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Gambling News From “Down Under”




The increase in money gambling in Australia has caused the country’s Government to block illegal operators and suspect offshore gambling sites. Why? Because players seem to spend up to $400 million every year on these sites and they rarely manage to recoup their winnings.The new laws against illegal offshore casinos are a good step for keeping players better protected against the unscrupulous operators while protecting the country against fraud and lost tax money each year. Sixty-five illegal companies have left the country since the Australian Communications and Media Authority started enforcing the new rules against offshore sites in 2017. Their links to organized crime and the fact that these illegal sites do not offer any of the controls used by regulated sites to protect players in Australia are enough reasons to applaud the recent legislation. We took a look at two of the major Australian gaming news that reached international headlines during the year;

Crown Casino Limited Under Investigation

The Eastern New South Wales gaming regulatory agencies are trying to find out whether the local casino operator Crown Casino Limited has desecrated the conditions of its license by selling 20% of its stakes to Melco Resorts and Entertainment Limited, its Asian business partner. The Liquor and Gaming Authority has already initiated the investigation and assigned it to former judge Patricia Bergin. Bergin’s role is not easy; she will need to determine if the casino is legally allowed to hold the Barangaroo license. There have been lots of accusations brought by the media in relation to the ties between Crown Casino and organized crime groups, human and drug traffickers and money launderers. Considering the gambling risks associated with Australia in general and New South Wales in particular, the judge will also need to figure out if the licensing laws licensing regulations here are well suitable for the region.

Crown Resort casino representatives have declared they will be fully transparent during the investigation. Crown Sydney is located in the harbor area in the Barangaroo district and its building is not yet completed. Projections speak of the year 2021 as the time when the project will be fully completed. The company managing Barangaroo Casino is also known for the Crown Perth venue in Western Australia, as well as Crown Melbourne in Victoria. International players over the seas are constantly setting foot into these casinos and indulge in their favorite games of poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and pokies. If you have never played a game of Australian pokies before, planning a trip to Australia is a good start. You will be amazed by the wondrous gambling facilities spread all over the country accompanied by Aussies’ insatiable hunger for gambling. You could plan your trip at the time of the grand opening of Crown Casino. It is worth the wait, as the venue will become the second-largest casino in the state after the Star Casino in Pyrmont, Sydney. It will count no less than 350 glamorous hotel rooms spread across 75 floors.

Trbojevic Bros Sign Huge Contract With Manly Sea Eagles

The Trbojevic brothers have signed an incredible 6-year contract with Manly Sea Eagles, prolonging their much-anticipated stay with the team. They didn’t seem impressed by the multimillion-dollar deals that rival NRL clubs introduced them to and decided to stick to the northern beaches until 2027. Coach Des Hasler wasn’t shy about speaking frankly about Tom and Jake, calling them “real pain in the arse” but openly admitting their talent and calling them “great people”.

The two brothers played 208 matches for the Sea Eagles. The team was ranked 6th on the 2019 NRL ladder with 14 wins throughout the year. The two were honest to admit they never seriously planned on going to another team. Looks like Canterbury suffered a big hit as the club had a $10 million deal on the table for the two, for a four-year contract. Loyalty is a big thing when it comes to sports in Australia and the Many Sea Eagles fans will definitely appreciate the two brothers’ decision and show them lots of love on the field.

What’s the Future For Australian Punters?

The Australian government has a difficult task ahead. On one hand they must take legal measures to control the gambling industry. On the other hand, they must find a way to meet the Aussie’s love for gambling. There’s no need denying it, Aussies love gambling. Call it a tradition, a symbol of the rebellious spirit of the people here or a burning passion but facts remain, punters “Down Under” love their wagers and they don’t miss a chance to gamble.

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Travis Bott is Creating A New Gold Standard For MLM




Travis Bott is a major leader in the cryptocurrency space, he has created an extensive benefit network through his platform, which gives users incentive-based rewards through his methods of network marketing- his company Beyond Global just reached an unprecedented partnership with the exchange CoinZoom.

CoinZoom is the first exchange out of the U.S. to offer to its own Visa debit card, as well an immense amount of rewards through its deal with Beyond Global. Beyond Global is the first company of its kind to offer direct sales. Also, Beyond Global lets users earn up to five percent cash back, and other limitless benefits, like that of when another user makes a qualified transaction on the exchange. Users are also given the ability to make free transactions globally, when they utilize CoinZooom’s ZoomMe feature.

Such a prosperous partnership has landed Bott at the forefront of the cryptocurrency space, as he continues to create more innovations to vastly increase not only the benefits of his users, but the crypto field in general. Through his partnership, Beyond Global now conducts business through six continents and ninety countries. Bott’s empire of digital currency endeavors continues to grow, as he is redefining the modern approach to accessing money around the world.

A perfect example of his incentive-based rewards program is his company MLM ventures, as they are partnering with LurraLife to help people achieve their fitness milestones, while earning money. An easy win-win proposition. LurraLife’s My10kLife project gives people rewards when they walk over 10k steps a day, creating a vast array of rewards that can be accessed through respective rewards providers.

Bott has created seamless methods for users to obtain rewards, implementing the use of network marketing to provide countless benefits to his users and his partnering companies, which act as reward providers. Bott is a visionary entrepreneur who continues to grow the cryptocurrency sector, and is a leading figure in entrepreneurial ventures that are all things crypto.

To learn more about Beyond Global and the Coin Zoom visa debit card, please visit

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