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Powering the Future With Sustainable Construction




With climate change causing real, tangible changes to our planet, and the calls for intervention and attention growing louder, many industries are taking steps to make their output and processes “greener.” The construction industry has taken a lead role in following green principles in hopes of bettering the environment in which we live. 

Through sustainable practices, materials, and design, the construction industry illustrates how the world can shift towards a better impact on the environment and a better future overall. Matt DiBara, Owner of DiBara Masonry and Founder of The Contractor Consultants, believes that ethics and transparency play a significant role in eco-friendly construction approaches. 

With the negative effects of climate change no longer simply a theory, the ethical approach is one that takes into account the health of the planet and the sustainability of life on the planet. A dual major in college led DiBara to delve into Environmental Studies, and what he learned during that time has stayed with him as he has forged ahead to build his construction business.

“In our family business, we were sustainable. That was in our ethos, we cared about the environment,” DiBara told the Building the Future podcast. “Building things that last — that’s how I was taught.”

What is sustainable construction?

From the outside looking in, construction may not seem like the most sustainably aligned trade. Between clearing land to make way for buildings to large pieces of machinery that contribute to air pollution, there is much about the construction industry that is absolutely not earth-friendly. This is why innovators in the construction space have developed ways to move toward a more sustainable way of building. 

Back in 1994, Professor Charles Kibert of the University of Florida outlined the main principles of sustainable construction, including “conserve, reuse, recycle/renew, protect nature, create nontoxic and high-quality output.” These main principles are being translated today into creations such as green grid roofs, solar-powered buildings and neighborhoods, the use of recycled building materials, and sustainable construction methodology.

“I realized early how much waste was on construction sites,” says DiBara. “While I was interning, we were told to do things that would only last a year or two, for budget reasons. They weren’t good for the environment, and there were always massive dumpsters on job sites that created so much excess waste.” 

DiBara’s experience while interning with other companies out of college colored his approach to building his own construction business. Going forward, DiBara wanted to understand how to design with the environment in mind. “I wondered what things would be like for my kids if we didn’t make a change,” he says. 

Sustainable materials

When one thinks of construction, they may only think of concrete, steel beams, and glass, but there are a wealth of materials available that are far better for the environment. These alternative materials are becoming more popular as the need for change becomes clearer. 

The use of eco-friendly, sustainable materials has proven to have long-term benefits, speaking to an approach to construction that leans on long-lasting designs. The most sustainable and earth-friendly materials include cob, bamboo, stone, recycled steel, cork, and reclaimed wood, though contractors have even started to seek alternatives for insulation like sheep’s wool or insulation made from recycled newspapers. 

The market for sustainable building materials is expected to grow by leaps and bounds by 2027, projected to hit $425.4 billion. What once seemed like a niche interest in the construction industry is quickly becoming mainstream. 

“There was once an association of ‘that’s expensive’ or ‘that’s hippie’,” explains DiBara. “I realized if I could show people that that’s not true, if I could show them an alternative for the same price, I could battle the psychology of what they thought they believed in.”

Sustainable practices 

Along with eco-friendly materials, more sustainable construction practices have been able to move the needle towards better outcomes. There is a hope that through more sustainable practices and materials, 209 million tons of carbon emissions can be saved by 2050. 

Some sustainable methods include simple approaches, such as more exact measuring and cutting to reduce needless waste, recycling products on or offsite, refurbishing older buildings instead of building new ones, and managing onsite CO2 emissions as much as possible. “Really, the simplest way to approach it is to reduce, reuse, recycle,” says DiBara. 

The old mantra for “saving the Earth” still holds true. Particularly in the case of construction, it can go a long way in changing the environment for the better.

Healthier living overall

The positive effects on the environment are not the only benefits of sustainable building, as there are also noted psychological benefits to eco-friendly building practices. Studies show that employees who work within green buildings can be more productive. 

In addition, many green buildings are built to be aesthetically pleasing and maximize daylight, helping with issues such as seasonal depression. The happiness levels of people working and living within green buildings were also shown to be higher through these studies. 

The call for sustainable building is not new, but has taken on a renewed urgency as the negative effects of climate change become evident. Sustainable construction is no longer a niche concentration or trend, but the direction the entire industry needs to take to create a better future for all. 

Rosario is from New York and has worked with leading companies like Microsoft as a copy-writer in the past. Now he spends his time writing for readers of

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