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Gutter vs. No Gutters; Should Your Metal Shed or Garage Have Them?




Gutter installation is necessary for most sheds and garages. Gutters can add plenty of beauty and value to your home or business. Gutters also come with their own set of problems if not properly installed. Here is an insight into gutters and the benefits you would enjoy from installing them on your metal shed or garage.

Gutters Divert Water

Gutters divert rainwater off the roof and onto the ground. They are especially important for roofs with a steep pitch, easily washing away soil during heavy rains.

Gutters also prevent debris from piling up on your metal shed’s foundation or around its base by directing water flow outwards towards the edge of the building. Installing gutters can certainly help improve the overall appearance of your building.

Gutters Provide Protection

Installing gutters on metal sheds and garages ensures that they are protected from water damage. When gutters fail to contain rainwater, it makes its way into holes or cracks in roofs where moisture penetration is likely to cause rot and wood decay over time.

Gutters help Metal Sheds and Garages Last Longer

Water accumulation around the foundation of sheds and garages is a major cause of concrete structures developing cracks. These cracks increase the likelihood of puddles forming in the walkway leading to the main entrance.

While installing gutters on metal sheds is possible, they are not an absolute necessity for protecting your building from water damage. Installing gutters can certainly be a good idea if you want your metal structure’s roof to last longer with minimal maintenance.

Other Benefits

The gutters on your home, shed, or garage can do a lot more than keep water from getting in. They also help to control the temperature of your building by allowing airflow and preventing ice dams. Ice dams can be a problem during winter because they prevent snow from melting.

Gutters also help your metal shed or garage retain heat. This is especially useful for commercial buildings where the internal temperature needs to remain regulated at all times.

No Gutters are Bad for Metal Sheds and Garage

Gutters are essential in preventing water damage to metal structures. However, gutters cannot entirely prevent water damage if installed incorrectly or left un-maintained over time. Water can still accumulate on the roof and get beneath flashing around vents, openings, and other places that were left unsealed.

Water penetration behind gutters can also lead to the rotting of wood in a structure, which is likely if the building’s foundation has been made from plywood or pressure-treated lumber. In addition, rusting metal garages and sheds are unattractive, making them an eyesore on your property when gutters are not installed.

Metal Roof Gutter Problems

Metal roof gutter issues include clogging, water overshooting, collapse, and damage from ice or snow. Gutter guards and regular cleaning can help prevent gutter clogging. Snow fences may prevent snow from accumulating on roofs and causing damage. Water overshooting and gutter collapse may be prevented by proper gutter mounting by a professional contractor.

Gutters are an essential feature for metal structures because they divert rainwater away from the building’s foundation. You can derive plenty of benefits from installing gutters for your garage. Therefore, consider installing gutters to protect your metal sheds and garages from the elements.

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Who Should Consider Buying a Universal Life Insurance Policy?




Universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance policy. That means it covers you for life and comes with a cash value growth component. Once you build enough cash value, you can withdraw from or borrow against it. You also receive the full value minus surrender charges if you surrender the policy. Universal life insurance also lets you increase your death benefit or decrease your premiums, providing you with more flexibility.

All these features make universal life insurance a good potential investment for many types of people. With that in mind, this article will cover several circumstances where getting a universal life insurance policy can be helpful.

1. Those who need lifelong coverage

Universal life insurance offers lifelong coverage as long as you stay current on your premium payments. That means, unlike with term life insurance, you don’t need to worry about your policy expiring.

Another benefit to lifelong coverage is that you can lock in your premiums for the rest of your life. Life insurance premiums rise with age, but once you buy life insurance, your premiums remain fixed unless you adjust them within your policy.

2. Parents with multiple children

Raising a child can cost an average of almost $13,000 per year. Plus, parents may have to save money for each child’s college education. This can make it challenging for one parent to raise multiple children if their partner passes away — even if both partners earn incomes.

Universal life insurance can help alleviate      these worries. If you pass away, your partner will receive a substantial death benefit to replace your income, pay off debts, and set aside money for the future.

Thanks to the cash value, universal life insurance can also help you raise your children even if you don’t pass away. Over time, your cash value may grow quite large. You can withdraw from or borrow against it at favorable terms and low rates. This offers you the funds to pay for family expenses and potentially cover your children’s college educations. Finally, if you ever need to change coverage to save money on premiums or up your death benefit, universal life insurance lets you do that.

3. Those who want to build wealth

A universal life insurance policy’s cash value can offer a source of wealth for policyholders. As mentioned, you can withdraw from it when it grows large enough, although you must be aware of any tax consequences. Y     ou can also borrow against it at low rates. However, you must make sure the loan balance doesn’t grow larger than the cash value, or the policy could lapse. Finally, if you decide you no longer need life insurance and surrender the policy, you can receive all of your cash value minus surrender charges.

In any case, this cash value can offer a significant source of wealth when used wisely. You could use the proceeds to refinance or pay off debt, supplement your retirement funds, make large purchases, travel, and more.

The bottom line

Universal life insurance can fit many people’s needs. It offers lifelong coverage, which allows you to get a policy early and lock in premiums without worrying about coverage expiring.

Families with many children can find it useful as well. You can rest assured that your partner and children will be protected if you pass away. Plus, you can use the cash value to help cover childcare costs and future expenses, like education.

Finally, anyone who wants to build wealth could find universal life insurance helpful. You can withdraw or borrow from the cash value to travel, pay off debt, boost your retirement funds, and more. So, consider looking for universal life insurance if any of these describe your situation and financial needs.

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