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Nisha Shetty is making the best in quarantine, says “This is the right time to experiment with new things”




The fear created by the COVID-19 pandemic continues across the globe. In India, the nationwide lockdown was imposed on March 25 after which it further got extended. Currently, the nation is in its third lockdown which further might get extended after May 18. Staying indoors for such a long time has seen boredom striking among many individuals. In this crisis, many artists and emcees are keeping their audiences entertained virtually. Nisha Shetty, an emcee, entertainer and an aspiring actress is making the best use of quarantine by actively interacting with her audiences on social media.

‘Smile’, ‘Talk’ and ‘Inspire’ are the three important aspects which she is truly living by in her life. With the entertainment industry severely impacted, all the major events and shows have either postponed or got cancelled. “The industry is badly affected by the crisis. As an anchor, I have spent most of my time on stage entertaining thousands of people. With this hiatus from performing live, things have become very strange. Let’s be positive and hope for the best”, quoted Nisha. An IT professional turned anchor, Nisha has hosted many rewards and recognition programs, corporate conferences, press conferences, social events, sports events, launches among others. One of the most memorable events of her life has been Filmfare Awards 2018 press conference with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Besides this, the talented artist has worked with reputed brands including Tag Heuer, Samsung, Audi, ICICI, Aditya Birla Group to name a few. Living by her dream and bringing smiles on everyone’s faces, Nisha Shetty has travelled to many parts of the world for her work including South Africa, Singapore, Paris, Thailand, Japan, Greece and several other countries. In this lockdown, the emcee is yet again inspiring her audiences by spreading positivity through social media. Creating positive vibes while interacting on Instagram, Shetty is also giving major fitness goals in the quarantine period. 

While working out at home, the anchor has initiated several fitness challenges on her social media thus motivating everyone to stay fit. Moreover, she even made her debut on TikTok which has seen tremendous growth in the lockdown phase. She said, “This is the right time to experiment with new things. I have always loved to be on camera but due to the hectic schedule, I never got time to create videos on TikTok. The app is entertaining and it’s complete fun (laughs).” Apart from this, Nisha Shetty also very often does live sessions with many brands and portals and is virtually entertaining everyone with her work.

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LeftRight Music Group is a Platform Aiding the Success of Musicians from Third-World




Luxury. Technology. Advancement. Opportunities. Growth. Comfort. Peace of Mind. Strong Economy. Stable Jobs.

These are the terms associated with countries, including the United States, Western European countries, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Japan. People living here spend luxurious lives and enjoy peace of mind. They are exposed to fantastic opportunities and have many chances to succeed in life. The citizens of these countries have access to stable markets and have a stable lifestyle.

Despair. Struggle. Lack of Opportunities. Crime. Failures. Weak Economy. Unstable Lifestyles. Discomfort.

These are the terms that perfectly describe the life of people in third-world countries. The people who reside in these parts of the world are mostly on a ‘survival’ mode. They do not have access to opportunities, and they have to fight to get their fundamental rights. These lands give birth to some amazingly talented individuals. However, due to lack of opportunities, exposure, and resources kill their dreams, and the world loses pure talent.

Whether it is politics, corporate world, industrial sector, or field of arts, the citizens of weak nations and communities have to face many more adversities than a person living an economically-stable country. While music is one of those sectors in the world, where factors like ethnicities, religion, nationality, and backgrounds do not matter, but underprivileged yet talented people have to fight their way into this industry.

There was no proper medium through which such musicians could show the world their potential until LeftRight Music Group came into the picture. It is a music and entertainment company based in Manhattan, New York, which has been established to represent artists in the United States from all across the globe. It is one of those record labels that has come into the industry to specifically provide the musicians from the third-world a chance to make a name for themselves in this industry.

Founded by Hans Tondereau, a record producer, this company is currently representing a Spanish-Haitian musician, Merlin Zapravo. He was a musician who was struggling to survive in the music industry in the United States, but after being signed by LeftRight Music Group (LRMG), he came close to success. With this artist, the company has signed a 50/50 recording contract. The catalog of LRMG comprises of one EP and seven singles with Merlin Zapravo.

Hans Tondereau is planning to expand LRMG further and has partnered with several notable companies, including Jade Skye Music, Hat Label Publishing, a FIVONI. Adding to the company’s credibility is its partnership with brands such as LRMGx, THE BOXKC, and Berlin Motion.

A Platform for True Talent, A Hope for Strugglers

Just like Merlin Zapravo, the company expects to sign other musicians too. Even though it is not only restricted to promoting third-world musicians, but its goal is to represent the ones who do not get a chance to succeed in this world. Hans Tondereau wanted to ‘inspire independent artists with little to no budget or knowledge to support their visions.’ LRMG is doing exactly that. It signed Merlin Zapravo in 2017, and an EP, “Certified Baller,” was released in 2018. It was then followed by the release of eight singles. These included two 2018 releases of “I’ll Be There” and “Dance With Me,” three 2019 releases including “Be Yourself, “ “Din Din,” and “Malandren,” and two recent releases in 2020, including “The Deal” and “Money.”

Hans became the first self-published artist to invest in other musicians while focusing on his own. Just like the Spanish-Haitian musician, he hopes to sign other artists who are packed with talent and energy but are unable to get a satisfying opportunity.

To cover all aspects of signing an artist, as well as promotion that generates money, LeftRight Music Group moves on from a leaf to a multiplied Rights Agreement. The agreement includes the income from recordings, live performance, publishing and expense, rights for recording, distribution, and touring.

LeftRight Music Group Corporation with LRMG X, Hiilands Music, Rapso Records as its subsidiaries, first came into the picture on May 18, 2017, and it signed its first artist. The music entertainment company acquired its present subsidiaries in 2018 and was officially launched on July 29, 2019. By offering music production, music distribution, and artist services, LRMG is playing a pivotal role in supporting and promoting the creative and financial vitality of independent artists of all music genres. The platform has its exclusive focus on artists from the third-world and is working to help such artists reach their potential and connect with their audiences globally.

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