Let’s sum up!

Adventure sports coverage is essential for everyone, even if you are not a sportsperson. When your sports coverage included in your travel insurance, you can enjoy a stress-free trip and indulge in all the adventurous activities that have been on your wish list.

Overseas adventures can be risky, especially when your friends or families do not accompany you. The best part about this is you can opt for any plan from any part of the country. Review the programs, get the quotes, and then settle for the one that gives you the maximum coverage.

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