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Setting the Record Straight About Gurvin Singh Dyal’s (Mr. Gurvz) Innocence in Involvement with INFINOX




People have an affinity toward creating and consuming stories ingrained in the very core of their being. It would be safe to say that stories are what helped humans become humans, seeing how it’s stories that enabled people to transfer knowledge between generations, increasing people’s chances of dealing with whatever life threw at them. Today’s stories might not be that critical to survival, but they still have the power to affect lives, for better and for worse.

Gurvin Singh Dyal (Mr. Gurvz), a medical student turned entrepreneur and affiliate marketer, has recently found himself at the center of a story that had everything a modern narrative needs to attract attention. A group of people lost close to 4 million pounds in an investment scheme that proved to be too good to be true.

Gurvin Singh, now the CEO of Academy2Earn, had the unfortunate role of being the affiliate marketer in charge of getting people to sign up for the investment program. When the program crashed and burned, he was left holding the bag as the face of the endeavor. Since then, he’s been silent on advice from his legal team but has now decided to set the record straight on his involvement.

Taking to Instagram, Singh published his account on his role in the events and circumstances that led to many people losing their money. First, he clarified that he wasn’t an investment guru, but an affiliate marketer. He was approached by a person who worked for INFINOX, as well as a second person who he believed also worked for INFINOX but turned out to be a fellow affiliate marketer who was profiting from Gurvin Singh’s introductions to the program.

Having been presented with impressive facts and figures, Gurvin Singh decided to join the venture on an introducer agreement. The contract he signed was with a company that wasn’t the INFINOX registered in the UK, but another entity he believed operated as part of the same company. After working with them for just under four months, in October 2019 he stopped getting payments and eventually terminated his involvement, even though he retained some access to the communication channels used by investors.

As a final note, Gurvin Singh (Mr. Gurvz) made sure to clear up that he didn’t handle any money. He wrote that “all clients signed Limited Powers of Attorney provided by INFINOX, which clearly outlined who was trading on their behalf and handling their accounts,” implying that it wasn’t him.

While there’s still much left unclear about the whole situation, Singh’s account gives a couple of valuable takeaways and only adds to the cautionary tale of risks, rewards, and shady deals. While he stopped short of recounting how the situation affected his life, it’s within reason to believe that, much like the people who invested the money, Gurvin would prefer if none of this ever happened.

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