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Space Fitting Furniture is Providing Expert Furniture and Interior Design Solutions in and around Cardiff and South Wales




Interior designing is a tricky thing. And it goes hand in hand with picking out the right furniture to match your decor. But Space Fitting Furniture makes your job a whole lot easier by doing both the things for you. It provides you with beautiful and smart furniture. And it also transforms your rooms with interior design.

Spaces believes in collaborative interior design. Which means that choosing furniture is directly proportional to interior design. They are based in Cardiff. It provides services in and around Cardiff and South Wales, as far as London.

This kitchens Cardiff company takes care of a variety of rooms, from kitchen spaces to living rooms. You don’t have to worry about a single thing. It creates the sleeping space in a unique way wherein you can hide, relax and sleep here. And it achieves the ambience by making use of practical storage management using sophisticated wardrobe arrangements. Then it customises internals to suit your needs. It ensure everything is well organised. This creates one cohesive space which is the ultimate hideaway.

It helps with designing kitchens as well. Kitchens present our lives. Thus they create timeless designs that are unique to every client. The furniture is crafted smartly to fit into the space and make the kitchen an efficient place.

The living rooms are the best part of the house that guests get to see.  Their living room furniture systems includes- storage units, sideboards, tv panels shelving and accessories. All these furniture is coupled with interior design expertise. And it then transforms the living space.

Spaces not only deal with living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen but also with professional spaces. They have an extensive range of furniture that can transform any space. Once you book an appointment and discuss your budget, the team gets on the project and facilitates the work.

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Vurbl Makes Noise with Investor Lineup and $1 million in Pre-Seed Funding




A new audio streaming platform is coming to town. Vurbl is set to shake things up as the company goes head to head with other popular platforms like Apple and Spotify. The goal of the platform is to become the “YouTube of Audio.”

Vurbl is a creator-first, free streaming audio platform for all audio types, including user generated audio. Similar to YouTube, Vurbl allows content creators to upload, earn subscribers and monetize their work. Vurbl will provide listeners that are looking to connect with  new voices and information with personalized playlists and stations across 40 categories. 

Recently, Vurbl’s CEO and co-founder, Audra Everett Gold, completed its pre-seed round closing at $1.3 million. The round was led by AlphaEdison, a knowledge-driven VC firm that invests in early-stage companies. Vurbl also attracted other investors including Halogen Ventures, TEN13, Angelist and other businesses  within the audio, advertisement and entertainment industries.

Nick Grouf, managing partner at AlphaEdison stated, “We believe Vurbl is opening up an entirely new audio market for listeners, creators and brands. This platform has the potential to change the way we consume audio on the internet and the timing is spot on. If anyone can pull this off this enormous opportunity, it’s the team at Vurbl.”

Gold launched Vurbl at the beginning of the year and once COVID-19 hit, the team opt-ed to work from home to stay safe and healthy. Gold and her team then doubled-down to develop Vurbl’s platform. Gold single handedly embarked on a journey to gain investor interest and secured funding during the pandemic mostly by way of Zoom calls.

The pre-seed funds are being used to develop and launch the Vurbl platform with over 25 million pieces of audio and podcasts. This will span across hundreds of categories and subcategories creating a sanctuary for content curators and listeners.

Gold is confident in the market demand for a streaming platform like Vurbl and stated, “Audio is scattered all over the internet in hard to find places, much of it costs money or is not findable, is not easy to playback, etc. We see millions of audio queries on Google and YouTube that reflect demand for audio of all types. The vast majority of these searches return subpar audio results or no audio results at all.”

Vurbl is uniquely positioned to win over audio aficionados with its promise of value added services and attractive revenue share program for creators.

Vurbl is set to launch its web-based platform experience in Q4 2020 with millions of discoverable audio, playlists and human-curated audio stations. The company also plans to announce additional updates including the launch of new mobile apps, a downloadable desktop app, and connected in-home devices for listeners to enjoy audio streams anytime and anywhere.

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