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Sports Betting is now Legal in New York State




Here is some good news for the gambling Mascots. Betting on sports has now become legal in the state of New York. Anyone is free to place a wager on football, baseball, basketball, golf, auto racing and rugby or any other sport that is been played in the state.

With this new law being introduced in the system the rules laid under this law are not just restricted to lay bet on who wins the game you’re watching. The rules for the bet have taken a step further. As per the new law betting can go beyond the simple matter of who wins the game. Though you can bet on that as well through websites like sbobet, but one also has a choice on a variety of other propositions. requested the Gaming Commission of New York State to highlight the available choices.  In response to their request the state Gaming Commission released its full menu of available wagers. As per the menu currently the choices are divided among 11 different sports. And for each set of sport there is a list of specific wagers available. The wagers are applicable for both the current as well as the upcoming games or for “futures”. For example who wins the Super Bowl or World Series?

Most likely the betting questions are built in below mentioned format for one to choose from:

  • Will the Yankees win the World Series this time?
  • How many points are likely to be put on the board in the Bill-Patriots game?
  • Will Tiger Woods win the next Masters?
  • What make of car you think will win the next Daytona 500?
  • The “over/under” on total points in football.
  • Whether Aaron Judge will homer for the Yankees tonight?
  • Whether Duke covers the spread in the ACC tournament final?

And from many more such types of questions.

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Online Gambling in New Jersey is Heating Up




The revenue number from online casinos and sportsbooks have jumped over $8 million in July to $53 million in mid-august from $45 million during the month of June.

Golden Nugget Online and its group of high profile operators hold the ground when it comes to the best online casinos in New Jersey. It has once again dominated the competition with a new record-breaking month. It has reached over $93.5 million in year-to-date revenue. In second was Resorts Digital Gaming generating $6.24 million and third was Borgata Online Casino earning $5.92 million.

The increase from the sports industry wasn’t completely unexpected. Operators realized a $6.97 million increase in online sports betting revenue in total. This came from baseball, golf and international soccer competition.

With this kind of success in revenues in online casino & sportsbooks, the top gamers in New Jersey are closing July on a strong note. Now they look to enter football season with some wind in their sails. 

Rich Migliorisi, Managing Editor at, said that the industry is experiencing an upswing during July. This is encouraging for them. “Football season in the fall was always going to ramp up action and revenue numbers, but for that process to kick-start in the summer without as many sports to bet on is an encouraging sign,” he concluded.

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