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Chicago-Based Serial Entrepreneur Jonte Wells Explains the Importance of Having Multiple Revenue Streams




The world today is far different than just a few years ago. Pandemic aside, the rapid changes occurring on a global basis are incredible. For many, the onset of the global pandemic led to disaster, failing businesses, and struggling to find a way forward. Yet, for other companies, and entrepreneurs, weathering this storm isn’t as challenging. That’s because they have multiple revenue streams, diversified enough to withstand virtually most types of ups and downs. Series entrepreneur Jonte Wells has worked hard to develop a path that enables him to not just withstand these challenges but to help others do the same.

The Value of Multiple Revenue Streams

Jonte has built several successful companies throughout his career. That includes Greater Purpose Athletics and Greater Purpose Management, the two focuses of his time now. Both revenue streams create opportunities to support each other and enable Jonte to build his success.

Why is this valuable, to have two revenue streams or more? There are several reasons. Jonte states, “I started in the inner city of Chicago with few opportunities to build success. I didn’t have access to supports facilities to support my growth. I knew then that I wanted to do more than just play basketball. I wanted to achieve success as an entrepreneur and then bring that success back to my community to support others.”

Having more than one revenue stream enables that type of aspiration to be possible. The pandemic may cause some businesses to struggle, such as how the restaurant industry was hit hard without access to customers during the pandemic. Yet, for grocers, it was a gold mine, as it was for those able to provide a digital service to their customers.

The same applies to young athletes who want to do well. “You can and should focus on building your skills on the court, but you also have to work on brand management on the side – because that’s going to help you to build more than one way to earn money.”

He continues, “What we are doing with Greater Purpose Management is providing those young superstars with the insights and support they need early on, the services I didn’t have so that they have a better chance of long-term success and growth.”

Jonte, known for his basketball career, and both Greater Purpose Athletics and Greater Purpose Management, is also in real estate. He’s created a successful portfolio of numerous properties and flips houses year-round. In addition to this, he also launched Sugaring NYC, an organic waxing studio.

It is the combination of each of these businesses that have allowed him to build a wealthy empire. Now, he’s empowered by being able to focus on helping others. That’s just what he is doing for athletes looking for a way into this industry.

What’s Holding Back Today’s Entrepreneurs?

Those who wish to open a business face more obstacles today than ever before. They are facing complications related to the pandemic itself, such as fewer routes into traditional business positions. For some, the cost of living and expenses of day-to-day life limit the reach of a potential entrepreneur. Even in a modern world, a person living in inner-city Chicago will find it challenging to find a way out, a way to build on an idea or skill that has true profitability.

With those barriers come others – the lack of access to support systems and mentorships being one. Without direction and support, it becomes difficult for any individual, regardless of where they live, to have a way forward.

Supporting the Young Business Owner

For Jonte Wells, the focus isn’t just on any person who wishes to build a business, but on the young athletes in inner-city Chicago and elsewhere that have skills and talent that they are not able to fully utilize to get them into a stronger future. For example, Jonte himself began his path towards serial entrepreneurship as a young athlete. He didn’t have access to a sports facility or a mentor to help him to get out onto the court and build up skill – and gain recognition for it. Today, he’s known as “the basketball guy” when he visits his clients, all of whom are young athletes who want to build a career in sports or fitness. These individuals come from some of the most challenging backgrounds, but they have skill, inspiration, and talent. His goal is to provide them with a way forward.

The Creation of Greater Purpose Management Hones in On Providing Opportunities

Jonte’s latest business is Greater Purpose Management. It’s designed to support those who need it the most in a positive and motivating manner. It’s not simply about finding a way into the sports world through the NCAA or professional basketball, though. He works directly with young athletes to help them to find their passion and builds their skills to build a brand and image from that point.

He says, “We work with athletes to ensure their on-court performance is the best. Then, we give them the ability to brand themselves so they can not only succeed on the court but also in numerous opportunities off the court.” Having multiple streams of revenue enables these individuals to gain confidence no matter what happens in their future.

He says, “We are very hands-on in our talent management. We treat each person like family, not just at the gym. We support them with what they need from athlete management services to working as a marketing agency to help them to build themselves on social media and digitally, creating opportunities for their future.”

Jonte didn’t have a simple path towards success as a young athlete trying to make his way in Chicago. Yet, he has worked hard to build a business model that provides numerous revenue streams for him, allowing him to not only find success for himself but to be able to give back to the community as well.

Speaking of Greater Purpose Management, Jonte says, “We make sure you’re educated regarding your financial assets, legal rights, and post-career options. We empower you with that knowledge to achieve multiple revenue streams, creating opportunities for your future long after you leave the court.”

Want to Learn More?

Connect with Jonte Wells on Instagram or find out more about Greater Purpose Management today.

