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CBD Full Spectrum Oil Has More Benefits Than CBD Isolate Oil




With the emergence of the CBD market coming from the cannabis plant, there of course have bene some which include THC in small (and some in high amounts). All of the hemp-based products don’t have as high amounts of trace THC like those CBD oils derived from marijuana, and thus you cannot get a psychoactive effect from them, but you can get numerous health benefits out of each.

With hemp oil, there is more than one type of oil, and two of the most common are full-spectrum oil, or CBD isolate (or pure CBD) oil. In this guide though, we’re going to explain why you’ll get much more benefits if you can get full spectrum oil rather than isolate.

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Isolate Provides no “Entourage Effect”

The Entourage effect is what’s been named by scientists as the effect that even THC (even though there are plenty of CBD full spectrum products without it) is the most psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. At first, science believed this was the main pain reliever, and then CBD hit the scene. However, it’s been proven that without CBD, the benefits of even fighting cancer cells are a lot less than those of just using THC by itself. That being said, it was also proven that the response time was a lot different from CBD isolate alone.

CBD isolate by itself actually loses its ability to be more effective at higher doses for various purposes (some treatments for epilepsy has been found at higher doses, but it may lose its effectiveness for managing chronic pain at high doses). That being said, because of this, CBD by itself is limited to what it can be used for. At a moderate dose, CBD can generally only act as an anti-inflammatory, but a CBD full spectrum extract (with or without THC) is much more beneficial at creating the proper effect of having much more benefits.

Full Spectrum Without THC

As science progressed, it was discovered that there were hundreds of other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant other than CBD all without psychoactive properties. That being said, it was crucial that while a product may be high in CBD, it was discovered that if they use the whole plant, you get all of the terpenes and other cannabinoids that actually react with CBD and provide numerous more positive effects and benefits medically.

The only downside is that there are plenty of full-spectrum oils out there that contain trace amounts of THC, and that being said, you want to make sure that you get one without it, especially if you’re subject to things like random drug tests for your job, or other purposes, and ultimately cause you to test positive even though you really aren’t (also known as a false positive).


There are many places you can buy full spectrum CBD oil online, but you want to make sure it’s from a truly trusted source that will give you the best delivered CBD with absolutely no THC. This means that by utilizing the full hemp plant, you’re going to get CBD as well as other phytonutrients and cannabinoids without the potentially harmful cannabinoid, which means you’ll get all the benefits of experiencing the “entourage effect” with no troubles associated with them, and virtually no side effects.

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Explosive new Documentary Uncovers Controversial Subject of Toxic Air on Flights




A new documentary is making international headlines after it revealed a damning picture of the airline industry and the issue of air toxicity affecting travellers around the world.

“Everybody Flies” takes a deep look at air travel, and highlights a problem that has plagued the aviation industry for more than 50 years where toxic air and fumes end up getting circulated in cabins.

The revealing findings show that people are being regularly exposed to toxic air, and the problem is most notable for pilots and air crew that are having to inhale the fumes for much longer. In fact, just this month, there were more than 19 reported cases of air toxicity, with chemicals leaking into aircraft cabins, where passengers had to evacuate via emergency slides, or were even forced to breathe in thick smoke before disembarking.

The problem is wide-spread and one of the worst-kept secrets in the airline business. The documentary shows research and findings from a former airline captain, Tristan Loraine, who also produced and directed the film along with co-director Beth Moran.

The documentary recently premiered in London at the Raindance Film Festival, and was well received by critics. Airlines have been under pressure due to a myriad of safety issues surrounding toxic air, and there are a number of legal cases pending from cabin crew that have been exposed to chemicals during flights throughout the course of their careers.

“Everybody Flies” is a crowdfunded project, and the film’s producers are raising awareness about the problem so that the airline industry will take responsibility to adjust engine designs to ensure that chemicals don’t end up being mixed into the normal air supply passengers breathe during a flight.

Air toxicity is common and it is often the case that passengers are unaware that the air they are breathing has a mixture of chemical components used to lubricate a plane’s engines. These chemicals often have no smell, and therefore people don’t know that they are in fact being exposed to toxins that are harmful to health.

Should the airline industry take more action to resolve this problem?

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