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Founder Of Our Hempco, ‘Vesna Vrankovic’ Unleashes The Ultimate Health Benefits Of Cold Pressed Hemp Oil




Hemp oil is acquired by pressing hemp seeds. Cold-pressed, crude hemp oil is dim green in shading with a nutty and grassy flavor. Hemp seeds are normally enriched in omega 6, omega 3, polyunsaturated unsaturated fats, proteins, and insoluble fiber. They are likewise a good wellspring of Vitamin E and antioxidants and are loaded with an abundance of minerals, including magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus. With its high content in unsaturated fats, like, Omega 6 and Omega 3, hemp oil can be utilized in cooking to boost immunity, improve heart health, and battle aging.

Our Hempco, the renowned organic brand enjoys since years has been promoting the tremendous benefits of hemp. The company is known for cultivating its own organic Hemp to produce the finest quality CBD oil and CBD beauty and lifestyle range. Below, the Co-Founder of Our Hempco. and former model, Vesna Vrankovic, reveals how hemp sustains her overall health, keeping her at bay from aging.

Vesna Vrankovic as one dazzling model, is also a healthy lifestyle advocate. Throughout her modeling career, she has graced her beauty to reputed brands, including Tom Ford beauty, Mac Cosmetics, Estée Lauder, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Luis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs. She remains on edge to share her beauty secrets in order to empower women to flaunt their beauty like never before. She has a firm faith that beauty comes from within. Thus, taking care of your wellbeing comes first and foremost if you desire to become irresistibly beautiful.

The Ultimate Health Benefits of Using Hemp Oil in Cooking

Vesna Vrankovic reveals that cold-pressed hemp oil can restore skin balance. The omega-6 and omega-3 unsaturated fats, linoleic acids and oleic acids, and GLA found in hemp seed oil serve to improve your skin’s appearance.

Likewise, cold-pressed hemp oil does wonders for women and teen girls suffering from the irregular menstrual cycle at the hands of hormonal imbalance. Hemp is the lone edible seed containing gamma-linolenic acid that transforms into the protective chemical prostaglandin, regulating the hormonal balance in our body and supporting menopausal wellbeing in females.

Vrankovic also shares that science has revealed how hemp oil is beneficial to alleviate menstrual discomfort and cramps. A recent report distributed in Reproductive Health connected eating regimens higher in polyunsaturated unsaturated fats to relieve premenstrual disorder (PMS) symptoms.  As per this finding, the unsaturated fats – which hemp oil contains – can balance prolactin levels, which are high in individuals encountering PMS symptoms like bloating, cramps, or sore breasts.

“Consequently, Hemp seed oil is an amazing source of nutrients: notwithstanding its fatty acid content, hemp seed oil contains Vitamin E; carotene, the portent to Vitamin A; and a few minerals, including iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, making it a holy grail to maintain your wellbeing,” says Vesna Vrankovic.

How To Flavorfully Incorporate Cold-pressed Hemp Oil In Cooking

Hemp Seed Oil is cold-pressed from the crude shelled hempseed for a fragile nutty zest. No other vegetable oil offers essential unsaturated fats at such a high concentration as hemp oil. While you would prefer not to make stir fry with this oil, you can totally make unlimited dishes with this nutty, flavorsome green magic.

Hemp has the ideal 3:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 proportion, which assists with various skin issues, can decrease cholesterol, help regenerate skin cells, and may even prevent skin cancer. Vrankovic suggests that to acquire the most nutritious advantages of eating hemp seed oil, you should eat it cold.

As the former owner and founder of Dubai-based, multi-award-winning organic restaurant and lifestyle venue Tribeca Kitchen & Bar, Vesna shares that hemp seed oil tastes heavenly when drizzled on top of servings of vegetables or pizza. “It is also taste-bud tantalizing base salad dressings and flawless alternate olive oil when added to quinoa and rice. You can likewise mix the oil into soup, smoothies, or dips likes hummus and pesto. In the event that you are feeling truly experimental, you can pour hemp seed oil over a bowl of frozen yogurt; it gives the frozen yogurt a stunning nutty, subtle tang,” she says.

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COVID-19 Challenged The HealthCare Industry – How Inovantics Is Here To Make It Better




COVID-19 took the world by storm, and industries worldwide suffered. None was affected more than the healthcare industry, both on the front line of fighting the virus, and how people got routine and other care from providers. When meeting with patients in person was no longer possible, providers found themselves facing a multitude of challenges. Going virtual created new privacy issues, regulations were constantly changing, and technology became front and center to how providers connected with patients, each other, and others in the industry. As things have slowly opened back up, there is no going back to pre-pandemic expectations or practices, many of the changes implemented out of necessity showed there was a better way to do things, other highlighted areas that needed improvements. Karen Coffey, the founder of Inovantics, is working to make sure the industry can keep up with every change the pandemic brings and be prepared should anything ever happen again that alters the industry so greatly.

Providers and patients alike found themselves out of their comfort zone, connecting with a patient through the phone, text message, or video, losing out on that personal connection. Frustration and chaos were quite common throughout the last year and a half, as provers and practices learned what worked, and what did not, and what they really needed to get patients the care they needed. It was a process of learning on the go, often figuring things out as they came up.

One area that clearly needed improvement became very apparent during the pandemic, and that is that there are just too many platforms that providers need to use, especially in the referral process. Now, as the healthcare and medical industry and world move forward, providers must be aware and ready to move forward, embracing newer methods of doing things and making sure they have the right technology to back them up. That is where Karen Coffey and Inovantics come in and can literally change the playing field for medical providers and practices.

Coffey is an expert in healthcare management, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She knows all too well how hard it is for providers to manage clients, how many different systems they navigate just to get someone care, or referrals, the insurance and payment process, and more that goes into getting a patient the care they need and getting a provider payment for their services. She created Inovantics, a new, groundbreaking, all-inclusive, and customizable Healthcare CRM platform for providers to access all their patient information in one place, optimizing the care process and saving providers time and money.

Inovantics is designed to be a one-stop-shop for providers and streamlines the process that usually takes days or even weeks to complete. It streamlines operations, enhances customer relationships, shows trends and patterns in patient outcomes, can provide data analytics, is user friendly, reduces burden and overhead costs, and more. The platform is designed to be customized to suit every client’s needs, there is no one size fits all approach. It saves time and money, is incredibly efficient, can be run or accessed from anywhere, and can connect practices and providers with thousands of patients and colleagues. There is no limit to what the platform can do, and it can be used in any post-acute care situation, including small and large practices, and hospitals.

Inovantics was in development before the pandemic, however, COVID-19 only highlighted a system that needed innovation and updating. Through Inovantics, Coffey has created a valuable and powerful tool, unparalleled to anything currently out there, that takes the burden off providers and helps them provide patients with the very best care possible. As she puts it, she helps them work smarter, not harder.

Learn more on the Inovantics website,, and connect with Coffey on social media to learn more about this remarkable new platform.

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