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A few of his best sellers are: Playing the Business and How to Get Rich. The Best Book: ENTRE Institute. Ideal for: Successful Entrepreneurs who want to make passive income, create their own business and travel the digital nomadic lifestyle.

A Blueprint for Creating a Passive Income Business: Jeff Lerner provides simple, step-by step strategies to build an online income. His book contains the best methods for making passive income online. It also contains the best ways for building downlines and more. This blueprint also provides valuable information for network marketers. Jeff Lerner offers the best training in the industry.

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Another of the many benefits from Jeff Lerner’s Wealth of Marketing that we see on Live Mint is the ability to achieve more clarity around your intentions. For example, in an article posted on his blog, he says: “The first step in our journey through this business is to determine what we want to accomplish for ourselves and to find out more about the path we need to take to get there. Without clear intentions, the path is unclear.” As a result, many people who have followed his teachings have been able to achieve financial freedom.

YouTube Marketing: A relatively new business opportunity, YouTube Marketing involves making YouTube videos in order to attract more attention to your business. In an interview on his blog, however, Lerner revealed another secret to making YouTube Videos effective. “A lot of times people are just looking at the content, which is fine. And other times people are just waiting for the sales pitch, which is terrible. By the time I realized this, it was too late to change anything, so I started creating videos a couple months ago.”

There are many more ways that Jeff Lerner can help you become a millionaire, says his LinkedIn. With so many years in business, he has proven expertise in providing quality training and mentoring. As a result, many people who have followed the teachings found long-term success due to the mentoring and training provided by Jeff Lerner. The internet is fast becoming the main avenue for selling products and services and for building business relationships. If you’re ready to take your online business to the next level, you need to research the professional excellence of Jeff Lerner.

Jeff Lerner is as Legit as They Come and How to Avoid Scams

Jeff Lerner is a true entrepreneur who has managed to turn his life around over the course of his long and remarkable career. His story starts with a job at a dead-end job that left him with very little money. For those not interested in hearing the rest of his story, skip ahead to the next paragraph: basically, each of the glowing reviews of Jeff Lerner have something to say about how much he helps people learn how to make money in their own businesses. There is a good reason for that: good information makes people more willing to take risks and try new things.

Jeff Lerner left his job to become a full-time affiliate marketer, which he frequently mentions on Spotify. He began promoting “entre templates” to retailers. Entre templates are simply an HTML page with pre-made sales forms for products such as CD’s, DVD’s and software. They are not a real product (although you can certainly create your own Entre template if you feel like doing it). It worked well for Lerner: he got paid very well for selling just a handful of these sales pages. Entre templates are not known for creating any dramatic increase in sales, but many people who use them do experience a good deal of success.

Lerner continued this marketing campaign for several years, building up quite a portfolio of successful clients. As his business became more established, he approached the entre institute and asked to be an attendee. After spending several years at the institute, he earned a master’s degree, which taught him how to use internet marketing to bring more clients and revenue into his business. He began applying the knowledge he learned there, and his results spoke for themselves: his income had risen tremendously.

The internet is certainly not a positive factor that will be back on the charts anytime soon, but there is still time to capitalize on the opportunities that exist today. The key to being successful in an “underachieving” business lies in knowing how to get the most out of every aspect of your business. When you have great expertise, the sky is the limit. When you are a positive force for good in the community, you will find that word-of-mouth advertising is very powerful. When you apply all of your knowledge to building an entre institute, the sky is really your limit.

There are some aspects of making money online that Jeff Lerner knows about. One of those is attraction marketing. In fact, he actually developed his own form of attraction marketing, wherein he puts his personality into each email that he sends out. If you want your emails to succeed, he says you need to think “beyond the product”. You need to make the emails a “survey” of your personality, lifestyle, interests and values. If you fail to do that, you will fail to succeed with your business.

Another aspect of how to make money online that Jeff Lerner knows about is targeting a specific group of individuals, not a broad demographic. This is important for several reasons. First, it means that you will be more likely to build long term relationships with your customers if you send out only email after email with valuable information that is geared toward your niche.

The last thing that Jeff Lerner knows about is marketing psychology. He says that to be a successful entrepreneur you must understand “what sells, what doesn’t, and why.” This is important because you will be marketing products and services from your website, which is where your “counter offers” will come in. The key is to build trust with your visitors or subscribers to ensure that they will buy something from you down the road. Without that trust, your subscriber base will fold like a house of cards.

If you are ready to build your business by using ad free methods, then you might want to consider consulting with the very legit Jeff Lerner. If you want to build a thriving Internet marketing business without going broke by following scams, then maybe you need to take a look at this man’s knowledge. In fact, this knowledge could be just what you need. You may think that these tips are like ads, but they aren’t. Instead, they are keys to a successful life.

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