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Miami E-Scooter Use: Safety Tips and Reminders




Many individuals are resorting to an unusual mode of transportation for moving around Miami: e-scooters, as consumer costs continue to rise and consumers feel more pain at the petrol pump. 

According to a press release dated May 25, 2022, the current market size for e-scooters is $626.8 million, with a forecast of $806.3 million by 2032. E-scooters have several advantages over traditional scooters, including:

  • Purchase of a passenger automobile is less expensive;
  • Instead of parking, it’s more convenient to fold and stow; and
  • Because they may ride along with the user, they are an ideal way to supplement public transit.

With these and other advantages in mind, it’s simple to see why more people purchase or rent e-scooters through businesses like Bird and Lime. However, security issues may outweigh the benefits. Due to many factors, Miami e-scooter riders are at risk of accidents, so both new and seasoned riders need to be given tips and reminders.

Even with safety advice, there is no way to remove the risk of major e-scooter accidents altogether. Seek legal assistance from DDR Lawyers if you believe you are entitled to monetary damages from at-fault drivers.

Follow Florida Traffic Laws

All users of Florida roadways and nearby spaces, including e-scooter riders, pedestrians, and bikers, are obligated to follow traffic laws. Because these regulations are intended to improve safety, following them is the most significant way to protect yourself. The following are some crucial rules to remember:

  • Keep the e-scooter moving in the same direction as the traffic.
  • When approaching intersections with traffic controls, come to a complete stop.
  • If your vehicle has them, use them to indicate a turn or use arm signals to indicate a turn.

Put on the right gear

When riding an e-scooter, bike, or motorbike, you know how important it is to wear a helmet, which reduces the risk of fatal head injuries by up to 60%, according to statistics. In addition, ensure sure the remainder of your outfit is protected. Consider the following:

  • Wear closed-toed shoes. No flip-flops.
  • Shorts do not protect you from road rash as long pants do.
  • When riding an e-scooter, never wear a skirt since the cloth can become trapped in the wheels or other machinery.

Ride “predictably”

You’ve probably heard of defensive driving, but being a predictable road user goes even farther. It’s better to alert other drivers to your intentions instead of making an abrupt turn or stopping and expecting them to react. Make eye contact with motorists whenever feasible to communicate.

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