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Street Artist, Enrique Enn, Growing into Exhibition Scale




Enrique Enn exhibition

Street art is mostly underground across the world. These artists function in the underbellies of the cities. They have to function amid major restrictions about public property. One such art form is Graffiti. The rise of graffiti is a story which is celebrated across the world in pop culture. Most of the Graffiti art is rebellious in nature and deals with sensitive topics. The canvas for this art is mostly public walls.

There are a number of artists that remain underground like Banksy. But there are a number of artists whose other artworks are available online. One such artist is Enrique Enn. Enn is a new Venezuelan street artist known for his art on walls, videos and more, and who is killing it with his work on social media. The artist started working on his Graffiti from the age of 14. Much like other Graffiti artists, when Enn began painting, he did it illegally with his friends.

Today he has grown to become an illustrator, 3 D modeler, graphic designer and video editor. His journey underlines that if you mix hard work with your passion, then there are wide areas to explore and there is no looking back. Today Enn is a name in Venezuelan art scene that you can not miss.

His work is available on Instagram. His instagram handle is @Enn. Stalwarts from the art industry like J Balvin have found his work interesting and really appreciated it on the Instagram. He truly has taken the underground art into people and is celebrating it with the world using social media.

Technically speaking, he uses acrylic paint, diamond dust, spray paint, screen paint and resin on canvas as his materials. His passion includes exotic cars whose pictures he has uploaded on his Instagram handle. He will be seen doing his first exhibition for Miami Art Basel 2020 soon. It will be in collaboration with @Alphaprodetail.

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Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Bonuses




Don’t you love free stuff? This is exactly what online casino owners have in mind and the reasons why they are all offering casino bonuses. These bonuses have one goal: to entice you, the player, to go to a specific online casino and sign up for their service.

However, did you know that there are several types of casino bonuses that you can have? Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, and you can get them from various means, too. Here are the best no deposit bonuses by Silentbet.

Welcome bonus

This is also sometimes called a new player bonus. There are two types of welcome bonuses.

  • Percentage bonus: this depends on how much you would deposit, starting at 50%, or more. As an example, if you deposit $100 at a percentage bonus rate of 50%, then you can get a total amount of $150 to your account.
  • Match bonus: a match bonus is where the casino matches the amount you will deposit, depending on their offered rate. If the match rate is at 200%, this means that you get a bonus of $2 for every $1 you deposit.

Deposit bonus

As its name implies, this is given after you make a deposit. The four different types of deposit bonuses are:

  1. Preferred method deposit bonus: your online casino gives you a small bonus if you used the payment method that they prefer.
  2. Monthly deposit bonus: awarded to players who have reached the required amount of deposit for a month.
  3. Reload bonus: this works like a monthly deposit bonus, but is given after a player reloads or recharges his in-game wallet
  4. Multiple deposit bonus: most of the time, this is given to players once they accomplish a certain number of deposits.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit casino bonus is usually given to new players and is awarded to them after they successfully sign up. However, they usually come with strict wagering requirements. They are not meant to give you the big win, but only to give you a “free taste” of the online casino experience.

Loyalty bonus

This type of online casino bonus is also sometimes called the VIP bonus. Different online casinos may advertise it differently, but you should understand that it refers to the same thing.

A player earns a VIP status either by reaching a milestone in deposits. They can also take a shortcut and “buy” the VIP status for a fixed price. This is usually sold in the form of a monthly “subscription,” where players can buy their way to being a VIP for one month. After that, they can buy the VIP status again or revert to being a normal player.

It is an interesting fact that the loyalty benefits one can get from being a VIP do not come only in the form of a bonus casino credit. It can also be access to exclusive games, priority on the game table, and many more.

High roller bonus

This is the only available bonus for the people who like to roll it big, even in an online casino. If you think this is something that you can achieve without breaking a sweat or making any effort, then lucky you.

Some online casinos offer a fixed amount after a milestone in the amount deposited in the casino has been reached. On the other hand, some high rollers are given a bonus depending on how much they have deposited so far. Regardless, you need one thing to get this type of casino bonus–tons of money to wager and bet with.

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