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People can Try Using these Techniques to Experience Lucid Dreams While Sleeping




Lucid dreaming can offer many benefits to a person, including ending recurring nightmares and lowering anxiety. It occurs during REM sleep, a dream type that helps a person remain conscious during his dream.

By gaining the awareness of dreams, a person can easily control what happens in his dream. In addition, there are certain techniques and tools available for a person to experience lucid dreaming while sleeping.

Keep a Dream Journal and Use Dedicated Apps 

Writing dreams in a journal is an excellent way for a person to be aware of his dreams. It is a great way to start lucid dreaming. Besides, a person should try using dedicated apps to practice lucid dreaming.

Yorux is an excellent app for lucid dreaming and one can find it at for free. For knowing more information about lucid dreaming, visit

Reality Testing 

Another technique to experience lucid dreaming while sleeping is reality testing. It is a type of mental training that increases metacognition and improves awareness. Doing reality tests while waking up can increase a person’s metacognition.

Wake Back to Bed (WBTB)

Under wake back to bed (WBTB), a person enters REM sleep while being in a conscious state. After bedtime, going back to sleep can help a person experience a lucid dream. On waking up, a person needs to choose an activity that involves alertness.

Wake-Initiated Mild Dreaming (WILD)

In a Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD), a person directly enters a dream from waking life. This technique helps keep the mind in a conscious state when the body enters the sleep state.

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