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NYC Pop-up Exhibit Making Efforts For Urban Issues




When we talk about sustainability, we always relate to environmental and urban issues. While other pop-up exhibits are playing instagram-friendly games, a brand new NYC-based Pop-up Exhibit – Paradoxity turned its needle to sustainability and urban issue and are inviting guests to venture urban life with a theme of paradox.

“We will donate its profits to other non-profit organizations that are dedicated to environmental issues and sexual politics.” Said Founder Jianhao An

Exhibition highlights:

  • All designs are made by the students from four art schools in New York City
  • Concepts reflect both social psychology and urban issues.
  • Part of the installations are recreations of thrown-out trash from the city in order to emphasize the team’s value on sustainability.
  • The space is mainly black and white with minimalism design, including innovative use of materials.
  • Located in Soho, 2 mins walk from Canal St station, accessible distance to various boutiques.
  • Founded by an NGO, Chinese Artists and Designers Society, no commercial profit.
  • Instagram-friendly settings with thoughtful meanings behind.

Paradoxity, meaning “paradox in the city,” uses city as a prototype.

Paradoxity features four large settings, Nowhere Station, Green Pollution, Transparent Bathroom, and Addictive Office. These four settings, respectively, illustrate the ideas of the sense of being lost in life, environmental issues, privacy and sexuality issues, and working pressure. Part of the installations are recreations of thrown-out trash from the city in order to emphasize the value on sustainability.

All designs are made by the students from four art schools in New York City (Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, School of Visual Art and Fashion Institute of Technology).

A team of 13 students who spent almost one year to complete this project, including Jianhao Andy An, Zhihong Fu, Haopeng Lin, Ziwei Liu, Jingyi Wang, Jinghan Hu, Anran Mina Li, Ellen Ren, Liuqing Yang, Chuqiao Lily Liu, Alex Chen, Thyan Zou and Ruihan Xia.

Paradoxity is open to the public at 10 Greene Street, New York and will run through November 24.

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