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Facebook Messenger Plans to Replace Email Marketing in Future




GLASGOW – Digitonic CEO, Grant Fraser has said that apps such as Facebook messenger will replace email marketing in the business world with other options. It is convenient to introduce social media messaging as a marketing tool as it is similar in nature to email marketing to spread messages to a large mass of people. The mobile marketing agency claimed that the number of companies using social media apps to market their products is expected to increase in the future.

Grant Fraser said that chatbot-click rate will be higher in comparison to email marketing as it offers a more personalized experience to its customers. Also, there is a higher engagement of the audience on this platform. At present, Facebook Messenger alone hosts around 300,000 active chatbots and it is believed that by 2020, eight out of 10 companies are expected to deal with their customers through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other social media apps.

Fraser told that it is not possible in the future to convey the message to the customers with the help of just one medium, “email marketing.” It is important to have a deep connection with the customers to make them feel valued and heard. Business companies have been facing the challenge of connecting with the customers deeply. With chatbots, it is possible for companies to interact involve with their customers warmly using interactive features of chatbots. Now, companies can interact with people through quizzes, gaming, funny conversations, according to their interests.

With the use of artificial intelligence or computer software, chatbots interact with customers deeply. It can easily be installed into Messenger to ask questions related to their interests. Also, chatbots use a paraphrasing tool to show genuine interest in satisfying the customers’ needs. This helps to increase the quality of data and insight for businesses to gather by responding appropriately while interacting with individuals.

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More People are now Getting Curious on How to Retain Followers on TikTok




As we know, you can grow the Tik Tok followers with good growth strategies and TikTok likes and followers. But retaining these followers on your profile is a real task.

Retaining followers on TikTok is a more complicated process than other social networks, mainly because it is mainly based on the discovery section of “for you.”

“So, you’re telling me that followers are of no use?”

NO, and that’s the beauty of it; even on TikTok, you can retain followers.

But you have to get busy and spend time building your followers.

We often see creators who are not interested in the least in what happens in the comments of their videos; this is very wrong. Definitely answering thousands of comments can be difficult, but at least some of them must be done. 

A simple “thank you” or brief advice to those who ask questions even in private, we just can’t write it down. Although we receive dozens of messages every day, we don’t have any messages that don’t have a reply.

This is not to praise the work we do, but to encourage you to do the same.

Another key thing to retain followers on TikTok is to publish constantly. Publishing videos every day is essential to be always present in the feed of users who follow us, both in the section followed, and possibly in the section for you. In addition to responding to users, another key thing to retain followers on TikTok is to find a few hours every week to do live.

Live on TikTok

The TikTok is a fantastic tool to get in touch with people that follow you. The Live of TikTok is a great tool to retain your followers. In order to do the live, you need to have 1000 followers, if you are wondering why I give you the answer immediately.

If you don’t have a user base to show your Live on TikTok, nobody will watch them, and it would be useless to be able to do them, also because you would have no followers to retain. Consequently, TikTok has decided to impose this barrier on an entry for live shows, which is not very limiting; with the right contents, it won’t take you too long to exceed 1000 followers.

The loyalty of TikTok users

In summary, the steps to retain followers on TikTok are these:

  • Reply to comments
  • Go Live
  • Reply to private messages
  • Publish every day

If you respect these points, you will see that your followers will always be loyal to you. And in this way, you will have obtained the result to which all the creators on TikTok should aspire i.e., retain the followers.

That said, you now know all the ways to start building relationships with your followers on TikTok. The last tip we can give you is to enter the first community for those who want to learn how to use TikTok strategically by accessing the private Facebook group.

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