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Meet Rajesh, Social Media Influencer and content creator who is passionate about Movies




As a technical lead, Rajesh began his Youtube career with humble beginnings, but it wasn’t until 2017 – the channel caught its first attention of movie lovers and become more popular in 2019 and mainstream he delved into trailers, tv promos along with exclusive interviews and more. With a humble journey to being one of the leading destinations for the audience to reach out to when it comes to movie trailers is something that will inspire most of you who are thinking of starting their own YouTube journey.

Name: Rajesh
Age: 31
Current title | Company: YouTube Content Creator | AniBox Trailer Access
Website / social media pages:

How did you get into YouTube?

“I wanted to find a way that was more productive than 9-6 job and just talking with my friends”. That was the impetus behind setting up AniBox Trailer Access in 2017 when I was still doing 9-6 IT Job. I enjoyed watching movies & YouTube trailer channels and wanted to give it a try myself. It was never anything I imagined doing full-time, I just genuinely love making videos so I kept doing it as a hobby. The passion kept growing year by year and here I am.

What were your struggles starting out as a YouTube Content Creator?

I didn’t have any struggles starting out, only because I never expected anything out of it. I just wanted to post videos for the fun of it and didn’t think it would get to the point it is now. I used an old Lenovo T440 laptop for the first 2 years of starting my channel and I was totally happy with it until I decided I wanted to take my channel a little more seriously. Which at that point I upgraded. I am very grateful it happened this way because had I started out for any other reason I would have quit a long time ago because it is quite hard to grow a channel – especially as a trailer channel & promo contents for movies.

“When I started my YouTube channel, I would always be the busiest person out of all my friends… no one could relate to what I was doing,”. “Now in LA, I constantly feel like I’m keeping up with people and I love that.”

How have you managed to grow your cult following?

After a year of creating fan made videos, explaining movie endings, easter eggs, film theory in which the channel explored it’s identity, the channel caught its first attention of movie lovers and become more popular in 2019. I think just by staying authentic to myself. At no point was I trying to be anyone else but myself and I think people naturally gravitate towards authenticity. However, what I credit the majority of my growth to is my consistency. When I decided I wanted to take this seriously and grow my channel, I consistently made videos and put all my energy into my channel. I also gradually improved the quality of my videos by upgrading my production equipment. My channel has since amassed more than 2million subscribers with 1.2 billions of views, “<Channel URL with name AniBox Trailer Access>.”

What has been the best movie promotion you have worked on?

I can’t definitely say one, because our ultimate aim is to help movie marketing to deploy the film’s message to receive maximum audience & media exposure without causing any negative effects on the movie and to take the movie pre release promotional campaign to the next level. However, that this is a world driven by rapid turnover.

Our best promotion is with Disney, Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Illumination, Blu Sky Animations, Paramount Pictures Animation & Warner Bros Animation were we deployed approximately “800+ million digital touchpoints” (branded objects) into the international retail sector for these movie studios in preparation for the pre- release.

What social media platform really triggered your growth and how do you advise other YouTubers use it?

To be completely honest, I didn’t really use any social media to supplement my growth. So the majority of my growth was just organically through YouTube.

The reason behind this is purely because making long-form video content is my thing, I live and breathe it. Taking good photos and making Instagram videos or Twitter Tweets is not my forte and it sometimes feels like a task I have to do rather than something I enjoy and want to do.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is being truly happy and proud of whatever it is you’re doing. I don’t attribute money to success. I believe that if you’re putting your energy into something you are passionate about then naturally you will be successful at it.

If you could go back and make any changes, what would they be?

I don’t think I would make any changes to be completely honest. I think everything happens for a reason and although I grew relatively slow, it made me appreciate all my small milestones and be grateful for what I now have.

Can you share a recent success story that makes you feel happy and grateful?

This year 2020, AniBox Trailer Access has become YouTube’s TOP 10 film & animation channels worldwide and one of the most-viewed Youtube trailer channels generating more than 1 Billion views and 2 million subscribers, since its founding in 2017, Our company has expanded to include other channels under the channel network (MellowDrop Media), encompassing more than 3 million subscribers in total.

I consider myself to be extremely blessed and lucky that my work is now being recognized in the industry because many people look up to my channel when it comes to movie trailers & reviews. There are lot of hard work goes into the making process of the movie. And knowing that everyone puts in their all to create the movie, the trailer & review that will get launched should have the same essence. Movie reviews should have some vital element, such as:

An introduction

Summary of the movie


Creative elements have to be added.

Opinions matter too

And finally, a conclusion, which should reflect the reasons why you should be watching a movie.

Thanks to our viewers who love movies.!

Can you share three important tips for becoming a successful YouTube content creator?

• Consistency – Don’t be hung up on the numbers. If you make good, quality content, the people will come. Consistency doesn’t mean uploading every single day for an entire month and expecting to have 1 million subscribers. It could mean upload 2 videos a week that offer something of value to people while also growing consistently. Have faith in the process. You only get what you put in.

• Importance – Movie Trailers describe the movie briefly without disclosing the main crux of it. Through the Trailer, a viewer gets to decide whether he or she wants to watch the movie. Trailers also help you understand the theme of the actual movie, and whether it is worth spending money on the movie tickets for the same.

The lifespan of YouTube trailers is very short, and what you do within that time can build a brand for the movie. The review needs to be authentic and consistent. And that’s precisely what AniBox Trailer Access does. We promote movies nicely and effectively to tell the synopsis of the movie without revealing anything that will harm the movie.

Because movie reviews are critical and help in gaining an insight about the journey of the movie, it becomes extremely crucial for the trailer to present the theme and the message of the movie in the right way. Making a movie review will depend on how you present the movie trailer because, ultimately, the moviemaker wants to leave a positive impact on the audience. And that’s why it becomes crucial for the uploader of the movie trailer too to keep in mind the status quo of the people behind the movie.

• Stop The Comparisons – Just stop. Comparing yourself to others will not only make you go crazy, but it will take the passion out of what you do. Everyone is on their own journey, and if you are putting in the work, your time will come. Instead of comparing yourself and getting bitter off someone’s success, think to yourself; what are they doing that I’m not doing, how did they get to where they are now, what can I do today to improve my content tomorrow.

Use their success as motivation to achieve your goals. Also remember, that life is not fair. Sometimes we do have to put in 10x the amount of work as our counterparts just to be recognized. However, you can either feel sorry for yourself or put that frustration into building a better brand for yourself.

What is the future for you as an influencer/content creator?

Right now it has been about just over a year since I became a full-time content creator. So I’ve been focusing a lot of my efforts into growing my YouTube channel and building a name for myself in YouTube. I hope to continue being able to work with movie studios I’ve used and loved for a long time and create some amazing content with them. In the future, I would like to expand into more off-platform work.

YouTube is just the beginning of the journey, and doesn’t have to be the endpoint. There is a lot more to do, to survive and grow, it is reckless to not think beyond YouTube.

Right now I would consider us a media company. To be a prospering company, we have to expand to other platforms.

To that end, AniBox Trailer Access has a label and it is branching into live. The end goal is about wanting to pivot the digital world to the physical world.

I also see the evolution of YouTube as a key factor in expanding beyond the current video-creator community and adding new tiers to its offering that will necessitate an increase in quality control from all working with video as their primary creative outlet.

Words of encouragement?

Believe in yourself or nobody else will!

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