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More US Women are adopting HCG Diet for Weight Loss




HCG Diet has become more like a fashion statement these days. A lot of women are switching to this form of diet to lose weight very quickly.

This is an eight week long diet, came to existence first in the 1970s. In this form of diet, only 500 calorie intake is done, along with injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This HCG, combined with low fat low calorie diet, hits weight loss rapidly, making you slimmer in just a span of 2 months.

Many women in US today are adopting this diet for the quick results in their weight loss. And if you are also trying this diet, then you need to make sure that you are taking the real HCG drops only. There are many faux products in the market too.

In this HCG weight loss diet, needles are injected in the skin with 125 units of HCG. And this has to be taken for 6 out of 7 days, for 8 long weeks. This speeds up your metabolism process and breaks down the fat in your body. And when you cut out on calories, the work of HCG is enhanced, therefore showing quick results.

There are some amazingly weird rules to this diet too.

  • You can only eat 2 diets in a day of 250 calories each.
  • No exercise at all.
  • No oil has to be consumed at all.
  • You can have only 1 tbsp of milk in 24 hours.
  • You cannot use body lotion too.
  • You cannot use cosmetics too, other than lipstick and eyebrow pencil.

Yes, they all are true. And people surely lose weight due to this diet, thereby putting many women in the line for this weight loss strategy.

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US Vehicle Shipping Services Industry Revenue has touched $12 Bn in 2019




The US Vehicle shipping Service industry has been growing at an excellent rate over the last five years. Due to this, various new industry operators have emerged in the country. According to the industry and market research unit, IBISWorld, the decreasing rate of unemployment and the rising income of people have contributed to an increase in the demand for vehicle shipping services. Shipping Service operators help in the transportation of various types of vehicles such as cars and motorcycles on ships, railroads, and trucks.

The report released by IBISWorld highlights that the volume of freight trafficking, which is measured in terms of the freight transportation index, has grown at a rate of 2.6% over the last five years. Due to this, the revenue of the vehicle shipping industry in the US has reached $12 Bn in 2019 with the growth rate of revenue at 1.2% per annum. During the same time period, there is an increase in the number of businesses at a rate of 0.8% and also the number of employees rate has grown at 2.2% on average.

Out of the total companies, the largest market share in the industry is enjoyed by Union Pacific Corporation, CSX Corporation, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation, and Norfolk Southern Corporation. Local trucking transportation services, long-distance trucking transportation services, rail transportation services, and ship transportation services have contributed to the growth of Vehicle Shipping Services in the US.

The high income of people has contributed to the sales of higher vehicles which has eventually contributed to the growth in the industry. Schumacher Cargo Logistics is one of the best units which offers an excellent car shipping service. Apart from shipping services, it offers moving services to different corners of the world. For contacting this vehicle shipping service unit, you can visit the link given below:

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