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Summit held to share insights of Social Media High-end Marketing Influence in China




In today’s modern generation, social media already plays a significant role in the daily lives of millions of people all over the world. Especially in the fast developing country of China, the social media development is much more prominent. This country also raises plenty of high-end consumers who show frequent social media behavior.

On 11th April, Shanghai held a luxury retail and innovation summit. This summit brought forward the retail insights and market analysis of high-end consumers, to provide luxury brands with a better understanding of these new wealth upstarts.

During the summit, Nicole YANG, CEO of Secoo EEC Business and Group CMO, offered valuable insights about the online luxury buyers. With this, luxury brands can know how to improve their business in the best possible way. Secoo, the largest luxury e-commerce platform, revealed about the characteristics and the hobbies of luxury buyers which include age group, regional distribution, lifestyle, food, gaming, recreation, and entertainment.

Age Group

Regional Distribution

Lifestyle of Buyers

With Tencent’s cooperation, Secoo analyzed consumers’ data and matched it with Tencent’s big data, to classify the luxury buyers with respect to gender and status. These include:

  • Delicate piggy girls
  • Trendy cool men
  • New middle class
  • New rich

The luxury buyers in Secoo are interested in virtual and real objects. Most of the upscale luxury buyers love to purchase luxury clothes and shoes. On the other hand, entry-level buyers begin from premium beauty products.

If brands in China want to reach a high level of sales, then they must develop essential social media marketing strategies. For instance, WeChat, the most popular social app of Tencent, launched mini program and moment ads, where brands can heavily promote products and services through different advertising types. With effective social media marketing to precise targeted audiences, luxury brands could expand their business in a fast and reliable way, without spending more time and budget as they did in the traditional advertising approach.

Secoo analyzed the shopping data under different scenarios during the summit. In the luxury white paper, brands could be properly guided on how to improve social media marketing techniques to make the most of its services. Secoo is committed to offering guidance for different high-end brands which conduct marketing campaigns to develop more alternative solutions to boost traffic.

Secoo also revealed that the online luxury buyers have a keen interest in categories like photography, shopping, personal care, makeup and more. Shoppers always want to stay on trend, hence the companies can benefit from offering only the most trending and in-demand products and services that can match to their particular needs.

By Nicole’s introduction, brands also acquired insights of high-end consumers’ needs and wants. For example, high-end consumers in China are interested in entertainment category like explanatory and exotic events about entertainment and food. They also love to watch or read emotional things that can relieve them of the pressure and daily stress.

Every customer has specific needs. It is therefore advisable for brands to offer products and services that will meet the needs and requirements of potential customers. With the fierce competition in the industry, companies must not be discouraged with competitors. Instead, brands can make this competition as a source of motivation to improve services further by establishing more innovative social media marketing with the help of Secoo in China to attract more targeted audience.

By using creativity and knowledge in the best way, luxury brands can achieve the goals, visions, and missions through better understanding of their consumers. Even more important, brands can also establish a good reputation in the industry and gain the trust of many consumers. Overall, social media marketing can be the best tool.

Michelle has been a part of the journey ever since Bigtime Daily started. As a strong learner and passionate writer, she contributes her editing skills for the news agency. She also jots down intellectual pieces from categories such as science and health.

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Stankevicius Interactive Media Platform is an Advantage to Global Business




PR and advertising firm Stankevicius MGM is releasing a new media platform enabling companies to publish various format materials online such as articles and press releases. As companies are seeking for audiences locally and globally it is important to them not limit themselves to general marketing techniques such as social media but also extend limitless opportunities to foreign markets via general media.

Stankevicius firm has been providing public relations and media services for companies to achieve branding excellence, attract investors and gain new customers. According to Stankevicius, traditional journalism provides just enough belief to convince the audience of the brand’s message. 

As media has been a powerful channel for centuries it has not stopped, just that due to recent technological advancements, companies have forgotten how important media can actually be and is. Cheaper access tools like Facebook and Instagram are no longer working due to extreme competition. PR and advertising agencies are expensive. 

Since PR is about people relations, it does involve a lot of work which makes the service cost expensive and not affordable to many customers around the world. However, Stankevicius Interactive Media platform reduces the manual work and enables customers to interact with media digitally online at their own convenience. This reduces the cost of PR service dramatically making media affordable to companies around the world.

Having a published article is not just a show off but actually a strategic move to build up a global presence. Consider that the internet is like one world, and search engines such as Google are in a way a marketplace for clients to search for providers. Every business should take care of their Google search results as it is absolutely critical to make sure that your company is trusted online. 

Consider that businesses today perform most of the activities online and creating a strong online presence is done not just through social media but actually through the actual media. If a business has no articles and a potential clients Googles company name and finds nothing but Facebook and Instagram accounts, that company is not differentiating. A client must be convinced and impressed. Now, if a business has published many articles via various local and global media it shows that the company is truly active in the industry, is strong and capable as well as respected and covered by 3rd media parties around the world. Such actions make the client’s decision making turn to buying side.

Stankevicius provides access for companies around the world to join Stankevicius Interactive Media platform and start publishing news as soon as possible. Every hour counts. Sign up for platform release here:

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