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Nickejtan, Rising Above The Norm to Conquer The Music Industry




It is never easy to rise above the ranks and get recognition across borders in any industry. For the creative industry and especially the music scenes, the competition is wild and demanding, and it can be demoralizing. However, it is best not to give up on your talent as, in the long run, it is worthwhile. Those, however, who steadily grow in it are those that come out distinct with a different style. 

Everyone in the industry has talent, and it is upon you to identify that thing that will cut you across the industry. Upon finding your unique factor, push it with enthusiasm and determination as there is no shortcut in life. What that uniqueness will do is that it will slowly and steadily move you upwards. One person who is creating a distinct self is Nickejtan, who has come into the scene to set a new trend. 

Nick Tan, popularly known as Nickejtan, is a rising star who is gradually revolutionizing the music industry in how he makes his music. He is from Vancouver in Canada, and is passionate about making a meaningful change in the music industry. Through his passion, Nickejtan has gone above and beyond to realize the success of his pursuit by bringing you unique and refreshing music. His other endeavor in entrepreneurship called Agency Profits is a boost to what he does. He has excellent sales tactics that help agencies move to $10K a month in 90 days, which has helped him push his music. 

The music industry is highly dynamic. So, Nickejtan has also spent quite some time navigating through it. At the moment, he is steadily growing and manifesting it through his works.

His clear vision to create a sustainable impact in the industry is one factor that has kept him on track to keep growing. As a statement of his hard work, and after a long time of trial and error, Nickejtan has put out an album recently. The album, titled, Dollar Do has five tracks and is about five minutes long. The five tracks include Dimonshine, Ritanox, Glowtwitz, Questioz, LFG. 

Throughout his songs, he has portrayed street life and authenticity where he speaks his mind on real-life issues.

He additionally pours out the bars in the most natural way as the rhythm, and the flow hits deep within a listener. The vibrant beats and instruments will leave you bouncing your head as you also feel the trigger to dance to the tune. Everything about his music is unique and hits differently. His enthusiasm is evident in the songs.

More attributes that have contributed to this star are determination and a positive mindset. These traits allow Nickejtan to continue showcasing his creative genius as he enforces his life dreams. Through a positive attitude, he knows what it takes to be successful and thus take on the journey with willingness. A positive mindset also breeds determination and grit.

With his songs, you get rid of your dull moments as you keep yourself entertained. You can check his music and album on Spotify or Amazon. 

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Feel-good films on Netflix that you must watch




Feeling down in the dumps? Need a quick pick me up? Luckily for you, TV entertainment can do just that! If you are short on film ideas, we have compiled a shortlist of some feel-good films on Netflix that will be sure to boost your mood. Sit back, grab the popcorn and switch on your large, flat-screen TV for the ultimate viewing experience. Hey, even better if it is wall-mounted! Click here for TV wall mounting services. However, without further ado, let’s jump into the list.  


If you ever get frustrated with your household or family, watching Matilda will certainly make you feel ten times better. Although the young girl faces many difficulties at home, Matilda proves that every cloud has a silver lining. With a family of self-centered con-artists surrounding her, she proves that they will not halt her extreme intellectual talent and makes the most of her school experience and unknown superpowers. Luckily for the viewer, although Matilda faces several hardships, life works out great for this ambitious little girl in the end.  

Set it Up 

When two young underworked assistants, Harper and Charlie, have a run-in with one another whilst picking up their bosses’ dinner for the evening, they devise a plan that should hopefully assist them with their extreme workload and responsibilities. Setting up their bosses, duh! It surprisingly works, well, in the beginning anyway! However, events start to take a bumpy road, and to complicate things even more, Harper and Charlie don’t anticipate that they may be setting themselves up too! 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 

Young and innocent Lara Jean writes a collection of five love letters to the boys she has always had a love and attraction to. Oh, and not to send them out, of course! She stores them away in her closet so that no one will ever find them. That’s until her mischievous little sister gets her hands on them and sends them out to each addressee! Although, much to Lara Jean’s surprise, a romance begins to bloom with one of the recipients of the letters. A refreshing modern-day teen love story that is the perfect viewing for any time!  

School of Rock 

Financially unstable guitarist, Dewey, struggles with life after being evicted from the apartment he lives in with his best friend, Ned, as he is unable to pay the rent. However, when he receives a phone call intended for Ned regarding a substitute teacher role, Dewey does not hesitate to impersonate him and accept the job. While in the position, he realises that teaching is not his thing, but hey, music is! One thing leads to another, and he has a rock band formed of a class of students! Nothing screams feel-good like some acting from Jack Black, so be sure to give this feel-good film a watch today.  

The Pursuit of Happyness 

The father-son duo, Will and Jaden Smith are enough to brighten up anyone’s TV screen, especially as we take a trip back to 2006 to watch them fill the roles of Chris Gardner and his son Christopher Jr. The biographical film depiction’s Gardner’s life as he channels all of his money and energy into bone-density scanners which results in a failed marriage with his wife and raising his son alone while living in poverty. The Pursuit of Happyness is truly eye-opening as viewers watch Gardner move around from shelter to shelter with his son in a struggle to make ends meet. However, when he gets his foot in a brokerage, despite the stress and hardships, things start looking up.   


If you are looking to see Kevin Hart show a different side compared to his usual comedy act, be sure to tune into Fatherhood, one of the best feel-good films on Netflix that is also in the highly favoured Netflix Original library. Hart plays the role of Matt, a new father who lost his wife during the birth of their daughter, Maddy, and highlights the hardships he faced as a new dad in an attempt to balance work, relationships, and the responsibility of his child. Not to worry, don’t let us throw you off, this film does have a happy ending, so tune in today! 

Good Burger 

We surely all know the famous signature line, “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” This line, read by Ed, is enough to make you feel good in itself! One of the best feel-good films on Netflix is centered around the “Good Burger” burger joint and their employees’ mission to save the business from their new competitor “Mondo Burger.” With hilarious characters like Ed and Dexter, this film will be sure to have you laughing at their recklessly funny ways.  

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