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Dr. Simon Ourian’s Coolaser: The Gold Standard Melasma Treatment




Are you one of the 6 million women in the US suffering from melasma?

Seeing your face fill up with dark spots is never a fun experience, luckily there is a solution. Epione Beverly Hills offers the Coolaser treatment, which has helped hundreds of women get rid of their melasma, among other skin concerns.

Interested? Keep reading to learn all about this treatment created by Dr. Simon Ourian and how it could help you.

What Is Melasma?

If you’re unsure about what this condition is, you may have heard it referred to as the pregnancy mask.

Melasma often presents itself during pregnancy in the form of grey or brown spots on the face, caused by hormonal changes. Although, women who are not pregnant can also experience it—a common example would be those who have been through a hormonal pill regiment.

The condition most often occurs on the cheeks, upper lip, chin, nose, or forehead. Those dark spots appear because the cells in your skin make too much pigment in specific areas. They could appear as freckles would, but melasma tends to be darker, larger, and certainly more undesirable.

What Is Coolaser?

Coolaser is highly popular, especially on Instagram, and even the Kardashians are big fans of Dr. Ourian’s laser treatments. Jenna Dewan also received Coolaser melasma treatment at Epione Beverly Hills and raved about the results on her Instagram.

The Coolaser treatment was pioneered by Dr. Simon Ourian and is only be performed at Epione Beverly Hills. This melasma treatment combines Coolaser and blue light therapy, which are both FDA approved. It is also used to treat acne, sun damage, wrinkles, and scars.

The area being treated is first cooled and then flashed with pulses of light. This light gets rid of damaged tissue, and in turn, helps promote collagen growth. While you may experience some mild pain or discomfort, the Coolaser portion of the procedure only lasts 10 to 15 minutes.

Your face may look red and irritated for a few days afterward, but this will fade. The treatment should also last quite a while, giving you a refreshed look with a significant reduction in blemishes.

Why Choose This Treatment?

With this treatment, your melasma can be reduced if not eliminated.

Other laser treatments that are offered are usually too strong or too weak to properly fix the melasma. And if you have a darker skin tone, this treatment could be the best choice as others harm darker skin by affecting the natural pigment.

Melasma is also not very responsive to other treatments such as chemical peels or micro-needling. So if you try these out instead of Coolaser, you may be spending money to end up right back where you started.

Vist Epione Beverly Hills Today

Don’t spend another day worried about your melasma. With the Coolaser treatment, you’ll never have felt better about your skin. Epione Beverly Hills is waiting for you! Contact them to book your consultation today to get rid of your melasma.

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Elevate Your Style




No matter the age, style, or season, most ladies can agree that shoes are always vital for completing their look. Whether it be a tighter budget or wanting to have functional footwear, women are also investing more wisely. Different shoes call for different occasions, so things like outfits, events, and even the amount of predicted standing time are worth considering your options when selecting the perfect footwear. 

Wedge To The Rescue

All women adore heels, but not all women can handle heels easily. Those who have foot, back or other health issues that can’t go near slim heels can easily reap the equal benefits from a wedge. Switch up your look with some flair and style to boost your craving. Wedges are raised, chunky-style shoes that stand tall at the front and are even more elevated at the back. Wedges offer height and are more comfortable to walk in than skinny heels.

Breaking Down Their Popularity

On many high-heeled shoes, the heel of the shoe is under the heel of the foot. With wedges, the heel runs under the entire foot to the middle or front. The design helps reduce foot and ankle problems, as well as encourage better posture. Height ranges vary depending on the type of wedge you’re going for, whether sandals, heels, or boots, and the style from a slight raise to several inches. Depending on the occasion, you can select anywhere from one inch to five inches in height.

Make wedge heels your go-to’s for events that call for comfort. If you plan to be standing for a long time at a concert or party, these are an excellent choice for showing off your radiant style without killing your feet. When you keep in mind that balance is vital, wedges are super versatile and work with nearly any outfit imaginable.

Best of all, the heels cover the entire bottom of the shoe for total ease of movement even after a cocktail or two. If you’re looking for a shoe that is leg-lengthening and stabilizing, you can’t go wrong with wedge sandals. Whether enjoying an outdoor function or wanting something that can be worn for longer days, wedge sandals provide the comfort you’ll need. With thousands of options from open-toe, peep toe, espadrilles to closed-toed, you can dress for each season with confidence. You can wear wedge heels for pretty much every occasion, from office wear to a wedding, there’s a wedge out there for you. 

Always On Trend

Did you know wedges have been around since the 1930s? Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo created the wedge heel in 1936. Wedges grew in popularity during World War II because of the lack of leather and rubber available in the United States. The fashion of the time called for height. In the 1970s, wedges were popular as designs became more colorful and loud. Even the 1990s had their version of the wedge in a sneaker. The bottom line, the wedge never goes out of style.

Wedge sandals have always been a popular choice, even among Hollywood and A-list consumers. Elle confirms this, noting, “Thanks to Castañer and people like Kate Middleton and Pandora Sykes, the wedge heel is definitely back on top.” The options are endless, including everything from a classic neutral, to a wild animal print that makes a statement. Wedge sandals can make life easier. Since they are very versatile and team well with all kinds of outfits, they are a must footwear staple which all women should own. You can shop from a colossal variety of wedge sandals, ranging in colors, designs, and price ranges.

Like fashion blogger Candie Anderson, most women are enormous fans because “Wedge sandals have long been a staple for women of all ages. As someone who is petite, I love that they’re not only trendy, but they add a bit of height. They’re classy, chic, and fun.” They’ll look great with shorts, skirts, skinny jeans, cropped jeans, flares, dresses, and that’s just the beginning. You can wear wedges to a casual event, a backyard barbecue, an evening out with friends, brunch, or a summer wedding. They will dress up any look. Wedge boots are another great option for winter climates.

Wedge footwear has so many positives, including adding height, being more comfortable to walk in, complementing any outfit, being fashionable, helping you look thinner, and always classy. Take comfort in knowing you’re making a wise purchase that will provide arch support, but in a way that makes a statement. Walk proudly and elegantly, from week to weekend wear, with wedges. It will be your little secret that you’re comfortable every step of the way. 

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