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Hakop Jack Vartyayan and Gary Vartanyan’s company- VEM Exotic Rentals are providing luxury cars to America on rent




VEM Exotic Rentals of Vartanyan brothers leading in the Car rental industry.

Everyone today has the dream of travelling the USA with style in luxury cars. For that, you have to connect with a good company because the only top company can afford luxury cars in the USA. Not only cars, but you also need good cars at affordable rates for rent, and that is not an easy job at all. Don’t worry we have the solution for that VEM Exotic Rentals by the Vartanyan brothers provides the best luxuries cars in the USA at best rates. 

Many top sites refer to Vem Exotic as the best company when it comes to rental cars in the USA. They provide 24hour service 365days to their clients. The VEM Exotic team is always there for clients whenever they are in need. 

Company meetings, holiday trips with family or any other thing they provide the best suitable car as per occasion in the entire USA. Because of VEM Exotic Rentals, you get a drive on iconic routes across the country and experience the best time in top cars. 

The good thing about VEM Exotic Rentals is that you get a rental car facility in almost every place in the USA. You have to call them, and you get the best car at the home you need. VEM Rental is rated as the best supplier of rental cars in the USA.

Being a leader of this business VEM Exotic Rental name is famous across entire America, and they are going to expand their business to many other countries soon. Today thousands of people in the USA have trusted their luxurious service. It’s not like they are limited to southern California. 

So far, VEM Exotic Rentals have also extended their list of luxurious car models and offer in various categories like economic cars, premium cars, business cars, and of course luxury cars.

So if you are looking for Lamborghini, Mercedes, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Ferrari VEM Exotic Rental is the best company in America. To get more updates about them and to inquire about other things, follow them on Instagram at –

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Design the Life of Your Dreams with Entrepreneur Burton Hughes’sSix Assets of Alignment




Leading a balanced life is hard. Every day, we have so many things competing for our attention: kids, spouses, parents, work, school, household duties, and on and on it goes. How is one supposed to find balance in all of this chaos?

I’ll let you in on a secret: you can’t. The secret to life isn’t balanced at all, because that’s impossible to find.

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Finding balance in your life is a myth; it is humanly impossible to divide your energy and efforts equally between every aspect of your life. Some areas will require more attention than others; other areas can be left dormant for a while as you focus your energy elsewhere. What’s important is to schedule in time to work on what fuels you and what’s necessary to keep you going.

But how can you do that? And what on earth does alignment have to do with getting through each day with some measure of success and sanity?

I’ve come up with the six assets of alignment that have become my guiding stars. They are the things that help me prioritize my day-to-day tasks and ensure that I will emerge from each day successful, invigorated, and ready to do it all again the next day…and all the days after that.

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Instead of considering all you have to do, and how much of it is out of your control, focus on that which you can control: your attitude and your response to each task before you. Take everything one step at a time and refuse to give in to the feeling of overwhelming.


Not everyone is a person of faith, but if you are, tap into the reassurance that the belief in a power greater than you provide. None of us is meant to walk this earth alone, and while friends and family are great, sometimes you just need to say a little prayer before going about your day.


The memorable moments I share with my family have kept me going through even the darkest, most stressful times. But I wouldn’t have those memories to fall back on if I had allowed my stress, busyness or anxiety to steal that joy. Prioritize sharing life with the people you love, and pour intentional time and effort into your relationships on a regular basis – whether that’s with your family, spouse, roommates or close friends.

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