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Study Shows Bedbugs can’t live in Memory Foam Mattresses or Pillows




Bedbugs are the parasites that feed on human and animal blood at night. They usually reside under the mattresses and make your life miserable as you come home to retire for the day. They cause infections and diseases if present under your mattresses. Daily cleaning and maintenance are thus necessary for keeping such parasites away. It is easy to spot them with the naked eye even though they are tiny creatures. They are deadly, reside in wardrobe and drawers, and often crawl into your pillows too. Even without your knowledge, they will start sucking your blood and infect your skin. But do bed bugs live in memory foam mattresses?

A study has revealed that bedbugs cannot stay in memory foam mattresses, or even the pillows. People who have used memory foam mattresses believe that they are super comfortable and make amazing mattresses to sleep on. They are made of foamed polyurethane, which has added chemicals, making it all spongy and soft. However, the bed bugs are the insects that live under the mattresses and not inside them.

Hence, in case of memory foam mattresses too, the bed bugs are less likely to be found inside the mattresses, but the holder of the mattresses like the bed rims and the spring boxes are likely to have them. They are parasites and very hard to get rid of.

However, since the manufacturers pay special attention while producing the mattresses that there are almost less to no space for bed bugs, you can worry a little less. They do not have seams or buttons like other mattresses do, and thus it makes it difficult to hide the bugs there as well. However, it is always good to clean your mattresses properly, and pillow covers almost every other day to avoid such problem.

The same theory applies for the memory foam pillows as well. The greatest misconception that people have is that the bed bugs live inside the pillows or mattresses. However, in reality, they reside under them. So, it not necessary that they will not be found in memory foam mattresses or pillows. But, the chances of finding one there is lesser as compared to other mattresses due to their manufacturing. The best way to keep them away is by being watchful and careful. Wash the memory foam pillows and keep them clean regularly to make it difficult for them to survive there, and that is the least you can do apart from calling the pest control from time to time.

So, if you are finding best pillow for your sleep position, or even the best mattress, then memory foam makes the best choice to give you a sound sleep, free from bugs.

The simplest way to know if the deadly parasites have made way to your place is to be careful and attentive. They leave back signs of their presence even if they hide beneath the mattresses.

  • If you spot blood stains suddenly on your bed means you have accidentally killed a bug or two.
  • Other instances, such as their shells and faecal deposits, will enable you to know their presence.
  • You can often spot their eggs, which means they are happily residing at your place and increasing their population.

They can quickly come to your place even without your knowledge. If you are checking into any hotel or motel, inspect the bed and tables properly as they can easily accompany your back home from there via your clothes or luggage. Check your dressing table and side tables too to detect any signs of their presence in your house.

These deadly insects can reside anywhere. Their presence or absence do not depend upon the type of mattress that you have. They can live under any pillow or mattress irrespective of the quality and brand.

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