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More People are now Paying Attention to Maintaining their Home Lawn to Create a Greener Environment




A global survey has highlighted that a lot of people are paying high attention to maintain their home lawn area in order to create a greener environment. Not just are they making efforts on their own level but also they are taking the help of experts to find solutions for it. As a lot of people are buying new homes, they are investing their efforts in maintaining their houses to improve their outlook.

The survey found that there are plenty of ways that are being followed by people to maintain their home lawn well. Firstly, they are focusing on aeration of lawns to keep the soil healthy and ensure the growth of fresh as well as green grass. In addition to this, lots of homeowners are watering their lawn deeply less often.

According to experts, aerating and watering a home lawn help to maintain the health of grass on its surface. Watering the home loan deeply and infrequently helps roots to grow deeper down into the soil. Doing this keeps the grass green during hot or drought weather conditions.

In order to deal with the crabgrass, the use of the best crabgrass preventer has become all the more popular in today’s time. The use of natural fertilizers has also being made as it helps to keep grass green and their use is also beneficial for the environment as well as the health of the family members.

Due to the changing lifestyle, people across the world are realizing the importance of maintaining the lawn area of a house. Hence, they are making necessary efforts in order to form a better impression on the minds of their guests and friends. Moreover, the rising awareness about living a healthy lifestyle is making people maintain the greenery in their lawn.

In order to live a holistic lifestyle, people simply do yoga, meditation, and home workout in their lawn area. And they spend their time with their friends as well as family members on a daily basis. Hence, they are taking special care to maintain their lawn area in the best possible way. As kids and pets also play in the lawn area of a house, people are maintaining it regularly to keep it green.

The use of various chemicals and tools is being made by people to maintain a healthy as well as green grass. Even people are also growing many plants, fruits, and vegetables in their lawn area in order to eat nutritious food. Regular grasscycling is also being practiced regularly to keep the size of grass small and to improve soil texture.

To maintain the right health of grass, people are adding compost to their soil to maintain the greenery in their lawn area. A lot of people are themselves making efforts to maintain their lawn area in their idle time. However, working people are hiring housekeepers in order to maintain the lawn area of their house and add greenery to it.

It is also noted through the survey that the lawn fertilizer market is also growing at an excellent rate. And the use of various lawn maintenance equipment is also leading to high growth in this sector.

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EA Home Design founders Ali Meshksar and Kevin Kamali build a 100k strong fanbase on Instagram during COVID-19




After growing their Instagram following to over 100k during the lockdown, EA Home Design founders Ali and Kevin skyrocketed their brand despite a severe economic downturn.

With internet use at record levels throughout the lockdown, EA Home Design was able to reach people through Instagram and social media while they stayed at home and spent more time online. 

Having explored social media to enhance their brand’s visibility, Ali and Kevin decided to create a strategy to help elevate their company’s identity in the eyes of potential clients. And despite the nationwide lockdown, they were able to invest more time in developing their videos and photography so that they could build their audience and distribute high quality content.

Combining photography with in-depth videos, the founders succeeded in gaining viral growth on Instagram despite the difficult challenges that lay ahead of them. With a consistent approach to their posting, they were able to take EA Home Design to new audiences interested in a variety of topics associated with home decoration and design.

From the latest modular kitchen design to spice racks, EA Home Design provides a range of services, and creates high value content that engages homeowners to give them a deeper insight into how they work. This in turn has helped them forge stronger relationships with potential new clients – who have helped spread the word about their designs to even larger audiences.

When discussing the growth of their account, Ali Meshksar said that connecting with the Instagram community had been a game-changer for the business in that for the first time, they had people talking about them without having to go to market in the traditional way such as sending fliers and doing direct mailings.

Because of social media, companies now have access to audiences instantly, and with people statistically spending more time online, there’s never been a bigger opportunity than now to build an online community.

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