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Daughters of American Revolution honours Vietnam Volunteers with Lapel Pins




PADUCAH – The Daughters of the American Revolution has thanked 500 Vietnam Volunteers for their services. Those Vietnam Volunteers who came to The Wall That Heals on its arrival to Paducah received lapel pins as a mark of honor from DAR. Vietnam Volunteers who got the opportunity to receive a lapel pin expressed their feeling and shared their experience of serving abroad.

One of the Vietnam Veterans, Bobby Sikes, who received lapel pin in the opening week of April said that he served in the Navy abroad. While narrating his experience, he said volunteering offers a person to know himself and it gives an exposure to one for being oneself. He said that during the four years he served abroad, he enjoyed every second of it and he could never forget that time of his life. Sikes could not receive it during the time when the wall that heals came to Paducah. Apart from him, three other veterans received the lapel pin for their services.

Cynthia Bryd, the member of Daughters of the American Revolution said that it makes them proud to honor people for their service. Also, he said it has become a major part of her life to honor veterans at the wall that heals. She said it is an excellent initiative to help people realize their contribution as many people refuse to consider their service for the kind of treatment they receive during volunteering. And receiving a pin means a lot for volunteers and only the receiver could realize its value.

Usually, people use enamel pins to look stylish and they go for custom lapel pins made from enamel. Many also order custom lapel pins with no minimum quantity to use them on variety of their clothings. However, the lapel pins which DAR offers have different value and it is designed by keeping in mind the efforts of volunteers during their service.

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Locum Tenens – Why Doctors Choose To Work As Locums




While some doctors work as locum tenants instead of full-time jobs, the majority of doctors work in addition to full-time jobs, according to a new study. Last year, 40,000 doctors worked in senior positions in the US, and physician recruiters and locum tenens companies are an important part of this fast-growing industry.

Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health indicate that locum doctors will help address the challenges facing hospitals and millions of patients across the country in the coming decades.

Reasons Why Doctors Choose Locum Work

  • Locum doctors fill many posts and ensure that more people go to doctors and receive medical care, which compensates for the shortage of doctors, especially in underserved areas.
  • Many locum doctors use temporary work to focus their careers solely on clinical care. Hospital doctors can also use it to determine what they want to do with their careers.
  • Hospital administrators also find using temporary staffing solutions appealing to save on training and career development costs, and the cost of treatment errors is covered in most contracts.
  • High demand also means that doctors can afford to be flexible about where they want to use their skills and when they want to work.
  • Given the large number of patients currently being seen, GPs can feel safer to find work at any time and be more flexible in their working hours.
  • Salaries for general practitioners have increased in recent years, but doctors often have no leeway to negotiate with health care providers. Working as a locum gives a doctor the opportunity to increase their earnings.
  • Some locum doctors choose this type of employment because they can explore different hospital situations and locations to determine where they want to settle.
  • Newly trained doctors may opt for a locum-based position because it can be a more stable and affordable option than starting their own practice.
  • Many doctors do this type of work to earn extra income and gain more experience, but there are doctors who want to end their careers or work less in retirement.
  • Some temporary doctors are willing to take a second or third job to supplement their income and pay off student loans, according to the American College of Physicians.
  • With locum tenens, doctors can work in any medical function, and there is a wide range of jobs available in different medical specialties.
  • Many doctors say they can be more present at home because they don’t worry about paperwork, personnel decisions, or departmental meetings.
  • Hospitals and facilities across the country regularly use locums when full-time staff is on leave or they are waiting to hire a new doctor. So there are ample opportunities locum doctors can choose from.

The Popularity of Locum Work Will Continue

Not long ago, working in locum tenens was seen as a way for older doctors to retire or new doctors to try different jobs before committing permanently. While there are still a small number of doctors in the US with full-time jobs, a growing number of doctors are taking a new view of locum tenens work and defining it as part of their career path.

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