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Benefits of an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work




If you have ever considered studying for a degree in social work, but have not been able to pursue that dream, online study may be the perfect option for you. There are so many courses from different institutions available online, but a bachelor’s degree in social work can give you many useful and transferrable skills to use in a huge range of careers. Here are a few of the benefits of studying for one online.


An online BSW degree can reduce your costs in many different ways. There are many costs involved in becoming a student and this is a main reason that people put off pursuing a higher education. Tuition fees, living costs, accommodation and travel are just a few of the financial elements that students must deal with. Studying a BSW degree online can help to remove or decrease some of these costs. Not only is there financial support available for students, but studying from home can reduce travel and accommodation costs.

If you are working and learning from home, you do not need to commute to classes every day. Transport, whether private or public, can create large costs over time, as well as having a negative impact on the planet. By studying from home, you can save money on gas and parking, tickets and public transport, as you will need to use them less frequently. You also do not have to worry about finding and renting accommodation close to your campus, as everything you need to study is available on your device–  which you can use anywhere.

Furthermore, studying online can save you money on food and drink, as you can prepare your meals at home, buy and cook in bulk, and you do not need to worry about forgetting your lunch and having to grab something while you are out. While it can be nice to get a coffee or a snack as a treat, these daily costs can soon add up. Studying at home, whatever your course, allows you to prepare your meals in advance, so that you can always have something healthy and filling available. What is more, meal prep is a great way to help manage your time and maximize your breaks. It also doesn’t have to be boring, as there are plenty of recipes to make your meals exciting and tasty. Healthy foods such as oily fish, green leafy vegetables and nuts and seeds are great for your body and mind, and can help boost concentration and focus, as well as providing plenty of nutrients for the rest of your body.


An online BSW degree can give you the knowledge and skills required to go into a huge range of careers. There area large number of career options available to you, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools and child welfare. A BSW degree can prepare you to work in many different settings and with many different people. The course is also accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, which means you are receiving a high level of education when you undertake this degree. In particular, a BSW degree does not require a residency post as all the coursework is completed online, and you have a faculty member to help you with courses and internships.

As well as the specific knowledge you will learn on the course, online study also teaches you many soft skills that employers look upon favorably. Soft skills are non-technical skills such as communication, time management and teamwork, that affect how well you perform in the workplace. When you study an online BSW degree, you are strengthening these skills and implementing useful techniques, perhaps without even realizing! Time management is a huge part of online study, as you are not in a physical classroom and do not have to plan your commute to make sure you turn up on time. There can be a temptation to leave coursework until the last minute, as there is not a physical person there with you to make sure it is completed. It is vital to organize and manage your time just as you would if you were taking classes in person. Not only will this allow you to make the most of your education, but it will ensure that you have plenty of time to complete coursework, ask questions and maybe even complete further reading to deepen your knowledge.

These time management skills look fantastic on a resume and you will also have some real-life examples to give during an interview. Time management is an essential part most job roles, as you need to be able to prioritize, complete work to a high standard and meet deadlines. Other important soft skills that an online degree can teach you include motivation and problem-solving. Being able to motivate yourself will really benefit you in a work environment as you will be able to complete tasks efficiently, while ignoring distractions and this can even help to motivate others. When studying an online degree, some people may find it difficult to stay motivated and may lose focus as they are not in a classroom environment. There are many ways to increase your focus and concentration and make the most out of your degree, whether it is in person or online.

There are several foods and drinks you can consume that help boost brain power, as well as managing your time to ensure that you are taking proper breaks and not burning yourself out. It can be hard to motivate yourself at times, so it is important to set up a routine that allows you to work and rest, as both are equally important. Being able to plan your day to make sure that you stay motivated is an important skill that you can learn with an online BSW degree. Routines can be greatly beneficial and can help you keep on track of your study and other commitments. Often, people study an online degree around working or a family life, and this ability to multitask is another great skill to have as it shows employers that you can handle multiple tasks at once. Being able to schedule and manage your time is an important general life skill – there are many guides online, but investing in materials such as calendars and diaries are simple ways to make sure you are organized and prepared.


