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How to Maintain Your Boat Trailer




Owning a boat trailer requires great responsibility and maintenance. Avid fishermen understand that proper care, before and after a trip, is essential in avoiding any long standing issues.

Here are 5 simple steps to maintain your boat trailer, without the help of a professional.

Keep it Clean

When it comes to maintenance, the most basic task is to keep things clean where appropriate. Dirt on a boat trailer can lead to serious damage. Having a dirty bilge may stop you from spotting fuel leaks and lead to clogged pumps. Dirt accumulation on the canvas and upholstery of the trailer allows the growth of molds. These are just a few examples of prevention by cleaning. A simple wash and wax will do the trick.

On steel trailers, there is the tendency for rust to appear in areas that are not easily accessible. Regularly inspecting your trailer helps flag such problems before they arise. Paying close attention to the insides of the trailer, the area around the brakes, callipers, bolts, joints, and welds, will timeously help to contain rust issues. With the use of a jack, you can easily inspect underneath the trailer. A little spray and regular clean, will keep the rust at bay.

Keep your Bearings Happy

Maintaining trailer wheel bearings can add years to the life of your trailer boat. For efficiency, your bearings should be changed at least once a year. You can check for wear and tear by removing the bearings and thoroughly inspecting them.

If your bearings show signs of being defective, it’s best to replace them. Otherwise, clean them until they are free of dirt and moisture, re-pack with grease and re-seal. When everything has been re-assembled, turn the wheels and check for any unusual movement or noise. A wheel with healthy bearings should turn without any sound. Should you experience any rocking or wobbling, it is best to give them a tighten.

While you’re at it, give the shaft(s) of the axle a fair amount of grease.

With all the weight carried by the axle resting on the bearings, you can imagine how difficult it would be to turn the wheel if the bearings aren’t smooth and slippery. Both grease and oil serve the same function inside the hub by minimising friction and transferring heat away from it.

Check Your Tyres

Tyre problems are common causes of trailer breakdowns. Develop the habit of always checking your tyres before use.

Telltale signs include rusty or damaged tread and deformed side walls or bulging. Look out for tyre abnormalities especially if the trailer hasn’t been used in a while.

Check the air pressure and inflate as suggested by a trailer professional. Make sure the tyre rims are in good condition as the risk of a blowout is increased, if a rim is damaged.

Inspect Trailer Parts Regularly

So as not to overlook anything, make sure you check all the parts of your boat trailer.

Carefully check the following:

  • Truck Receiver
  • Plugins
  • Truck Ball

You should also inspect your led lights to ensure there are no water leakages. This is a bad sign and should be taken care of as soon as possible. To avoid any wiring issues, use wire wrap on your wires, this will shield them from the elements. Check your connectors to make sure they don’t tear and should you feel they need a clean, simply use a cotton swab.

For every trip, check your trailer. They are constantly exposed to harsh conditions and elements such as salt water when launching your boat. Professional trailer boat dealers will provide you with a daily maintenance schedule to follow. This is usually in line with the manufacturer’s requirements.

All these things are critical and should be taken seriously when properly maintaining your boat trailer. In doing so, you will avoid any unforeseen problems along the way.

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