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Director Tayyofficial Shares 5 Things That Make Or Break A Music Video




Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tayyofficial always had a knack for creating art that really captures your attention. Ever since he was young, the 22-year-old video director would often get lost in between colors and shapes and combine them to create masterful pieces of art. As he continues to leave remarkable traces of his prowess, the director continues to leave an impact on his hometown and the music industry through his unforgettable music videos and work with other artists.

In our latest interview, Tayyofficial gave us five things that can both break or make a difference in shooting an appealing music video. See his tips and advice below:

  1. Lighting

Lighting is important when making a music video because great lighting will catch the eye of the viewers more than bad lighting. Without good lighting it can make the viewer uninterested. It can also be harder to color grade because if it’s too dark and try to make it brighter that can kill your clip and cause a lot of noise in the video which isn’t appealing unless that’s what you’re going for.

It can make a scene by giving the audience a dramatic feel or a more interesting feel if you want to add like some color. It can break a scene if the lighting doesn’t add up to the story you are really trying to tell.

  1. Background

The way I go about choosing my background is by analyzing the song and seeing what kind of vibe it gives me and I try to match that vibe the best I can. For example if it’s like a hood/trap vibe I’ll use streets corners or trap houses to match that vibe. I don’t typically have anything I look for specifically besides something that would make sense on what I’m trying to create.

  1. Props

Yes, I use props and think every director should. They enhance videos a lot because the Audience don’t  want to just see the rapper, they want to see some of the things he’s/she’s talking about, and see other things that’s entertaining besides the rapper.

  1. Color Scheme

A color scheme is important because you have to have something to catch the audience’s eye when the color is terrible it can be distracting to those who are watching.

  1. Artists

Do’s: Step out of your comfort zone. Some things you might never did before could really bring a visual to life.

Don’ts: Be too High/Drunk on the day of the shoot. You’ll be wasting your and my time because we might don’t shoot or not use a lot of the footage because of your appearance and nobody wants that.

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