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Here’s Why You Should Purchase the Best Health Insurance in India




Health insurance is a kind of insurance that covers a specific or a portion of an individual’s risk in incurring unexpected medical costs. This insurance is a contract or an agreement between you and the insurance company, which ensures to pay you during your hospital stay. It is designed specifically to aid individuals in covering medical expenses. It is one of the crucial financial decisions one makes in life, and hence, finding the best health insurance plan is a priority. 

Here are some reasons why you should begin looking for the best health insurance plan for financial protection:

  • Health Insurance Helps Save Money

If you are without the best health insurance plan, you could be forced to pay for all the medical services you need through various means. You could incur high medical costs due to a medical emergency, leaving you with the only option to dip into your savings. Purchasing the best health insurance will ensure that you keep your savings safe and meet the expenses with the coverage provided. It will also protect you from sudden financial ruin, which is likely a possibility considering the skyrocketing costs of medical treatments.  

  • Ensures Security and Sense of Well-being 

Another reason why it is so important to have the best health insurance is because of the personal health outcomes. It is well-known that in this era, people are at higher risk of accidents and serious health issues such as cancer or heart disease. It is also known that uninsured people are at greater risk of facing financial difficulties in case of an unexpected health problem. 

On the other hand, having the support of the best health insurance plan gives one reassurance and a sense of protection. Additionally, this feeling of security can completely change the perspective of one’s life and help one stay productive.

  • Covers for Medical Costs During Emergency

Individuals without the best health insurance coverage may face the problem of not accessing the medical care services when they need them. As a result, they may find it difficult to get routine checkups and are forced to wait on getting these services. 

In addition, those who are uninsured may also find it difficult to afford out-of-pocket expenses for preventative care and other health services. Purchasing the best health insurance plan can solves these issues. 

Essentially, in the event of a medical emergency, a health insurance plan can provide significant and much-needed financial assistance. Choosing the best health insurance plan can provide you with substantial financial protection, covering treatment costs both in India and overseas. Furthermore, if you opt for renowned insurers like Care Health Insurance, you can also get coverage for costs of hospitalisation, diagnosis, ambulance, and prescription, as well as the convenience of fast reimbursements. 

  • You Become Eligible for Tax Exemptions 

Health insurance is useful not just for covering future costs but also for providing immediate financial assistance. Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 allows you to get a tax deduction of up to Rs. 25,000 in premiums paid toward a coverage. You can deduct the cost of your own policy, as well as the policies of your spouse and children. This may assist you in lowering your overall tax liability.

Buy the Best Health Insurance Policy 

The lack of insurance coverage for the uninsured population continues to pose a large and growing problem. As per the available data, the overall penetration of health insurance in India in the financial year 2018 was roughly 35%. Evidently, many people do not opt for comprehensive health insurance policies. As a result, the uninsured people will have to go without the care and medical services they badly need to protect their lives. 

This tragic trend of the uninsured population not having access to necessary medical care will continue to strain the health care system. As a result, it will have an enormous effect on the health and financial well-being of the uninsured population in India. Therefore, it is ideal to get the best health insurance after weighing your long-term and short-term financial needs aligned with your health requirements.

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Getting to the Root of It! Lebanese Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Mohammad Waizani Explains Root Canal Treatments




Did you know that more than 15 million teeth are treated and saved every year? One of the most common treatments received are root canal treatments. At Dr. Mohammad Waizani’s clinic in Beirut, he specializes in making sure anyone who comes in with a root canal, leaves with a bright smile! 

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure in which the soft center of the tooth called a ‘pulp’ is removed. The pulp is made out of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. In these cases, the pulp is infected after being exposed to bacteria that causes a lot of pain. The crown of the tooth is usually still intact despite the pulp being dead. 

Root canals can be caused by several reasons such as a chip or cracked tooth, deep decay due to cavities that are left untreated, an injury to the tooth, and multiple procedures on the same tooth. 

Some of the signs of root canal infections include the following:

  • Constant toothache 
  • Heat sensation and swelling of gums
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold 
  • Swollen jaw
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Pain with applied pressure 

Dr. Waizani explains how this surgical procedure works to remove the pulp and ensure the tooth doesn’t get infected. He starts by applying anesthetics to the gum and around the infected tooth. Next, the pulp is removed through a small opening at the top of the tooth. After the procedure is done, his patients’ recovery includes antibiotics to ensure that that infection does not flare up post-procedure. This is followed by a temporary filling. 

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, there is no need to panic. Contact Dr. Waizani to schedule your appointment! 

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