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Ramneek Sidhu Talks More On Succeeding As an Entrepreneur




Indian digital marketing expert and entrepreneur, Ramneek Sidhu, provides successful surefire tips to aspiring entrepreneurs

Ramneek Sidhu has undoubtedly cemented his place as a business executive to reckon with in the digital marketing industry. As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of Digital Kings, a UAE-based online marketing solutions provider. The Indian entrepreneur and global citizen recently revealed some of the obstacles that make it difficult for individuals to make headway as an entrepreneur while also providing tips to help them succeed.

To kickstart your Entrepreneurial journey you have to be different, your thinking needs to be different, your view of seeing has to be different,” said Ramneek Sidhu. “This is the most common thing today’s young minds lack, they follow mob mentality and land as a slave for others. If youngsters have a different vision of seeing the world then their growth will be much more than the rest of the people,” he continued.

Ramneek did not have the easiest childhood experiences due to his relatively humble beginnings. However, he did not let his present condition at that time and the challenges of life deter him from achieving his goal. He has risen above all obstacles and currently ranks as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and digital marketers to come out of Punjab and probably the whole of India.

In addition to being a success in the business world, Ramneek also contributes immensely to supporting the growth of others, especially young aspiring entrepreneurs. His personality, belief, passion, and hard work have inspired others across the globe. In a related development, Ramneek has been a part of several initiatives designed to develop the next generation of successful entrepreneurs, especially in the tech world.

According to Ramneek, the first point of call for every young entrepreneur is self-development. “First of all, you need to start developing a skill. And for that, you’ll have to work hard on your interests to find the right skill for yourself. Developing a skill is not as easy as it seems. You will fail, you will feel exhausted working for hours but still, all this hard work is worth the result you will get,” said Ramneek.

For more information about the services offered by Ramneek Sidhu through Digital Kings, please visit – Ramneek can also be found across social media, including Instagram and Facebook.


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Personal Name: Ramneek Sidhu

Birth place: Mohali, India

Business name: Digital Kings

Business registered in United Arab Emirates

Business website:

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From Wealth to Fields: A Billionaire’s Commitment to Small Farmers




In recent years, billionaire Stefan Soloviev has transitioned from the world of New York real estate to the fertile farmlands of the American West. 

His journey from urban wealth to rural development showcases a unique dedication to revitalizing small farming communities and transforming the agricultural landscape.

A New Vision for Agriculture

Stefan Soloviev, son of the late real estate tycoon Sheldon Solow, has amassed a considerable amount of farmland across Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico. Soloviev’s agricultural enterprise, Crossroads Agriculture, spans over 400,000 acres, making him one of the largest landowners in the United States. 

This substantial investment is not merely a financial venture; it represents a commitment to supporting and empowering small farmers in these regions.

Soloviev’s approach to farming is characterized by his desire to move away from competitive practices that often leave small farmers struggling. Instead, he emphasizes collaboration and sustainability. 

By leveraging his resources, Soloviev aims to create a farming environment where smallholders can thrive alongside larger operations. This philosophy is particularly evident in his strategic acquisition of the San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad, a critical transportation link for agricultural products in the region.

Revitalizing Rural Communities

Soloviev’s impact extends beyond farmland acquisition. His purchase of the San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad at a bankruptcy auction for $10.7 million highlights his broader vision for the agricultural sector. 

This railroad, previously owned by Iowa Pacific Holdings, connects the San Luis Valley to the national rail network, facilitating the efficient transport of goods and boosting local economies.

The acquisition is seen as a positive development for the San Luis Valley, with Soloviev’s Colorado Pacific Railroad expected to be more community-focused and supportive of local initiatives compared to the previous owners. This includes potential cooperation with local recreational projects, such as the proposed Heart of the Valley Trail, which aims to integrate rail and trail use for community benefit.

Soloviev’s dedication to the region is also reflected in his willingness to work with local stakeholders to address community needs. His approach contrasts with more traditional, profit-driven business models and underscores his commitment to fostering a sustainable and inclusive agricultural ecosystem.

Building a Sustainable Future

Soloviev’s investment in the Colorado Pacific Railroad and the broader agricultural infrastructure is part of a long-term vision to create a more resilient and sustainable farming community. By improving transportation networks and providing support to small farmers, he hopes to mitigate some of the challenges these farmers face, such as market access and transportation costs.

Moreover, Soloviev’s initiatives are seen as a way to preserve and enhance the rural way of life, which is increasingly threatened by industrial farming and urban encroachment. His efforts to balance economic viability with environmental stewardship demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the complexities of modern agriculture.

In conclusion, Stefan Soloviev’s transition from urban real estate mogul to a champion of small farmers is a testament to his innovative and community-oriented approach. 

His significant investments in farmland and infrastructure, coupled with a commitment to sustainability and local engagement, are paving the way for a brighter future for small farmers in Colorado and beyond. Through his efforts, Soloviev is not only transforming

the agricultural landscape but also setting a precedent for how wealth and resources can be used to foster positive change in rural communities​. 

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