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Parents are Getting Curious to Know and Use Gripe Water for Babies




Gripe Water is a traditional supplement and treatment of many problems in babies mainly colic, indigestion, teething pain, flatulence, and hiccup. It is a thin liquid which mothers have been giving their babies since a long time ago. In earlier times, its ingredients were water, dill oil, sodium bicarbonate, sugar and a small amount of alcohol. Currently, this baby product is in more refined form when alcohol as an ingredient was objected by doctors and parents.

New parents are keen to know what is gripe water, because some people around them suggest them to give gripe water to their baby, while some found no benefits of this baby product.Some studies have shown that gripe water with alcohol ingredient is unsafe for babies and gripe water with sodium bicarbonate is safer and effective to cure acidity in babies.

According to the doctors, the continuous consumption of gripe water by the baby should be avoided because excess consumption of sodium bicarbonate can cause milk-alkali syndrome. It is a condition where the amount of calcium and alkali in the blood get increased. Babies younger than six months should be avoided to give more gripe water, since it can affect their kidney in the future.

Doctors advise parents to give gripe water only when the babies start showing symptoms of colic, indigestion, teething pain and flatulence. And they must avoid giving gripe water in the empty stomach because baby’s stomach lining is very soft and could be affected by the alkaline sodium bicarbonate. Breastfeeding and soft tummy massage can avoid the use of gripe water.

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Harman Sidhu talks about Working out during Periods




harman fitness mommy (harman sidhu)
Harman Sidhu (a.k.a Harman Fitness Mommy)

Working out during periods can be challenging for most women. In her recent video, Harman Sidhu talks about working out during periods and explains how she modifies her training program during those difficult days of the month.

In an exclusive interview with, Harman revealed that she had received an insane amount of queries about working out during periods before she finally decided to make a detailed video which is actually based on her own experiences.

Here is the gist of our interview and the discussion we had with Harman, and we hope it helps all the women out there.

Tips for Working out during Periods by Harman Sidhu

  1. Always Listen to Your Body: If you are not feeling good or well, there is absolutely no need to work out. Its absolutely fine to take a 3 or 4-day break and let your body recover.
  2. Your hard work is not undone: If you decide to take a break, your previous hard work is not undone during these 4 or 5 days.
  3. Train your legs Before your Periods: Legs are the hardest to train during your Periods. So if you are regular with your periods and know when they are going to come, its always a good idea to train your legs the preceding week. So that you don’t have to worry about training them during your periods.
  4. Training Legs During Period can make your flow heavier: If you decide to train your legs during your periods, make sure you do it on the last day. Training your legs during the initial phase of your periods can cause more pain, make the flow heavier, and even extend the duration of your periods.
  5. Do Light Cardio: Light Cardio is very helpful and helps you stay cheerful and active. Remember not to push yourself too much.
  6. Work your Upper Body: This is a good time to work your upper body. Especially do exercises which do not involve using your legs or glutes.

If you want to learn more, we recommend your watch this IGTV video and ask any questions you have directly to Harman Sidhu. Her Instagram handle is @harman_fitness_mommy


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