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How DJ Devious Remix Reached the Streaming Charts on Apple Podcasts Worldwide




Hello music lovers! Did you know that an individual in the music industry must be very dedicated and hardworking to reach the industry’s top levels? DJ Devious Remix is one such name who rose to the heights of worldwide fame with his outstanding music remixes, mash-ups and podcasts. He started his worldwide Podcast in August 2020. He is admired for his ability to remix a unique hip-hop tune to a Reggae or Afrobeats version. DJ Devious Remix is also making a huge buzz for his diversified Afrobeats Mixes titled “In Da Jungle” in Ghana and Nigeria. He plays in clubs and private parties while also producing his original remixes known as “Blends or Mash-ups” and uploading live mixes – once he gets a hold onto them.

Being in this profession of music has given him a lot of expertise as it is not easy to reach the top of Apple’s Podcast in almost 20 countries in a matter of months. DJ  Devious Remix has become a household name and got many countries in Africa, South America and Asia/Europe. As a DJ, he has earned respect and a huge fan following in:

* Chile
* Ghana
* Albania
* Nigeria
* Panama
* Armenia
* Namibia
* Bulgaria
* Uruguay
* Barbados
* Honduras
* Indonesia
* Dominica
* Zimbabwe
* Kazakhstan
* The Gambia
* El Salvador
* Papua New Guinea

Besides Apple’s Podcast, his music is found in:

* Mixcloud
* Audiomack
* SoundCloud
* Google Podcast
* Owltail Podcast
* Tune In Podcast
* Pod Play Podcast
* YouTube
Titled as “Devious Remix Blends and Mixes”.

This list merely builds on to the amount of prosperity the Afrobeat DJ has received.
Afrobeat Mixes that DJ Devious Remix has created not only attracts many people, but it has also blessed him with a huge fan following across the globe. His Afrobeats mix under the title “In Da Jungle” has broken all records of success worldwide. When asked about his inspiration, not only the afrobeat but also his career as a DJ overall, he said that he inspires DJ Premier, Quest Love, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Clue, Gary Vaynerchuck Timbaland. He plans to continue to expand his talent globally and become a platinum producer.

After receiving such groundbreaking success on his Afrobeats creative blends, DJ Devious Remix’s mixes were co-signed by eminent Afrobeats artists: L.A.X and Eltee Skhillz as they promoted the DJ’s music to their own fan bases. Due to this, DJ Devious Remix’s own fan base increased exponentially in a matter of months.

In these advanced times, people are very picky while supporting a specific artist because if they do, they are all in. Fans are an artist’s best marketers. However, it is very important to produce something that the producer likes while keeping their own identity intact. Many artists are not able to have that balance and the ones that do, are winning this game. DJ Devious Remix successfully poises the ability to keep a hold of both which is one of the reasons for his growth in the industry. Not to forget his commitment, as mentioned above. Even after receiving fame, the DJ pursues growth in his genre and topics related to his career instead of letting the fame get to his head. That is also a quality to be admired.

Also, one of the things that stand out about DJ Devious Remix is that popularity is not his goal. He knows that popularity and money are merely by-products of him improving and working on his passion and skills. Therefore, he preferred sharing his story on podcasts rather than on platforms searching for attention. The DJ wants respect over fame and he got it. On top of that, he received love and became an inspiration for thousands of people. He is a living example who proves hard work and commitment takes us a long way.

Now, let us discuss what the DJ is doing and have been doing.

Public places are mostly closed or are allowing a minimum of people to participate. When recently asked, DJ Devious Remix replied that during COVID-19, just like most DJ’s and other professions, he was out of work from the resident Pub Bar he usually mixed at, along with a Brewery. Moreover, he also mixed as one of the three selected DJ’s for silent disco parties. However, these days, he could only take advantage of so much free time by working on his craft and staying focused so he wouldn’t get discouraged. He took that opportunity to work on numerous remix blends and mixes. Plus, he can also utilize this time to work on his digital platforms and connect with many more fans of his work online. He had mentioned that he was able to channel his energy and downtime to take his talent and audience to the next level due to which he has recently gained popularity on Apple Podcasts. By putting in his blood, sweat and tears, and personalizing his remixes according to his audience’s preferences, the DJ has stolen many hearts. It shows how even the pandemic cannot stop a person from growing and achieving their dreams.

Besides collaborating with Ryan Verneuille on the popular radio show called “The Ryan Show”, DJ Devious Remix is known for regularly upgrading his various fans and colossal list of supporters on social media. But when he shared his most recent Remix Blend titled: Lights, Camera, Action by the legendary hip hop artist Mr Cheeks, this exciting and ancient school vibe mix caught the attention of Mr Ryan who promptly reached out to DJ Devious Remix in asking for collaboration to discharge this remix on their radio appear.

While announcing the news, DJ Devious Remix says, “After posting my release on my Instagram feed the Host and president Ryan Verneuille approached me. He told me he checked out the remix on my YouTube channel and thought the Remix Blend was on fire.”

All in all, the DJ’s commitment is to discover more information around the culture behind the distinctive sub-genres of music since he accepts that it may be a never-ending look. He looks to form unique and different remixes that have never been invented or discovered.

Rosario is from New York and has worked with leading companies like Microsoft as a copy-writer in the past. Now he spends his time writing for readers of

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