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In conversation with Patrick Osei – founder of Hot Money Studios Ltd




We’re talking to Hot Money Studios Ltd founder and producer Patrick Osei. Hot Money Studios have helped launch the career of some of the UK’s biggest urban music acts over the last decade.

How long has Hot Money Studios Ltd been around for?

I launched Hot Money Studios Ltd in 2008 and the next year we moved into Atomic Studios and we’re now based in Hackney Wick, East London.

You had a lot of success as an artist with hits like 2002’s Stomp, Glitch and Deep Down. You also collaborated with The Streets and were nominated for numerous awards. How did you go from there to owning and running a studio that has become a hot bed for emerging artists?

I knew that there was a real lack of quality studio space for emerging underground artists. There was nowhere for them to learn and grow as artists in a professional environment. I wanted to be able to educate artists on the entire recording process and empower them so that they could reach their potential. That’s exactly what Hot Money Studios is – a place to create, grow and learn.

It obviously works as your client list is outstanding.

Yes, Stormzy, Stefflon Don, Krept and Konan, Ard Adz, Paigey Cakey have all spent time working at Hot Money Studios. We’ve worked with Aggro Santos, Esmee Denters, Rose Benson, Alicia Renee, Jay Sean and DJ Poet from the Black Eyed Peas.

What do you put Hot Money Studios success down to?

It’s not one thing. It’s hard work. It’s a dedication to music and a dedication to the clients I work with. I think that a lot of it comes down to your starting point – I’ve never viewed Hot Money Studios as an extension of me or something to stroke my own ego with, what we create is what’s important and I think that artists recognise and appreciate that.

Hot Money Studios is not just a studio or where I work, it’s bigger than me – it is a philosophy, a creative movement and somewhere that nurtures talent.

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What happens when two immensely talented visionaries come together to create elegance and ingenuity in a sculptural glass fragranced candle? Dreamour. That is the long and short version of how Dreamour was created. Founded by Karissa Rowe and Neal Klotsman in late September 2022, Dreamour was founded with the goal of creating a luxury fragrance brand that operates at the intersection of functional art in the candle market space.

Rowe, a Parsons School of Design graduate, set out to fill the niche of integrating design in the candle marketplace. Unlike most candle vessels that are mass-produced, Dreamour’s founders desired to prioritize the artisanal craftsmanship of glass in their production processes of the sculptural glass designs. This resulted in a long timeline of sourcing the globe for talented glass artisans who could transform a sketch into a functional and sophisticated candle vessel. Each and every candle vessel is hand-blown, inherently resulting in a one-of-a-kind product and unique experience for the consumer. These functional fragrant candles also act as a piece of décor due to its sculptural and alluring appearance.

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It is the personification of the glass blowers’ spirit, the heart of Grasse imprisoned in a bottle, and the narrative of two visionaries that sets Dreamour at the top of the candle market pedestal. Dreamour embodies the sophistication and savior-faire French perfumery as a luxury brand, while being a NYC based brand. Dreamour is currently stocked at Patron of the New in New York, along with other major designer luxury known brands. Rowe and Klotsman are currently expanding their production lines and will drop new fragrances and designs in early 2023. Don’t expect anything ordinary with Dreamour, as they will continue to bring a unique perspective to the marketplace of home fragrances.

To find out more about Dreamour and their newest releases, you may visit the business’s website or follow the company via its Instagram handle @dreamourshop.

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