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The inside secrets into the visions of Bryan Legend’s mind




Many terms could accurately describe the ingenious mind behind CLEVER DEFI. Bryan Legend – self-made millionaire, founder of numerous start-ups, entrepreneur and now the CEO as well as the founder of Clever Defi Pty Ltd. With his passion for the world of cryptocurrency, brilliant mind, and courage to explore the most uncertain sector of the industry – decentralized finance, Legend has cemented his position in crypto history yet again. 

How did CLEVER DEFI come into existence?

The success of CLEVER DEFI is not a secret anymore. It is being considered one of the boldest yet successful DEFI projects of all time. However, are you curious as to how this brilliant notion came into existence? 

According to Legend himself, the concept of developing such a finance platform came to him in one of his brainstorming sessions regarding entrepreneurial aspects in 2019. After some time, Bryan worked round the clock to ensure that the first block for CLEVER was put into place. 

He was careful while choosing the name of the platform – CLEVER. As per his insights, he wanted the brand to announce its presence to the public itself. Moreover, he wanted the protocol to be perceived as a smart, intelligently designed, well-crafted finance platform. 

He further elaborated that developers had a prominent role in establishing the CLEVER project, which we see today. Moreover, he stressed that it took several weeks of auditing and testing to ensure that there would be no glitches or issues once it was public. 

Reasons that explain the success of CLEVER DEFI

Numerous factors can explain the success of CLEVER DEFI. Could you take a look at some of them?

  • A pre-determined set of cycles

The smart contract of CLEVER DEFI integrated the DDM or the Decentralized Distribution Mechanism. This ultimately offered two distinct advantages. Firstly, it made the platform immutable, and secondly, it ensured the automatic distribution of interest payments to the CLVA token holders. 

  • Comparatively high yield

The high yield of interest that CLEVER DEFI estimates is way higher than other assets. It offers an impressive 307% interest in the very first year. When you look at the average annual earnings over ten years, you will find that CLEVER offers an 80.60% yield. Bitcoin follows this at 13.90% and Common ETD at 10.20%. 

  • No restrictions

The lack of lock-ins or any restrictions has enticed crypto investors and traders. You have the complete freedom to send or move the CLVA tokens anywhere. 

  • Freedom to sell or purchase

With the no penalties policy, CLEVER DEFI has re-defined DEFI sector projects. Here, you can sell, buy or even hold the CLVA tokens for any period. 

  • Absence of staking period

With CLEVER DEFI, you will have to agree to no staking period or contractual terms. 

 With his experience, determination, and brilliance, Bryan Legend hopes to attract investors to the most unexplored cryptocurrency sector. He also hopes to inspire others to develop such projects and capitalize on the opportunity to change the crypto scenario. 

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