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Instagram sensation and YouTuber takes TikTok by storm




Instagram comedic personality, BoxBoy, takes his social media dominance to TikTok amassing more than 48 million followers

BoxBoy’s journey into the tech world began with the sale of an app he built. The app developer sold his project for $10,000 and started making videos in 2018 after meeting Jeffrey Yang, otherwise known as Jefo on the internet. BoxBoy picked up on the Fortnite trend, started growing his brand on the internet, and the rest they say is history. After dominating Instagram with his prank videos, BoxBoy has transitioned to TikTok, where he has continued to push his content, with more than 48 million followers in a relatively short while.

BoxBoy’s journey to online stardom did not come easy and he was able to overcome several challenges to reach his current status. After moving to California, BoxBoy, otherwise known as Harrison ran out of money and had to surf on couches. However, these challenges only spurred him to greatness as he continued to make videos, carving out a niche, and growing his fans online. The talented social media influencer currently has more than 2.5 million followers on his Instagram account and over 350,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. His recent achievement is, however, more remarkable, hitting more than around 48 million followers on Tiktok, a feat that takes even bigger stars several months to achieve.

The growth in popularity and acceptance of the multimillionaire social media star on TikTok comes as no surprise to many of his followers who have become accustomed to his creativity and ingenuity. Besides his controversial videos as regards public experiment on kissing can be controversial, BoxBoy has been able to stay off any form of controversy despite his huge popularity on the internet.

BoxBoy remains one of the most sought-after social media influencers, with different brands across the globe looking to leverage his popularity to reach their target audience. This has helped to grow his net worth, which for some reason, remains a secret to his fans and followers. BoxBoy reportedly earns a substantial amount on his endorsements, with a purported net worth of $30 million US, according to rumors.

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Life At Home: How Families are Spending Their Time at Home Durning COVID-19




The outbreak of COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through everyone in the entire world. The virus tends to favor those with weakened immune systems but also thrives in healthy individuals as well. Because of its rapid spread, government officials have implemented city lockdowns to flatten the curve of the virus. And although the lockdown has forced people all over the world to stay at home, it has also made families get creative in how they spend their time at home.

You have to admit, this extended time at home might have been a little painful at first, but now that you’ve adjusted to home life for a few months now, it’s really not that bad. In fact, according to, COVID-19 is reshaping family dynamics.

While families are cooped up together under one roof, they’re, of course, going to bicker and moan, but history also tells us that when families endure hardships like what the coronavirus is putting families through, it helps families build strong connections.

Everyone, of course, has their own opinion on how coronavirus is impacting their family life, but there’s certainly no denying the fact that it has forced families to find alternative ways to spend their time at home TOGETHER!

Because of the virus, it has forced people to do most things virtually that they would normally do in-person. Nonetheless, people are adjusting just fine and making the best of the situation… that’s really all you can do if you think about it.

So how have you and your family been spending time together to make things fun? Here are some ways other families have been making the most of their time at home and having fun.

How Families are Spending Their Time at Home During Coronavirus

Cooking: Bringing Meals From Their Favorite Restaurants to Their Own Kitchen

With COVID-19 not only impacting families but businesses too, it has made the restaurant industry take a hard hit… All businesses, including restaurants, have been shut down in efforts to prevent the spread of the virus.

Because restaurants are closed, it’s forcing families to blow the dust off of pots, pans, and skillets that they haven’t used in ages. There are some restaurants that have been doing food deliveries but most times, it’s your favorite restaurants that need a food delivery app of their own but they don’t and that’s why you have to recreate those meals on your own.

Places like hibachi grills, Mexican restaurants, and burger joints are all being recreated in the homes of families all over the world. An electric griddle is what has been saving the lives of families all over the world!

You can buy an electric griddle at most grocery stores or supermarkets for as little as $19.99. And for $19.99, you can sautee your vegetables just like you see at hibachi restaurants. You can make grilled burgers that taste just like the ones at your favorite diner; And let’s not forget about breakfast… With a griddle, you can make a big batch of pancakes for the whole family in less than 10 minutes!

Patio Installation: Keeping the Fun Going From Indoors to Outdoors

Remember how you’ve been saying that you want to have a patio deck installed but never got around to it? Well, there’s no better time than now to have this particular home renovation project done. You just need to find the right contractor to install it for you. If you need a patio contractor in Kansas City, you have a wide selection of reputable and trustworthy companies to choose from.

By having a patio installed, you have the ability to fully enjoy your outdoor space whether you want to have a barbecue or simply enjoy the warm weather and pretend you’re on a beach. The biggest perk with a patio, especially during the coronavirus outbreak, is that it gives your family a change in scenery… Even though you’re still at home, you’re at least outside, and that’s something.

Tik Tok Challenges: Seeing Who’s the Better Dancer of the Family

Tik Tok has taken the world by storm during these challenging times and it has been a reliable source of entertainment for all ages. You see everything from grandparents doing the “Savage Challenge” to frontline nurses doing the “Flip the Switch Challenge.”

Because we’re in trying times and are seeing every day how COVID-19 is taking the lives of those we love on a daily basis, it’s sometimes a refreshing mental break from the sadness of life as we know it. Whether you decide to make TIK Tok videos with your pet or with your kids, take the time out to do it…

It might be silly to you but once you get the swing of how it works, you’ll look up and realize your family is having a great time together just being silly, and for that, coronavirus has brought a silver lining for lots of families.

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