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World is Helping Students to Search for Various Courses in Australia and New Zealand



on has been highly preferred by people to search for various educational courses in Australia and New Zealand. The easiness to find courses on this online platform is the prominent reason for its increasing popularity across the globe. In addition to this, it also offers visa application services through agents to help students get study visa without much difficulty.

All that an applicant needs to do is complete the application form online which has been designed based on different kinds of course application in New Zealand and Australia. Developed by Fat box Technology Services Pvt. Ltd, this online platform is aimed at providing technology solutions for the course and visa application and customer management. It is specialized in providing course search, educational institution search, agent search, and course application.

CatEight is an excellent course finder online platform for students to search for their courses in an easy manner. With the help of CatEight, it is possible for students, agents, and institutions to interact with each other online while sending as well as receiving course and visa applications. As CatEight is offering both institutions and students to interact with each other online at any time, it is getting popular among students to look for courses in Australia and New Zealand.

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