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Is Hyperfavor A Legit Company? Find Out If You Should Place An Order Or Not




Hyperfavor is an eCommerce store specializing in clothing items and home accessories, like many other online retailers. If you often seek apparel like t-shirts, sweaters, Hawaiian shirts, or golf polo shirts for men, you may see this brand in the search results. Having been founded in 2017 and launching their official online store in 2020, this Virginia-based firm may be relatively new to the market, but they have earned a considerable reputation for a wide assortment of products.

You may seek a whole lot of things on Hyperfavor.

However, in recent months, you might see doubts about the brand’s trustworthiness. “Is Hyperfavor legit? Is Hyperfavor scam?” – some questions many buyers have raised before deciding whether they should place an order or not.

Most complaints were received related to the shipping problems. There have been reports that consumers have not received their orders on time. Buyers were dissatisfied because even contacting Hyperfavor’s help center, the delay in shipping was unavoidable.

But the most apparent increase of negative reviews for Hyperfavor occurred at the same time as the outbreak of Covid-19 cases last year in the United States. Late shipping seems inevitable. When the situation got better, the shipping time has improved and is in line with the expected time.

So, is Hyperfavor safe to order or not? Certainly, it is. With its headquarter in Vienna, USA, and support teams in Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, customers from many other countries over the world can shop with them online. Also, their support team resolves all customer problems and requests quickly and promptly.

While some individuals are calling this brand a scam and opting to purchase on other sites, the reviews from its customers prove it all. It is clearly seen that the positive feedback overweight the negative one.

On Trustpilot, many have expressed enthusiasm about their shopping experience on the brand’s website. Some even updated their negative comments to positive ones after they got help from Hyperfavor’s support. Problems popping up while ordering online are inevitable but how they can be addressed is much worth considering.

Ever since their establishment, the Hyperfavor team has worked hard to improve the service. They took their customers’ opinions seriously and focused on advocating buyer’s satisfaction. More people are putting trust in the store, and the company saw a rewarding increase in praise about improvements in the speed of services.

Discussing their future plans, Hyperfavor hopes to continue devoting themselves to making customers happy. By raising the quality of the products and giving the best assistance to their buyers, it’s no doubt that the company will see fruitful results in the time to come.

So, in the bottom line, is Hyperfavor worth your order? It could be! Reasonably priced products, good quality, and constant support will never have any negative impact on you.

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How Berite Labelle Is Translating Her International Modelling Career Into Acting Through Passion and Self-Care




Moldovan-born beauty Berite Labelle has shed her chrysalis to emerge as an actor and writer.

For several years, Berite has deconstructed, redefined, and developed her modeling skills into techniques fit for an A-list actor.

The path from the catwalk to the film set is a walk of fame mastered by Hollywood legends including Grace Kelly, Nicole Kidman, and Noémie Lenoir. Naomi Campbell successfully transitioned to the small screen as an actor and performed brilliant comedy roles spoofing herself with perfect timing and delivery. Former model and Emmy Award winner Tyra Banks turned to acting and hosted her eponymous chat show. She also birthed an industry from her modeling career and today has a net worth of $90million.

Passion First

Berite’s passion for communication is at the core of her acting and writing ambitions. She aims for both movies and the stage.

Already established as a successful model in Europe, Berite’s vertical performance started in 2019 when she participated in the World Championship of Performing Arts competition in Long Beach, California. She entered the Spoken Model category and claimed first place. Propelled by her competitive success, she went on to study acting at the New York Film Academy on a partial scholarship. She also competed in dramatics and comic monologues performances in Los Angeles.

During her modeling career, she showcased luxury brands including La Perla and France’s Aubade lingerie house at The Four Seasons Hotel – Geneva, and luxury jeweler Faberge. She also walked the runway for Tiffany’s fashion week in Paris and represented hair giant Toni & Guy.

“At the same time as modeling, I joined a small theatrical company in Switzerland. I decided that it was my mission to become an actor. As well as working with the theatre company, I set about teaching myself English. Communication is key in acting, and the more languages you can communicate in, the better.”

Emotional Intelligence

Berite has acted in music videos and is working on a project where she serves two different roles of important historical women: the last Egyptian Ptolemaic queen Cleopatra and the Victorian English writer Mary Wollstonecraft. Berite is also writing scripts. 

“I love communicating in different languages, as shown by competing in California. Today my overarching professional desire is about expression and interchange. I am inspired to communicate as an actor on a deep emotional level. To tell a story non-verbally,” says Berite. 

“Acting demands a high level of emotional intelligence that is outward-facing and creative, but you also need to be able to run a business. As an entrepreneur, I am the founder and CEO of my entertainment company – Berite Labelle.”

It is hardly surprising that Berite pivoted toward acting. Adaptation and learning new cultures are hallmarks of her childhood. Born in the tiny former Soviet country of Moldova in Eastern Europe, Berite traveled the world with her Chadian father, who worked for the United Nations. Constant traveling meant new schools, cultures, and languages. Berite thrived until her father died when she was 14 years old. Her family decided to send the teenager to school in Paris, where she fell into bad company.

It took three years for the young woman to determine that she was the only person empowered to change her life. It was an epiphany that changed the course of her life, and she walked away from the shady side of teenage years. At 17 years old, Berite enrolled in a diploma course studying commerce to set a positive direction. As part of her education, she landed an internship with the exclusive Swiss watchmaker and jeweler -Bucherer est 1880. During this time, the young woman understood that her way forward was to become a model. She immersed herself in a sophisticated and creative life.

Dream Big

It was not the first time Berite considered modeling as a career. As a child, a colleague of her father predicted the little girl would become a model. The prophecy triggered Bertie’s lifelong love of fashion, and the little girl’s favorite entertainment was watching Fashion TV. She also took up ballet, which helped her modeling career bloom.

To this day, the entrepreneur continues to dance as both a way to express her creative energy, de-stress, and maintain her physical form. She has also performed in music videos. 

Indeed, a successful modeling career requires strict discipline and self-care – two covenants are a must for a career as an actor.

“It is essential to stay in shape, so I still dance, and I also enjoy going hiking, and I practice yoga. Drinking plenty of water is great for your skin, and I have a routine for sleeping and looking after myself,” Berite explains. 

“Selfcare is as much of a priority as self-love. When you develop your routine and perform it faithfully, you learn how to love yourself and properly care for yourself. Confidence is important in the world of entertainment. To take good care of others and to love them authentically, you must feel good about yourself. It helps if you never forget about your own needs and feelings,” she says.

Self Care

Berite is a great believer in reading for pleasure as self-care; “reading scripts, books and work-related material counts as self-care.”

Given that Berite is often exploring another person’s character, working on mastering accents, or running her business, she likes to check out of her dynamic workspace through meditation. She has also discovered a rich vein of joy by continuing her education with online acting courses with Acting Center in Los Angeles.

The final thread of Berite’s self-care regime is twice weekly hair and face masks, which she believes are well-earned breaks from a fully engaged life.

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