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How Can You Fix Broken Solar Panels? Three Suggestions




Are you concerned about the climate emergency? If so you might have considered getting solar panels. While this is a great example of the ways in which we can all do our bit, what happens if your solar panels break? 

Here’s everything you need to know about fixing broken solar panels as well as how you can go about troubleshooting solar panels. 

What Problems Arise With Solar Panels? 

Solar panel repair includes troubleshooting a failed or poorly performing installation. The most common repair problems are

  • Cracked solar panels
  • Broken glass,
  • Loose connections due to poor installation

Installers experienced in repairing and maintaining solar panels use meters and other cable performance monitoring tools to assess these problems and provide useful solutions in a timely manner.

Internal damage to solar panels can be caused by manufacturing defects or poor component selection.    

What To Do When A Panel Is Broken? 

If you find a broken solar panel, you should call the solar installation company right away so they can fix the damage.

The methods mentioned above will help you protect your panels, however, if one of your solar modules breaks or breaks, it is recommended that you be careful not to touch or attempt to repair the panel yourself. You may receive a severe electric shock. electric.

A Crack in the Solar Panels 

A crack in the solar panel can cause sparks if water gets inside, which can lead to further damage, electric shock, and possibly even a fire.    

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent your panels from breaking due to the weather. However, you can take preventive measures when installing your panels to minimize this possibility. 

As long as you have a good warranty and/or your panels are insured by the homeowners, you should be able to repair or replace any damaged panels. A good solar company will give you a 15 to 25-year warranty and ensure that the energy yield of your panels stays at or above 85% all the time.    

Additional Maintenance 

The only time you may need additional maintenance is during heavy snow periods or when your panels’ power output starts to drop. On the rare occasion that your panel is damaged, you want to quickly assess and repair the damage to avoid compromising the efficiency of your power system.    

Damage to solar cells (i.e. reduced panel performance) can be checked using an inverter or monitoring system.

If the panel has a micro inverter and is not part of a panel chain, the power drop from the damaged panel is limited to the damaged panel. Individual solar cells can be professionally replaced, extending the life of your overall panel.

Replacing Solar Panels    

Solar electrical repair companies don’t always provide removal or reinstallation services; repairing solar panels is easier. Solar panels are mainly manufactured in Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia so replacing them can be time-consuming.

You’ll still need to find a professional to help you replace them if solar panels are not working. You may need to do this if you find microscopic kinks, hot spots, and cracks on the surface of solar cell glass elements, which increase in size over time and reduce the efficiency of solar cells.

Broken Solar Panels Can Always Be Fixed

Broken solar panels can always be repaired with the right installation team on your side. Many of the problems are standard, such as cracks in the solar panels, and can be easily fixed or replaced. 

Occasionally solar panels need replacing but a reputable expert will only recommend this if absolutely necessary to save you money.

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Dangerous Dog Attack Lawsuits: What You Need to Know




Dogs are the most widely kept pets and are usually referred to as man’s best friend. While this is true, they can get aggressive when their animal instincts kick in or feel threatened.

When addressing the question of dog aggression, Jenna Stregowski, a Georgia-based veterinarian, states most dog bites happen when they feel threatened in some way.  It is the legal and ethical responsibility of a dog owner or keeper to ensure that their canine does not pose a danger to other people.

Dog Bite Liability

Some states operate on “strict liability” under which the dog’s owner is liable for injuries caused by their dog irrespective of whether their actions contributed to the dog’s aggression or not. Under strict liability, the dog owner is responsible for dog bites even if they did not know or have a reason to know that the dog would be aggressive. 

In other states, like Texas, a dog owner is only liable for a dog bite if they knew or were in a reasonable position to know that the dog was potentially dangerous. Whatever the law is in your state, if a dog bites you, you should consider speaking to a dog attack lawyer to review your chances of filing a claim.

Health Comes First

Dog bites can be very dangerous and could result in infections that can be fatal if not addressed. Therefore, seek medical attention first. Besides ensuring your health is taken care of, medical records are a critical piece of evidence if you intend to file a claim.

Dog attacks will often have similar characteristics, such as teeth marks and scratches that are easily distinguishable from other types of injuries. Capturing them in pictures or video using your phone camera can help give your lawyer the evidence required to build a strong case.

Report Your Injuries and File Your Lawsuit on Time

You may need to make a police report or file a report with animal control following a dog bite. Upon reporting, the police and animal control will investigate the incident and produce reports that are essential items of evidence in a dog bite lawsuit.

If you intend to file a dangerous dog attack lawsuit, it is crucial to understand the statute of limitations for dog attack injuries in the state where the injury occurred. After the statute of limitations expires, you may lose your right to compensation.

Settlements and Exemptions

“While you may have a right to compensation after a dog attack, it is also important to understand that there are limitations to your rights. If your actions provoked the dog’s aggression or if the attack happened while you were trespassing, you may not have a right to compensation,” says Attorney Lin McCraw from the McCraw Law Group.

The value of dog bite settlements can be significantly large. This is especially true if the attack was against a child or results in disfigurement. Ideally, fair compensation should cover all economic, non-economic, and punitive damages if applicable.

However, getting fair compensation calls for working with a dog bite lawyer. Statistics show that working with a skilled attorney can improve the chances of a fair outcome by many times over what you would likely receive otherwise.

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