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Starting a Clothing Side Business




The clothing market is a bit crowded in some parts of the world right now, that’s true – but it’s still very open to newcomers, as long as they have a good idea about their approach. There are some caveats to consider, but in general, you should find this to be a very open and attractive market with a great potential for newcomers. You just need to understand its intricacies, and be prepared to deal with some of the specific problems that will come up along the way.

Producing Your Own Isn’t Hard

It might sound like a challenge to make your own clothes, but you’d be surprised how easy this can be with the help of the right tools and information. The internet is full of guides on this topic, and it doesn’t take long to explore them and pick something that suits your own style. It doesn’t have to be an overly creative brand, mind you – as long as you can figure out something that will make it stand out among the competition, you’re going to do fine for a start. Coming up with more creative ideas will take some time, and you should be doing your best to get your brand started in that time.

Establishing Supply Channels

Suppliers are going to be the most critical element of the equation, and you should make sure to get in touch with the right ones from the very beginning. Zipper Shipper is a good option if you need zippers, for example, and you should also look into steady suppliers of cloth and other materials. Shipping is also going to be a concern after a while, even if you’re able to handle it relatively fine in the beginning. Don’t underestimate the importance of that part of your business, because doing so can result in disaster. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re going through a period of explosive growth, but can’t keep up with the demand because your shipping is bottlenecking you.

The Importance of Constant Promotion

You also aren’t going to survive in a market like this without constant promotion. You might get lucky in the beginning and get some good exposure if you have a more creative product line, but you can’t count on that to last forever. The market is very competitive and fierce, and competition will take every opportunity to drag you down before you can figure out what’s going on. Set up your promotional channels early on, and pay attention to them over time.

If you play your cards right, this should be a good source of side income for a start, and a great potential large-scale business in the long run. It will take some time to see success, but that applies to most fields right now. And the good thing about fashion is that once you’ve established your place, it can be very easy to maintain your momentum and see good results with relatively little effort. But getting there in the first place is the challenging part.

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A Closer Look At CBD Vapes: Have You Been Missing Out?




The current climate in America is filled with tension, fear, and anxiety thanks to the global pandemic we’re all trying to make it through. Many of us are desperate to go back to our regular routines, but most of the country is on mandatory lockdown. This goes back to those feelings of apprehension, and more importantly, a quick and easy method of relief….CBD vape pens. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding both CBD and vape pens, but today, since we have time, we can dig into the topic. Obviously, some companies put a little more time and effort into their products, and vape pens are no exception. There are some great companies out there! You just have to find them. CBDfx is the safest CBD company that I know of, and I would suggest any of their products, but especially their vape pens! When you order something from them you know that the quality is there because they provide full transparency with the lab results of all the procuts. There are definitely some misconceptions about CBD vape pens so let’s take a closer look.

The Basics

There are a variety of different vape pens you can use. You have the option of purchasing a standard 510 universal battery and getting refills of your favorite cartridges to simple screw on and screw off when it’s empty. You would have the option of grams and half grams as far as the cartridge is concerned and have to recharge your battery when needed. 

Alternatively, you could opt for a disposable vape pen. This is what a lot of people are gravitating towards due to the convenience of it. The pen comes fully charged and ready to go out of the box and you toss it out when it’s done. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get the dose of CBD you’re looking for. It’s really all about your preference. 

Types Of CBD Oil For Vape Pens

I know most people relate CBD and THC together, and sure, there are some combinations like that, but you don’t have to choose that for yourself. When it comes to CBD, you have combinations of CBD/THC, full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate. The CBD/THC combination will have some chance of having psychoactive effects depending on the THC content, so steer clear from that if you don’t want to get high. 

If you strictly want the effects of CBD you can choose full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. The full spectrum is the whole plant basically crushed into an oil, broad spectrum is the same process except the THC is actually extracted from it so there won’t be any trace amounts of THC, and the isolate is just basically 99% pure CBD oil. So, just make sure to pay attention when purchasing a vape pen so you know what you’re getting. 

What To Look For In A CBD Company?

Unfortunately, all CBD companies aren’t created equally, and you have to do some research. If the company is top notch, they should be very transparent with their ingredients, process, and third party lab reports. When you look at those lab reports (aka certificate of analysis) you will be able to see everything that went into that product and the percentage of that ingredient. If you don’t recognize an ingredient just google it because sometimes companies like to use botanical names or maybe you might be stumped by a nasty chemical or toxin you don’t recognize. 

How Can CBD Vape Pens Help You?

CBD is helping people deal with a variety of health issues on a daily basis. As I mentioned earlier, many people are feeling stressed out and anxious with everything going on. Vape pens are a reliable and effective way to deal with that anxiety when it creeps up on you. CBD has also been proven to help stabilize mood, improve focus, alleviate aches and pains, relieve arthritis, and much more. I believe everyone could benefit from CBD whether they realize it or not. The best part is that it provides relief pretty quickly because it’s going straight into your system so the bioavailability is very high. So, it really comes in handy to keep one in your purse or in the car for any unexpected “bumps in the road”, and don’t worry, hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.3% THC so it’s legal in most states! 

CBD is still the new kid on the block. Still trying to make its way into conversations around the globe, but people are catching on, and people are loving it. When you have something this amazing providing people with an alternative to traditional medicine there will always be opposing opinions, but that’s why you form your own and go from there!

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