Working from home has many benefits and one of them is the ability to work in a comfortable location. Often a classroom environment can become overwhelming and some people do not work well in this atmosphere. When learning from home, you can take breaks when you need to and sometimes work more at your own pace. This can mean that you have time to go over sections that trouble you, ask questions and make the most of the education without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. Creating a good working environment at home can have a huge impact on your study.

There are plenty of ways to do this and it may take some time to understand how you work best. Having a clear workspace and removing clutter can help you to feel more focused as you have removed any distractions around you. This will mean you can concentrate more easily and you have plenty of space for any equipment that you may need to use. It can also prevent you from losing important notes – making your study sessions less stressful. Try to work next to a window, which will give you natural light and fresh air – both help to make you feel more alert.

Where you choose to work does need to be considered, as everyone’s home study setup will be different. Basics include a comfortable seat, clear desk or table, good lighting and minimal noise. This may not be achievable for everyone, but there are plenty of changes you can make or accessories you can use to improve the atmosphere. It is important to be sitting in a way that supports your posture in order to reduce aches and pains, and further problems as you age. While it may be incredibly tempting to work from your bed or the couch, sitting in a comfortable chair at a desk or table can help you get into the right mindset for working, as well as keeping your bed for rest and relaxation. Ergonomic chairs are widely available and are designed for those who spend long amounts of time sitting at a desk. Poor posture can lead to a whole host of issues and conditions, such as poor circulation, muscle pain and even fatigue. Investing in an ergonomic chair is a great way to encourage good posture, which will have a good effect on your body and work now and in the future. Other accessories you can get include noise cancelling headphones. These can cut out noise from around you and let you listen to classes or materials without being disturbed. A laptop stand is also a good idea, as it lifts a laptop up, preventing strain on your neck from looking down for long periods of time.

There are many different types of learning and when studying online you can tailor your study and revision to fit you. Types of learning include visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Visual learners work best when information is presented through visual methods such as images and diagrams. Auditory learners enjoy listening to information and reinforce it by repeating it out loud. Kinesthetic learners work best when physically implementing information, so enjoy practical tasks and acting things out.

Understanding what kind of learner you are can help you to create a working atmosphere that allows you to understand and absorb as much information as possible, in the way that best works for you – normally difficult if not impossible in a normal classroom. For example, a visual learner may benefit from using color, diagrams and images, with accessories like white boards, colored pens and paper. Headphones would be a good idea for auditory learners, as they may enjoy listening to lectures and podcasts to best absorb information. These accessories do not have to be expensive – asking your university about any money saving options is a good idea. There are plenty of places to purchase useful student accessories and your fellow students may also have some good ideas and recommendations.


As previously mentioned, you can study for an online BSW degree at home, therefore removing the need to commute. Not only does this reduce travel costs, but also reduces your impact on the planet. Parking, gas and insurance are all costs that vehicle owners have to cover and travelling to and from school or university each day can really cause these to add up. Similarly, public transport (even with the help of discounts and season tickets) can still be very costly. You may also be unable to travel for a wide variety of reasons and studying online can therefore make education more accessible to a larger range of people.

Furthermore, being able to study online means that you can study the BSW degree from a large range of locations. Often you may be confined to what your local college or university offers you and the BSW course you want to study may not be near you. When you study online you do not need to travel to these different locations, which gives you access to a larger range of BSW courses. An online BSW degree helps remove these geographical barriers, giving you the opportunity to access the course and education you really want.

There are so many benefits to studying an online BSW degree, and it may be the perfect option for many people. Online study is incredibly common nowadays and is a good way to balance your study with any other commitments. It is also a useful way to develop those soft skills like motivation and time management, as well as connecting you with your dream institution, regardless of your location.

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